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  1. Hulkovius_Rex

    Iowa or Lion

    As the title suggests, which ship is the best as of now? And which of the ships lead to the best tier 10 ships? Sure, the montana can broadside oneshot basically anything, but the Conqueror has that BS HE and Heal.
  2. Hulkovius_Rex

    Ships you kept

    Simply put, what are some of the ships you kept and play regularly even after you completed the grind towards the next ship or even finished the line? Personally I kept the Amagi, Bismarck and the Kirov.
  3. Hulkovius_Rex

    Izumo, Good, Bad, Buff, Nerf

    So I've been playing the Izumo in effort to get the Yamato, and I'm conflicted about it. While the guns are pretty good, in my opinion that is, that's about all I can find that's good about it. And in the games I've asked what people think about it and they generally say it's terrible. So, what should be done about it? Because I honestly have no idea.
  4. Hulkovius_Rex


    How do we fix them? Unlimited planes but with a cooldown? Increased damage?
  5. Hulkovius_Rex


    Alright, will do. thanks
  6. Hulkovius_Rex


    Yes, this is what I am talking about specifically, a flat broadside NC for example. yea I aim above the belt armour mostly, it gives results with maybe 10-20K damage per salvo, but no citadels. Non-german BBs are hard to citadel from close range?
  7. Hulkovius_Rex


    Does the Bismarck have (relativley) low pen? It seems that I neverget citadel hits on other BBs, even lower tier ones.