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  1. Otowi

    Problem with japanese Premium BBs

    Musashi is without any doubt a very strong ship at her tier. Dem 460mm guns are so nice, and makes a satisfying boom when fired. Ashitaka is not too bad, just a tad squishy. Mutsu has torpedoes. A BB with torps?? What black magic is this? But seriously, a good ship for the tier. Mikasa has crap main guns that are so bad that they can't hit the broadside of a barn at point blank range. But give her a full secondary build, and she shines if you get close enough or others are stupid enough to get that close. For the USN you can't go wrong with the USS Missouri, wich is simply a great ship, a good allrounder. Georgia is a solid choice, with decent guns, and very good fun with a secondary build. Massa is one the best ships with a secondary build. The secondaries are very accurate. For the RN, you can't go wrong with the grand old lady herself, the HMS Warspite. Nice guns, and she handles very well. Vanguard is not bad per se, but a tad lacking in the armor department. Same guns as Warspite, wich means they are good. Dreadnought, because Dreadnought. For ze Germans you have one of the most known German ships, the KMS Tirpitz, Nice guns after the fix recently, and having torps is nice, if a bit situational. Good as secondary build. PEF is actually a nice ship, good guns, and again a good choice for secondary build. Scharnhorst is a solid choice, so get her. Italy has Roma, wich is a strong choice, good allrounder. The premium cruisers are pretty nice imo. France has Dunkerque with nice guns, and she is fast. Gascogne is performing well, and the speed boost is nice. There are other ships not mentioned, since there are so many choices, and I can't be bothered to go trough so many. The ships mentioned above is the ships I like, in no particular order.
  2. Otowi

    Low tier games and missions

    I take my low tier ships out of port every now and then to keep the engines from locking up. Some of the low tier ships are pretty good, like the VU, or Dreadnought. Then you have Imperator Nikolai, wich is borderline OP, and that ship is fun, but very slow. Would be nice to have some low tier operations, but that is extremely doubtfull we'll ever see. Same goes for tier 9-10 operations.
  3. Otowi

    Dry Dock: Warship Size Comparison

    Cool, but to me Yamato is simply better, because Yamato. And those 460mm guns. Yamato is the best looking of the bunch.
  4. Otowi

    The WOWS version of edited

    Ooook then, nice for you.
  5. Otowi

    Defense of Naval Station Newport

    Just because you like it, it should stay? Well, that's your opinion, wich you are entiteled to, but most others are saying that this operation is harder than the others due to how the bots are behaving. Like detecting your torps as you launch them, even if you're not detected yourself, or being god like in torpedo beats. Accuracy for the bots is higher than usual, and there is a tad too many bots. So whilst you might like the challenge presented here, it's not what most players like afaik. Should an operation be a challenge? Yes, but it should also be doable with randoms without so much frustration that this operation has.
  6. Otowi

    Defense of Naval Station Newport

    Newport is the most disliked operation in the current rotation, wich should be a indication that something is wrong with it, and needs to be looked at/fixed. But given that WG apparently do not want to touch operations because reasons, nothing will get done, unless the operation in question is totally borked.
  7. Otowi

    Defense of Naval Station Newport

    So very true. Once in while I might give it a go, but it just ends in tears, so now I'm staying away from this operation until WG does something to make it more playable with randoms, wich might take some time given the current ice front WG has for operations...
  8. Otowi

    Defense of Naval Station Newport

    True enough, but this operation is very hard with randoms, and I have seen premades on various streams struggeling with this, so it's no doubt a realtively difficult operation. Not impossible, but harder to win than other operations, that's for sure.
  9. Otowi

    Defense of Naval Station Newport

    Yeah, Newport is a fuster cluck of epic proportions. Bots seemingly using the Force to know when torps are fired, and turns like an F1 car. This is an operation that needs rebalancing badly. And there's just too many bots at one time, so that needs reducing. I would be happy if WG removed this operation and give it a good look, and rebalance it. That and return the missing operations like Dynamo.
  10. Well, for a tier 10 I would say HMS Blunderer, errr Thunderer. Nice ship with insane fire chance, and accurate guns. Seems a tad squishy thou. Handles well. Or you could have gone for a Tier 10 in disguise, the IJN Musashi at Tier 9 when she was avaiable that is. Those yummy 460MM guns are so nice, and makes a satisfying boom when you fire.
  11. Otowi

    What do you guys think of the Exeter?

    HMS Exeter is a very good ship for it's tier. I would say she is among the top 5 cruisers at Tier 5. The guns behave most of the time, and the armor actually works, unlike some other cruisers at the same tier. She's a hoot if you use the engine modification upgrade, I have beaten destroyers in acceleration with that setup. This is one of those ships that would do well in Operations, if WG would allow Tier 5 ships in that is. (If only we could get Tier 10 in Operations... Yamato would be so fun, but that's for another discussion)
  12. Otowi

    Petition to Keep Narai

    Well, good for WG that we have 3 operations still running, even is if one is the stinker that is Operation Newport. We can only hope Narai and Raptor will return sharpish. But I have little hope we will ever see Dynamo or the other missing operations ever again, wich makes me a sad panda.
  13. Otowi

    Petition to Keep Narai

    WTF. Now I'm mad. This is insane, and as usual WeeGee goes into silent running. Really WG, removing all the operations is just stupid beyond belief. Do you guys never learn? First you had the dumpsterfire that was the PR event, before that the glorious CV reeeework and now this. I seriously hope some one notifies Jingles and other CC's so we can have their input on this. Are you trying to sink your own ship WeeGee? Because that's what will happen if you keep destroying the PvE aspect of the game. You will loose players that enjoy operations and soon to follow co-op if this pattern continues. Operation players go "This deal keeps getting worse all the time." WG goes "Pray we do not alter it further". I have no words, other than sitting here wondering if we will ever see the operations again, or if they got sunk in the Bermuda Triangle,never to be seen again...
  14. Otowi

    Bugs in Operations

    The reson we don't believe what you're saying is easy. Look at the other Operations that went missing with the glourious CV reeeework. Where are they? Yeah, they have gone AWOL, and no indications when they might return, if ever. You can't expect us to believe you when you say Narai will return, when looking at the previous Operations that were said to return, and were never heard of again. The players are going: "This deal keeps getting worse all the time". and your answer is basically Vader's reply "Pray we do not alter it further". I don't even...
  15. Otowi

    Petition to Keep Narai

    As Han Solo would say "I've got a bad feeling about this". Why, just why?? You have to remove the one and only tier 7 OP we have, wich is the most popular one, or rather was, of the current OP's in the rotation. You should have taken Operation Newport instead, as that one really needs a proper rebalancing, as it's neigh on impossible to complete it it in PUG's. And since when do you need to remove an operation to fix it? I've never seen any game developer removing a mission unless it's totally borked, but rather patch it instead. Narai has bugs yes, but it's still completeable despite that. It boggels the mind. Why do you keep doing things no one asked for? And only giving 2 days notice is really bad form. I don't have words to describe how utterly stupid this idea is...