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  1. Rautainen_Biisoni

    Republique secondary build now best?

    AFT and manual 2ndary are a must have. Semi-secondary builds are weak so don't do those. With IFHE you can penetrate cruisers better and also 32mm with the 152mm guns. Mainly just more damage. You can try with demo expert to maximize fires but I've lost confidence in fire starting when my conqueror with all the fire buffs can't get fires during games. Fires just don't happen when you need them and IFHE gives you more alpha overall. When you max out 2ndary build you get 2,7 and 5,5 second reloads when AR has not kicked in yet. Thats a rainbow of shells from 12.1km away.
  2. Rautainen_Biisoni

    Republique secondary build now best?

    Go full secondary or don't go at all. IFHE, AFT, BFT, AR + secondary reload mods. You don't need super intendent or basic survivability since you don't always get to use them. Go for full DPM and fun. You can still stay in long range but when you close in you got all the buffs for it. Secondary specced BBs can still fight in long range and close while others can't. Or if you want to fight in range only pick another BB. Republics armor is only problem if you put yourself into a bad position and let HE spamming ships get to you. GK takes fires just like republik while less alpha damage. I finished today with 50k secondary alpha damage and 30k fire damage with secondary republik. Sure beats camper style BB.
  3. Rautainen_Biisoni

    CV's - Good looking, but that's about it.

    We have some control of the games we win just like Flamu and Flambass but when in every game we have to carry the rest of the potatoes it can get a bit frustrating. You end up in top of the scoreboard while many in your team barely makes 20% of the score you make. These PR "bad" level players plague every game and they have to be carried match after match. We who have better stats are experience veterans. We'd honestly like noobs to get better and would be nice if they played separate from us so we don't have to suffer from their lack of abilities and they don't have to suffer from our toxicity. This however is not the case. We all play in same matches and our skill gaps are huge. This gap causes friction. Another player with PR "bad" level stats comes to defend another player with bad stats saying stats wont matter. Did you know that when you apply to a decent clan in forums your stats will be checked? Clan leaders check them because they know stats show the consistency of the players skill. One game with purple doesn't make you great. Many games with bad score will show you are bad. Many of us veterans do hope you improve but we have honestly lost all hope when we see players with thousands and thousands of matches and their stats show "bad" or "below average". Some of us rage or facepalm in teamspeak while many have grown numb because we have no answers how to improve the skills of the noob masses. We got youtube and twitch full of guides by unicums but even the basics are not learned by the masses. We no longer want to play this game solo. Only in divisions. We are horrified when weekend arrives because that's when skill levels go from bad to nightmare. We don't have an ego thing about our stats. Stats are there and that is it. If you check them you can compare how well have you done compared to other players. I've never heard unicums bragging about their stats. We also play for fun and not for stats.
  4. Rautainen_Biisoni

    CV's - Good looking, but that's about it.

    Yes you are a bad player. Your stats tell us this. I've seen tens of thousands of players with stats "bad" ingame and it does really mean bad. You can check your own stats here. https://wows-numbers.com/player/556379373,UncappingBadger/? PR "Bad" or "Below Average" means that you're performance is roughly 40-50% less than the average dudes. Average level isn't much in this game. Once you admit to yourself your lack of skill in this game you can start improving. A lot of noobs come to forum and think the game needs to change or ships are under performing when in reality the problem is their lack of skill. Which they don't even understand. They never learn. They don't study the game mechanics or read games wikipedia nor follow stats. That is why their skills and performance are and will always remain bad. They don't have any idea of the skill levels that the rest of the players have. This is why we have stats. So we can actually follow how ships and players perform. Should a under performing players opinion be valid?
  5. Rautainen_Biisoni

    How to not die in the first 5 minutes as battleship ?

    You got decent stats and have chosen the best BB line, zie zermans. If you master Kurrywurst in close quarters I give you a thumbs up. No Yamato bow campers with high damage will ever get even close to your skill level while you can slaughter them easily. I'll give you a few tips: - Never ever trust your teammates. Period. This goes to any internet game. Potatoes plague this game like many others. - This isn't a team game since your team is most likely horrible. Focus on your own game and not theirs. - Don't cap as a BB. That ain't your job. Capping wins game very rarely. Your team of potatoes can always throw games so never focus in caps until its really necessary. Destroy enemy potatoes faster than they can kill yours. - Spec Kurrywurst to full 2ndary spec. IFHE (must have), AFT, BFT, AR, legenary module. This is a must if you are an aggressive player. In game with 2ndary kurry: - Always track enemy DDs. Don't attack when DDs are lurking around. Their tops hurt more than anything else. - Avoid attacking against skilled long range T10 HE spammers. They are priority targets after DDs. - Get into advantageous position in the early game (flank or crossfire position). Flanking position is best to launch attacks and soften up enemies before attacking. - Learn to calculate which ships can harm you most. Kill those first. BBs are often the last targets because their DPM is low. - Time your attacks and plan your attack route from flank or surprise through island cover. You can take 2-3 ships on your own easily if you do it correctly. - Show only 8-15% of angle. Never turn to use rear guns. You just lose HP. Secondaries and front guns will melt enemy ships while your armor keeps you safe. Fighting close is an art that isn't easy but will put you far higher in skill level compared to those who chose to stay in range. Kurry is the best. Superb armor, fast firing guns and secondaries. I hear unicum BB players bitching its bad but that is because they are really just long range campers with no real skill. Once you figure this ships out its a monster. Here is a replay example how to push, duel and take on yamatos. Not my best and I made mistakes but still pretty decent. https://replayswows.com/replay/44113#stats
  6. Rautainen_Biisoni

    CV's - Good looking, but that's about it.

    You play +20 games in a CV with horrible stats and then come complain to forum how they are bad? You don't care about stats? I think you should. Stats are a guide to show players skill level and your stats show you have a looong way to get to decent level. You are playing CVs the wrong way. I personally get average performance with midway while I suck with Hakuryu. I admit to myself that I ain't playing them correctly and I have to figure them out first before complaining in forum. Recognize your skill level first and improve your skills.
  7. Rautainen_Biisoni

    My 1st tier 10......

    Looking at your stats Id first work on your aim. You are not hitting anything at all. Make your first step to get your accuracy to 30% in BB class. You are at 5-10% now. I'm not a Flamu fanboy but he does explain game mechanics while he plays so watch his videos and you can start learning the basics of this game. Because your stats show right now show that you like many others are at the bottom of the food chain. No point in playing at T10 until you learn the basics. First go learn from the better players and see how they do it and why. Don't look at the other BB player during the games because 90% of them are really special bad players.
  8. Rautainen_Biisoni

    My 1st tier 10......

    Then I suggest you look at youtube for some guides and play coop and stick with lower tiers until you can get your aim straight. Look at the better players and how their stats looks. Stats are a guide that shows if you are even close to being a good player. If you really want to be a great BB player you need to learn how to brawl and do close quarters. Most BB players these days have 0 experience in going anywhere near enemies let alone close quarters. They mostly just run away at the first sight of enemy. Stick to youtube videos first so you can get some idea how to BB.
  9. Rautainen_Biisoni

    My 1st tier 10......

    Looking at his stats he sure looks like he is using a bot.
  10. Rautainen_Biisoni

    where is this player base heading to...?

    I noticed a sentence in your first post about objectives and helping team and I'll give you a free tip to improve your WR and stats: Don't play objectives! Go for quick kills! I stopped caring about caps 3 years ago and I have heard countless people arguing against my style while I still maintain higher WR in all classes. Caps, playing objectives and "helping teammates" is a easy way to lose games. Easily 20 out of the 24 players in games are really bad with horrible stats. Even if you managed to cap 3 times 3 different caps your team can throw that advantage away easily. I'd say 95% of the games are decided long before capping has any effect on the game. Its very rare that caps alone carry the game. They make winning faster but are not the deciding factor. When the game starts you won't know which side has the most bots and potatoes. You just need to make sure the other teams potatoes die faster than yours can get themselves killed. If you kill enemy potatoes fast on your side of the map its more likely that you win. You're potatoes can still throw games and this also happens often. So change your play style and get kills and damage. You're team doesn't really need "help". Potatoes can't hit anything even if you spot 4 minutes for them as a DD, caps are too slow to secure victory when your potatoes die around you and the good players most likely can take care of themselves and carry the team anyways. Simply learn to be effective killer. And yes the playerbase is horrible and will continue to be so. Even many unicums lack in wisdom about many of games mechanics.
  11. Rautainen_Biisoni

    Double standards at its finest

    Kreml is not even close to knocking out Kurry from the top brawlers position. Strap IFHE in your GK and learn to close quarters. Just yesterday I toke out Jean Bart, Montana and Yamato while having to face the two latter on my own. 100k damage with secondaries and fires alone. All of them shocked when they faced me and clearly showing they didn't know how to play close quarters. Total lack of skill is very common with todays BBs as expected.
  12. Rautainen_Biisoni

    concealment expert on BBs

    I never switch ammo type. Better for DPM to just empty barrels. If you switch for enemy DD he propably won't be there anymore when you are done with the reload. A good way is to position yourself on the flank to block me off. That is the hardest to deal with. My choice of attacking would be determined by the other ships position and overall DPM of your team. You always have to account the overall situation. My tactic for this would be to go straight at you while I engage your cruisers ships. If you kite away I break your flank and get your potato ships. If you stay and fight you are in my secondaries. BBs take a long time to kill each other unless you play conqueror. That would be a no go anyways. Going on the attack with secondary BB does require much experience and tactics. You play them like any other BB until you find the openings. You engage and disengage in a moments notice. You don't have to go all the way if the situation is not good. Trust me I get potatoes caught in my secondaries every round. There are so many of them. I abandoned target modules for BBs. I did a test in training room with Yammu with and without accuracy mods. More hits with no accuracy mods. So I went back to DPM. Its so RNG even tho it looks like you get tight groupings. If you don't use secondaries in dozen battles there is something wrong with you're tactics. I hunt secondary fights so I get into them in every match. My aim is to break enemy flanks. Once I start my attack its usually 1-2 minutes and I'm in a secondary fight. I also tank and use my main guns but closing in for kills has more impact on the game and my team. It forces enemy to move and make mistakes. Try a set of games where you must close in for kills. Does't matter if you die or not. Learning the limits is best done by trying to make sure you're ship is dead in around 10-12 minutes of the game. Not throwing intentionally of course against a far superior force. You get tons of experience and quickly start to survive and figure out what works and what doesn't. I mostly just do secondaries because they are most challenging and most hilarious way to play. I got monty/conqueror for range style play. Rest of the BBs are for yolo trolls.
  13. Rautainen_Biisoni

    concealment expert on BBs

    Expert loader has no place in BBs. Catapult is for torpedo spotting after hydro is out. + AA. Been like so since day one. French BBs rely on range, ROF and fire chance. With IFHE you can penetrate only 25-30mm if I remember correctly. Republic gets 80% of its secondary firepower with only showing 5% of angle. With GK you should show max 10% angle. You only get 3-4 guns. Go straight at the enemy, try to get behind their rear and their guns can't fire as well. If you get to their rear enemy BBs have to either turn their ship to fight you and this gives openings to other ships. Or they abandon fighting you which gives you the opportunity to open all your guns. If you are not targeted then open you're side to get more guns. If you are in danger only show 0-10% angle to get 0-4 2ndary guns and push on. You will close in quickly with 30 knot speed and the effect of a brawling BB coming straight at you is enough to cause potatoes to panic and make mistakes.
  14. Rautainen_Biisoni

    concealment expert on BBs

    You will melt BBs with IFHE GK. You penetrate all but 50mm armors. Go to training room and test it now that its free. You can get 50-80k damage easily with just secondaries+fires. IFHE, BFT, AFT, Manual + legendary-mod. Just go full secondary and the rain fire is very nasty. 2,8 second reload with guns that penns BBs. You don't need superintendant on BBs. You rarely get to use them all. You don't need expert marksman either. My Kurfurst. DPM first, forget rest. Its all about breaking enemy flank and ships. http://shipcomrade.com/captcalc/1000100000000010000010001010100019 Secondary brawling is art and skill. You need to practice it. Lots of players claim that tank/stealth build is the only way to go. Its funny how I can go secondary brawl in every game and be effective. Cautious BB players will lack the experience of brawling in close range and I've seen it often with unicums too. They don't understand the tactics of the style. Tank builds can fire from range just like secondary builds. Tanks builds can't go brawl. Rest of the disadvantages can be fixed with skill and tactics. Alsace + Republic are good for burning with extra range. Germans get penn advantage. Yammu is more of a self defense/extra threat + extra damage. All players tend to avoid it so it has to use tricks more to achieve good brawling. Best alpha on secondaries and in testing it did beat kurfust back in the day. Going with main gun reload is better.
  15. Rautainen_Biisoni

    concealment expert on BBs

    Used to be 20 seconds. Tactic is to move hidden in the map and only fire when broadsides are present. Go for flanks and instead firing every 30 seconds you fire once a minute or two but when you hit you delete ships. Potatoes won't know of your presence and even if they do they often forget you until you remind them with citadels. It has not been that good of a tactic for a long time really since mostly you just chase lemmings around the map or game is done so quickly when either your team or enemy is dead in less than 7 minutes. Go for max DPM in any BB. Forget accuracy mods unless you are favoured by RNG-God.