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  1. Rautainen_Biisoni

    Weekends are terrible for randoms .

    Don't you people know not to touch this game on a sunday afternoon? When do you think all the people with limited time come to play this game? Weekdays you have the horrible potatoes running around but some unicums in there to compensate. Friday its clearly visible the brain activity of players takes an even stronger nose dive. Just wait for sunday afternoon and your mind will explode when you see the cream of the crop trying to grind the same ship line they have been grinding for past 1,5 years. PRs can't get more red than that. Stay off on sundays. You will feel better. That goes double on unicums. Its blasphemy to play on sunday afternoon.
  2. Rautainen_Biisoni

    not fair match

    This was a 5:30 game. Pretty good time and odds but I've seen better
  3. Rautainen_Biisoni

    Buff Neptune pls

    My solo stats. Neptune was played when it was released. I guess back then in 2016 (?) the potato infestation hadn't exploded badly yet. Solid ship at least back then I see why would that change now other than its much harder to get damage or even good games these days? Smoke up early, drive back and forward 1/4 speed, hydro on and profit. Very lame play style though. I don't really see any buffs needed. Most players get spotted too early and in dangerous positions and fail smokes resulting in devastating strikes.
  4. Rautainen_Biisoni

    Shells still falling short

    Just like desynch this bug of "shots fall short" is real. It has been going on for past month or so. It doesn't happen often but it does happen. You can play an have consistent shots and then suddenly you aim at a stationary target and shots fall 100 meters short. My mates have had the same problem. Too bad WGs 90 million bank is not enough to buy better servers.
  5. Rautainen_Biisoni

    Clan Battle CV boycott

    It would be nice if you guys posted some of your ideas here or in the internet. Not really interested in having gazillion on discord servers and follow those. Just don't have the time for that sorry. Other games have had communities with their own ladder competitive systems and custom rules sets. You could easily have yourself one too. It won't get any rewards but veterans probably don't care that much. However playing with friends in a competitive teamplay setting is something players do seem to want. We got the training room and instead of one match you could have best of 2 or best of 3 matches. A boycott will mean nothing. WG will just put out a sad statement like they put out before where "everything is ok" and so forth. Nothing changes. They don't care nothing but money. They only think about the short money and not the long money. I wonder if there is just some tyrannical developers running the show in their ivory tower of spreasheets while the rest of the staff is just there for the salary. It is however really sad when forums and facebook is filled with discontent people putting out sarcasm since that is all that is left. WG credibility has sadly been completely destroyed in past years. Best teams have been cursing this CV before even the season started and WG had the audacity to tell its all fine. Just make sure you keep your wallet closed and maybe create your own small match nights or tournaments to have fun in your own way. Good luck.
  6. Rautainen_Biisoni

    Waterline ap against german bbs

    I aim at waterline or slightly above but not too high to get overpens from superstructure. I aim center of the ship to get most hits. You do understand that germans and ships like Amagi, Izumo, Frenchies have turtle backs and they protect citadels in close range so you only get full pens? German BBs are well armored upperbelt so they arm the shells everytime while other BBs have 32mm upperbelt that wont arm AP shells. IMO You have to aim low if you want to get citadels from ships like Wooster and cancersmolensk. Otherwise its 10 overpens at best.
  7. Rautainen_Biisoni

    FLAK... how to?

    Anticipate Flak. Don't wait for flak to splash in your screen but make your hard turns before flak is even arriving. You can attack heavy AA cruisers like this. When you see "incoming flak" sign that means AA shots are already incoming but not visible. This is the moment when you are already making your hard turn and flak will completely miss. You obviously anticipate the next flak salvo seconds before it even arrives in your screen to completely dodge it. If you make too light turns the flak will appear in your face. Go to training room to practice. Hard turns my friend, hard turns. Same goes for the topic starter. Buy a CV and see how it works in training room. When you see huge damage numbers from your AA it means enemy has flown into your flak salvoes. Ships with low flak amount will be very easy to strike. Some unicum players know how to dodge even ships with heavy flak.
  8. Rautainen_Biisoni

    Can they citadel you when angled ?

    Really bad attitude right there. You aren't supposed to learn everything in an instant. Lots of ships have different parameters and you won't remember them all instantly but you should check them out from time to time and you remember them. Having the attitude to learn these things will get you much further. If you don't want to learn you will forever spend time at the bottom of the scoreboard and get owned by experienced players who toke some time to learn. You can find basic mechanics here. Read 5 minutes per day and you will be 100x smarter than average player in no time. Most players won't read one line of wiki to understand this game. https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/World_of_Warships Check ships, overmatch mechanics, damage per minute, captain builds and the likes from here. Also understand penetration values of different guns. Again don't read everything in one day but come back to it when there are things you don't understand. https://wowsft.com/ship Watch tutorial videos like this about armor. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yQcutrneBJQ Without the attitude to learn you will be at the bottom forever.
  9. Rautainen_Biisoni

    Coordinated boycott of CB from EU and NA clans

    Very true. Changing clan names last season had zero impact. Boycot won't have any impact either. WG came telling us how they value our feedback and care about it but we all know they only value money. It's still quite sad that the only competitive game mode that this game has is disliked by pretty much all top 1000 players in its CV setup. Clan communities will also be hurt when players are demoralized and leave the game. Some communities have been playing this game together for years. All this because WG has an attitude of never admitting failure and are bound by their own foolish rules that don't allow them to make adjustments to balance the game to more enjoyable experience.
  10. Rautainen_Biisoni

    Champagne Seconday build

    Another very well known CC tells his fanboys to avoid secondary builds all the time. He also camp and snipes a lot and farms damage in a BB. Never see him actually attacking or pushing. His team bleeds while he is sniping. Players in this forum should realize that just because they can't make secondary Champagne work someone better than them can. Closing in and pushing doesn't fit into everyone playstyle. I personally can't make Zao work for me and I got to face the sad fact that people out there are much better and confident in that ship than me. Secondary BB games aren't always the best. Sometimes you are on the defending side and have to run away and not make use of secondaries. Then there are those moments when you can use the speed and heavy close range firepower of that ship and carry your team of camper baBBies.
  11. Rautainen_Biisoni

    Champagne Seconday build

    Its hilariously fun in secondary build. IFHE is needed though. As usual we get a lot of these "sit back and snipe" type of BB players coming to tell you not to have fun in secondary build and they go back to their stealth/tank builds as usual. Its too squishy and this and that. Watch out for BB shells into your bow when pushing in and remember to time your attack right and not against too many opponents. When pushing in switch your angle between 30-5 degrees when you see incoming to throw off enemy big guns aim. Always track incoming BB shells to minimize damage and let the secondary rain begin when you catch them. Use speed to pick the right fights.
  12. To me its about making all classes enjoyable to play and balanced. I sure can get to top 1 spot in every ship of every tier, but that doesn't track the level of my enjoyment. I do retreat to my go to classes that suite my aggressive playstyle. - We have threads all the time about T8 suffering against upper tiers. Cruisers especially. A heal could alleviate this suffering. - Higher tiers get huge health boost. Donskoi can heal itself ~7200 HP four times for a total of +29 000 HP (Optimal of course) during the battle while Chapayev has to make do with its 37 000 HP pool. Quite a difference. - T9 ships get significant DPM, range, armor and HP advantage over its predecessors. This advantage only enhances in T10. Would it break the game if Chapayev gets a ~2000 HP heal that would take 250 seconds cooldown over the usual 80 seconds? Or would it make the ship more versatile and confortable to play? (This is just an example) Of course balance should always be checked but the overall enjoyment is important too. - Grozovoi can heal itself ~4200 HP for three times for total of 12 600 HP. - Gearing is an "AA-Destroyer" that has no heal. It can easily eat an 7k strike CV. No way to recover. Thats close to 30% of its HP pool. - Would it break the game if Gearing could recover 2000 HP twice? Would it break these ships uniqueness or make them more attractive? If heals are ok in T9-T10 why wouldn't it be ok for lower tiers to have heals but at a lower scale and more difficult to use?
  13. You are correct with the T1-T5 part. I don't mind heals in those tiers. I left that part out because I very rarely play those tiers so "lack of experience". I don't think you have to worry about economics so much but balance should always be observed. New players who haven't even reached T6 already spend tons of real money in the game buying all ships without a though. WG is happy. Think about if they bought cruisers and DDs as well. T8 cruisers might be balanced for us veterans but new comers tend to switch to BBs and 4/5 BBs in every match sadly populate the bottom of the scoreboard. I personally rarely play T1-T8 cruisers because playing aggressive in a DD or BB is more enjoyable and effective. Having heals make the games more enjoyable IMO. I'm not talking only about ranked. It was just a "sad" observation and talking with div mates they didn't pick them either because of lack of carry power. An aggressive BB can put cruisers out of action easily when they don't have heals or armor and you do. HE spam is much less indeed. Good points anyways.
  14. I was playing ranked and while waiting for a game you could not miss the 200-300 BBs in the queue while only 3-10 in other classes. Shows how attractive other classes are. I only played DD and secondary BB. BBs have been the most favorite class of the playerbase perhaps because of their survivability and less experienced players actually get to play the game longer instead of detonating. Newbies tend to be too eager or misplay with DDs and CL/CA. They eat citadels and suddenly playing BB must seem to be much more enjoyable option. Cruisers and DDs are much more difficult to master and they often bare the brunt of enemy fire since most BB players camp in the rear sniping and not carrying their weight. BB players never ever push. I remember playing low tier cruisers back in the early days and I was always feeling happy to advance from T4-T7 cruisers to more armored CAs with more range. Its nice to not eat citadels all the time. BBs are much more forgiving in their gameplay while DDs and Cruisers are punished heavily with mistake and they often have to be the first line of offense/defense. Tanking and spotting gives no rewards and once you eat a few citadels and damage you kinda have to sit in the rear for the rest of the round. I bet this isn't very attractive gameplay and players switch to BB class. Some T8-T10 DDs also suffer from powercreep. Gearing eats tons of damage, YY is quite rare and weak and Z52 can't handle gun fights so well. None of these have heals while Grozo, Daring, Khaba, Halland have access to heals and thus much more extra health. Are the ones that have heal unbalanced? I don't think so but more forgiving though and thus more enjoyable. You can pick a fight and retreat to heal to fight again. Game isn't over once you survive sudden radar and shells from 3-4 ships. You get to play again after healing up. T8 Cruisers suffer also suffer from lack of range in T9-T10 games. New players end up in the front and eat damage they are unable to heal while sitting in the rear with your baBBies is not very attractive either. DDs and cruisers shouldn't be given the same heals as everybody else to retain their uniqueness. They could have 20-40% weaker heals and perhaps 2x-3x longer cooldown. Or many heals but 70% weaker and long cooldowns. Lots of options here. IMO heals don't have to be standard. You could easily adjust the quantity of heals, their effectiveness and cooldown to balance ships. Having heals IMO gives a morale and confidence boost and you don't have to hide the rest of the round because unlucky torp or focus fire that depleted your HP. What are your thoughts? Would low-mid tiers be more attractive with heals?
  15. Rautainen_Biisoni

    Killing Venezia? Are you serious?

    Venezia dominated last CB season completely. It had best survivability, ability to disengage, trollish armour and decimated large cruisers such as moskva and stalingrad with heavy salvoes. Top teams only brought one Stalingrad at max, rest were Venezias. 2v2 battles with Venezias lasted for several minutes so it was extremely powerful. But yes they should nerf Smolensk since it just ruins games for everybody... well except CVs.