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  1. Otowi

    Game not registering?

    The server did crash, so that's why. When weird stuff like that happens, it's usually a sign the server will crash...
  2. Otowi

    Newport scenario after changes

    I find this OP frustrating. It feels to me like the AI is over tuned here, and that they spawn in a bit to fast. It does not help that they seemingly have laser like guns and modern day radar/sonar equipment, since they dodge torpedoes a bit to easily. Playing a DD is a death sentence, and you're not much better of in a cruiser. In a BB you will usually do better in my experience, due to better surviveability. Only had 2 that were 5 starred, rest is 1-3 stars or straight up defeat. This OP needs some tweaking to make it more random friendly. It should not be too hard to get the balance right.
  3. A hard choice, but I would have to say the HMS King George V. A good allrounder really. And if Premium ships were a choice, I would say a tie between the IJN Musashi and the USS Missouri, both are great ships.
  4. Otowi

    Santa's gifts are here! Please, share your loot.

    Got 4X 20 Mega Bundles... Got myself : 1x Krasny Krym, and what Jingles said about it is true, it's a turd. 1x Asashio, nice ship, even if she's only a one trick pony. 1x Z-39, tried it a few times, not a bad destroyer, even if i suck with them. 1x Duke of York, not tried it yet, but the British BB are generally good. 1x Abruzza, not tried it yet. 1x Kii, not tried it yet. Plus lots of flags and coal, and too much camo to shake a stick at. Oh and dubloons also offcourse, not sure how much... And then I got extremely lucky at the end and got the jackpot, 1x USS Missouri. What a ship she is... For once I did get lucky, not regretting buying at all...
  5. Otowi

    HSF Musashi Camo

    Nope, they can't as the collaboration with HSF is over for now. I know this sucks, but this the way it is. Could the HSF Collab return in the future?? Who knows, but it is what it is.
  6. Otowi

    New Bonus code - 29.11.18

    Code not working, so must have ran out...
  7. I agree with the OP here. There's just to much going on at once right now, and with the HMS Dreadnought marathon/mission over a holiday, makes it very hard to get it done due to other commitments. A bit OT, but talking about low tier ships, why is there almost never any events/missions that can be completed with them, but only T5 and above? Would love for there to be something for the lower tiers more than once a year you know...
  8. Otowi

    WG fix *edited* game or pay me back my money

    Wow... Have you ever thought of contacting support with your problem? Or just wait and see if the next update might fix it?? It could also be a problem with your setup, so who knows, but contacting support is the best solution really...
  9. Otowi

    Submarines! Submarines everywhere!

    I find this a very different type of gameplay, wich is a good thing, as it's a breath of fresh air. Submarines are good fun as they are implemented in this OP. Some of the subs are pretty meh, and others are much better. I found the Zipper to be pretty meh due to short duration of oxygen, and only 2 torp launchers, both of wich are ice. The one with the rear facing torps are the worst of the bunch so far, since it's hard to use. Good speed on it though. The remaning are performing much better imo. Hope submarines will get implemented sooner rather than later...
  10. Otowi

    Problems creating a ticket

    It's the weekend, so not sure if he would answer then, but give it some time, and he might get around to it...
  11. Otowi

    Premium Shop slow today?

    Indeed. It's not gone through still, so this is a PP problem, but I can't contact PP in my country since they don't have any support in the weekends. WG Support did want me to contact them again after the 24 hrs is up if nothing has happened, so hopefully they can help me with this issue...
  12. Otowi

    Premium Shop slow today?

    Yeah, that's what I heard aswell. Have raised a ticket with support, so I hope they can help me out. Got my answer... Seems like it's Paypal that is slow, so I have to wait 24 hrs... What a bummer... Oh well...
  13. Otowi

    Premium Shop slow today?

    So just enter PP and click cancel then? Just a bit carefull as I heard stories about bans being handed out...
  14. Otowi

    Premium Shop slow today?

    Hello there. @MrConway @Tuccy Just wondering if any one else is experiencing any delay in getting premium shop goods today. I bought some of the new "The Gret Eight" containers, but have yet to get them delivered in game. Used PP to pay, and got confirmation from them, but nothing from WG as of yet confirming that I did buy it. Just wondering, as it's usually very fast.