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    Smolensk is simply the most cancer ship in the game by far. One smolensk can simply ruin games for 4-6 players while they can do little against it or ruin their own game fighting those smolensk and only smolensks. Is it OP? Lets see: - Stupid armor that takes overpens. Just yesterday I shot 8 + 9 + 6 overpens in 3 hindenburg salvoes while a clan mate put 6 overpens with a monty. Armor working. - Does is start fires? Yes. Often in every salvo. Balans. - Does it have slow shells? Nope, fast shells with no drag. Easy aim and good range. - Consumables: Hydro, Heal, DefAA, Torps. Yup, plenty of tools. - Played +20 games in a 3 man unicum division with one of us playing smolensk every round. We won them all. Our smolensk got 200-300k damage almost every round while us two barely got over 100k. Games were over quickly or enemies were farmed by our smolensk. - WG was told before hand many times that this ship is bad. It was released. It was taken out of armory faster than any other ship in this game. - This forum has more smolensk hate threads than any other. - Teams are filled with smolensk. Often with 2-3 smolensk on both sides. - Posting spreadsheets how newbies underperform themselves in them changes nothing. In unicum hands this ship is pure cancer and creates bad meta. - Can you kill it? Sure with overpens. Best way to not get overpens is blindfire into smoke with hindenburg and spotter plane. No lock on so you start to get citadels. - If you play BB what are you afraid of? 3 enemy BBs with huge guns or single smolenks with pew pew rainbow? Smolensk is the correct answer in any range. The ship is pure cancer. Nobody wants to play against them and they populate the servers all the time. Why should one ship ruin the game for all others? The game is already suffering heavily from camping meta and this ship is pure embodiment of camping. What do you do when facing smolenks? Run away from its rainbow and camp long range until its dead. Fun and engaging. Do I have smolensk? Yes. I've played 8-9 games in 2 months and every game was complete cancer to enemy. I try not to play cancer ships. Game is already in a horrible state and has been for long.
  2. Rautainen_Biisoni

    Is this normal?

    This is very normal and has been for many seasons. You can play ranked and win every game from rank 10 and rise up to rank 2. Then MM checks that you don't have enough games and you are doing too well so it gives you the heaviest sacks of potatoes to carry until you have dropped back to rank 5-8. Not much you can do when your team only has 1-2 players that are actually worth something and enemy has a few more. You then can continue your grind with extra potatoes in your team and pray to god that you would have bots in your team instead of wows players. Skill has nothing to do with ranked. Just play well and enough games and you get to rank 1. Playing good does help but MM still watches the number of games you have played during the season.
  3. Rautainen_Biisoni

    Fire on BBs by CA;s

    Good data. I did my tests with GK and Republik around 11km. This is quite realistic in random games. Range has huge impact. At longer range the shells fall to superstructure and deck. When u close in the hits fall into belt and could do no damage at all or penetrate with every hit. I tested against CL,CA,BC and BB. Average kill times were like 3-5:30 minutes. IFHE killed often 45-80 second faster. Non-IFHE got only a 1-3 fires more against each target.
  4. Rautainen_Biisoni

    Now bored of Tier 10

    You are wrong there sir. UK BBs don't have AP. In other shooter games there is attacking, defending and moving around. In WGs game there is bow camping, behind the island camping, smoke camping, kiting away camping or you can watch your BBs run away. I have not seen attacking players for years. Or sometimes I do when I look back behind me and see my allies move forward but that is after enemy ships have already been destroyed or routed minutes ago.
  5. Rautainen_Biisoni

    WOWs strategy and tactics

    Playerbase is simply dumb AF. You can go watch facebook and find guys posting game results that are just horrible and they think they had a good game. You can read the comments in wows facebook news about people crying constantly about CV and you can just facepalm to every other comment and realize these guys have no idea about this game. You can watch BBs run away the whole game and in the end watch them get devastated after a few salvoes. These players will never get any good in this game because their brains have totally different goals than the good players. They already think that they are good. They don't follow stats and deny them when exposed that they are bad. So many times in this forum we got players asking for help and when their lack of skills and stats are explained to them they still deny these. A BB players below 25% accuracy is not the same as 30% accuracy and these players are still fine with their accuracy. These guys don't study or read about game mechanics. Its a common problem in society these days. People think they are good when in fact they are just s***. WG has designed this game but in a way that doesn't really support tactics or teamplay that much. Maps are too narrow to move around offensively. Spotting is easy and everybody camps and hide behind islands. You get no reward for tanking, spotting, flanking or supporting. You get rewards for sitting in Yamato/Thunderer behind some island full HP and die last man standing.
  6. Rautainen_Biisoni

    Fire on BBs by CA;s

    Previously you needed IFHE to get 32mm penn on the smaller guns. This is true. You were able to penetrate 38mm also and this includes US T10 BBs and Alaska etc. You still are able to penn but no more fire chance. IFHE has some hidden features that are not clear to us. I've done testing over a year ago and IFHE secondaries outperform non-IFHE secondaries by a lot even though you shouldn't be able to penetrate armored targets. Damage counters and time spent destroying targets tell otherwise. IFHE secondaries destroyed different targets 20-30% faster. This is the feeling I've gotten in random games also. Significantly more damage. I haven't played GK now since I'm regrinding the line but it appears GK got a buff while FDG and Bismarck both still need IFHE to penetrate BBs with all their guns. Alsace also got hit by this nerf. IFHE Alsace with full secondary build has a sick rate of fire and DPM but now it doesn't start fires anymore. GK has been the only one benefiting from this while others take hits. We will see how this impacts but I fear its a nerf to this kind of playstyle for several ships and WG doesn't pay attention to this. It doubt they see how secondary BBs perform in their spreadsheets.
  7. Rautainen_Biisoni

    Fire on BBs by CA;s

    If secondaries are so fine why don't we see more secondary BBs? We have seen huge numbers of GKs with the latest buff. They barely ever come into secondary range and when they do its my secondary BB catching him and he doesn't even have a secondary build. Just normal tank build. IFHE secondary builds just toke a huge nerf with fire chance. Now they have to revert back to fire starter builds that can be very ineffective against some targets and is totally RNG based. Secondary builds are hugely expensive in captain points and much more difficult to master in current meta. A normal tank build is effective 100% of every game you play. A secondary build is only effective about 10-25% of the games if u get into secondary range and that is not easy to achieve in current meta. In many games with lots of HE burners around it can be very discouraging to even try this gamestyle. You can choose a build that is always effective and another build that is very situational and much more difficult to get actual value for captain points. WG has failed to balance the whole gamestyle. While secondary BBs can dish out tons of damage it is far more difficult to actually get into position to do this. I agree on the cruiser secondary buff. No harm in it and could add a new playstyle.
  8. Rautainen_Biisoni

    So...when do you compliment or report players?

    I compliment players who use radars, smokes and hydros in the right moments. Those who support attacking and just show general good understanding of this game. Also players who carry. I report 95% of BB players because they simply are so horrible at this game and have the most impact in losing games. I report 100% of smolensk players, friend and foe. Its a ship that is just pure cancer in every way and ruins games for all others while they can do little to counter this. Bad DDs also get reported. I run out of reports in 1-2 matches. Reports need a buff. -20 000 credits would be a nice start to those who get reported.
  9. Rautainen_Biisoni

    Are People Stupid or Greedy?

    Not everybody is greedy but we sure don't have shortage of stupid people.
  10. Rautainen_Biisoni

    380mm guns nerf after the plating changes

    No point in discussing different builds in this thread, we can do it in another. Its still a nerf and not a welcome one for brawler BB players. WG magical spreadsheets obviously won't show this since their spreadsheets are mainly made up of potatoes showing broadside. You can get 40-60k pure secondary damage with IFHE, BFT, AFT, Mansec, secondary reload mod- build. You can get sick rate of fire but without penetration it shows in damage numbers. Often you can sit farming 200 secondary hits without a single fire. Secondary builds are indeed stupidly expensive and I've written many times about this on this forum while WG ignores how difficult it is to play brawler BBs in current meta. In the end 380mm gun nerf and a nerf to some secondary ships will hurt many ships and make some captain builds obsolete.
  11. Rautainen_Biisoni

    380mm guns nerf after the plating changes

    You are right. I stand corrected. Its been ages since I've touched T8-T9 frenchies. T10 Republic and Bourgonne with IFHE can now penetrate 27mm and 32mm but after IFHE loses penetration you no longer penetrate those. IFHE Republic/Bourbon are then ineffective against BBs and T9 cruisers. They are indeed firestarters but in my tests IFHE does significantly more damage in much shorter time than firestarter builds. Fires are too slow to cause damage and its too much in the hands of RNG god. Main gun nerf + secondary nerf is certainly not needed. The game is running short of secondary BB players. All BB players have turned into max range camper baBBies.
  12. Rautainen_Biisoni

    380mm guns nerf after the plating changes

    T8-T10 cruisers ricochet all 15" guns. That is Richelue, Alsace, Jean Bart, Gasconge, Bourgone. That is most of top tier french BBs. Same cruisers are now immune to secondaries. Since French line has a good secondaries which you can choose to go for this armor upgrade pretty much nerfs it to oblivion. Not everybody want to play BB in +23km range but actually close in and play aggressive. Why would you play those ships ever if you can't do anything with their guns? Ricochet after ricochet with all your shells while you eat HE spam. WG should buff BBs for offensive tactics and nerf their long camping capability. For french T8-T10 and german T8 this is a huge nerf.
  13. Rautainen_Biisoni

    380mm guns nerf after the plating changes

    15" gun nerf is obvious but also I have not read French BB secondaries getting any buffs either. They will not penetrate cruisers anymore which makes them useless. With IFHE, long range and fast rate of fire you could spray shells with T9-T10 French BBs. Now cruisers get better armor and your secondaries do nothing but start fires when RNG gives mercy. I bet WG has forgotten this one too. Like secondaries need more nerfs. German line seems to get a buff but others get a nerf.
  14. Rautainen_Biisoni

    Captain builds

    This. LS only for DDs. You can also easily live without EM in many 90% of BBs. Play ships in a way that you don't need to turn your guns all the time.
  15. Rautainen_Biisoni

    the "carry harder!" thread

    Never rely on caps to guarantee wins. For 4 years I have not cared about caps while maintaining a higher WR than lots of players who are cap-religious. 19/20 games are decided by good players carrying the weak ones, not caps. Simply said kill enemy noobs faster than they kill your noobs. Its simple as that. Just holding caps will not guarantee win. Only time you play defensive is when you are heavily outnumbered and have to play delaying tactics. Otherwise you play aggressive. Any class DD, CV or whatever I never care about caps. I've seen so many game lost while holding 3 caps that there is no point focusing caps.