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  1. Otowi

    Superships - Tier 11 incoming?

    Gib Imperial Star Destroyer plox.
  2. Otowi

    Heads up people!!!

    Not even surprised. This is just laughable. Not even an attempt at saying sorry, just more smoke and mirrors. So we can easily say that this is SNAFU at WeeGee HQ. I have no more to say, other than how utterly sad and dissapointed I am. Hope they get what they deserve if the money laundering is true.
  3. Otowi

    LittleWhiteMouse leaves the CC program

    To LWM : This is sad news, but not unexpected given WeeGee`s behavior in this unmitigated disaster. You have helped me and others decide what ships to get, and what to forget. I can only say clear skies and calm waters wherever you go from here. To WeeGee I can only say one thing: SHAME on you. This is sinking really low. I deeply regret buying prem time and prem ships from you, you don`t deserve it. My wallet is closed for good, and better spent on lightsabers and cool armors in a galaxy far far away. I wanted to return to give submarines a whirl, since silent warfare is cool, but I will download Cold Waters with mods and play that instead. Oh, and respect is something earned, but you don`t get that, as I have now lost all respect for you, and your shady company.
  4. Otowi

    5 Days of Premium Ship Giveaways

    How about a a big fat NO. No way in hell. Farcebook, Twitter and the likes I stay away from.
  5. Nice, will try to catch some of it. Bit surprised the Missouri is not part of it, considering her story. Would have been nice to have the Yamato museum included, because Yamato. We also have a pretty nice naval museum in my home town, the Norwegian navy museum, or marine museet in local terms. Have a nice exhibit, plus 3 museum ships. An MTB (missile torpedo boat), a submarine, wich ironically is on dry land, and the main attraction, a frigate of the Oslo class, built by the now defunct navy yard here. The frigate has pennant number F 304 if you`re interested in googling her history. Would be nice you could feature our museum in the future.
  6. Got to say one of my most played premiums are the grand old lady herself, the mighty HMS Warspite. Just can`t go wrong with her. She is just a good overall ship, and very foregiving. Then you have Massa and Tirpitz. Both are good fun to play and again allows for mistakes to be made. Georgia is very fun. Basically a Massa on steroids. Then I would say Musashi, Yamato`s sister ship, just a tier lower. Great bang for the buck.
  7. Why not use Yamato and Iowa for this event? A better fit imo.
  8. WG has said that they would love to do Space Battleship Yamato collab, but it seems like the parent company of SBY is hard to convince, and that money for the rights are pretty high.
  9. I think Perth was a good choice. Had some really nice results with her. AGS is a bit hit and miss. Some operations is well suited for her, others not so much. I generally like her, decent speed, and the guns hit hard, but the reload could need some tlc. Duca is one I rarely use, because she is squishy, and the gun reload really hurts. Now, for the best tier 6 ship, I would highly recommend the HMS Warspite. Very tanky, great guns that are accurate and hits hard, bonus points for putting Jingles as her commander, because Jingles.
  10. Otowi

    Are you buying the new ARP content ?

    As I said, the price is bonkers, absurd in the extreme.
  11. I'll join the others in here. Get the Massa, you won't regret it. She is really good fun in coop, and is a hoot when specced for secondary build. She handles well, has decent speed, and she can take damage well enough. Or you could get the Mikasa and go full secondary build for some good low tier fun...
  12. Otowi

    Are you buying the new ARP content ?

    When I first saw the ARP Yamato pics, I thought hell yes, as she looks sharp in that ARP camo. But the price is bonkers, and I have the tech tree Yamato, so I'll pass on it, wich is sad, because as I said, the ARP camo look good on her. If we could buy the perma camo as a stand alone, as with the Musashi, I would proably get it, price depending. This is nuts WeeGee. The price is just too high. Gonna spend my cash in an MMO, in a galaxy far far away.
  13. Otowi

    The Key Battle: Even More Rewards!

    I really like the camos for the new event ships, but why not offer those snazzy camos to buy? Really makes me wonder why they spend time making those nice new camos, and then only have them for the event. Oh wait, I forgot it's WeeGee we're talking about here, where common sense have no place.
  14. Otowi

    How to get ARP Yamato ^^

    Interesting that Steam has that. It could mean the Takao herself, but still interesting news.
  15. Otowi

    How to get ARP Yamato ^^

    Hard to say really, but last time you could either do missions, or outright buy them in the prem shop. Now, the Yamato is a tier 10 ship, and so far no tier 10 ships has been sold in the prem shop directly AFAIK. This could change with the ARP Yamato. But knowing WeeGee, it will most likely be either containers, or yet another impossible grind, wich only a few will complete. That would be a real shame, as the ARP Yamato looks 10/10 imo.