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  1. Oh look another TX CV, that is what the game needs...
  2. TheBigLanowski

    0.8.11 - 1vs1 Ranked Sprint

    I like how you only shot down 4 main aircraft and the rest are just fighters :D but hey, CVs are fine, spreadsheet says so! #Just Dodge
  3. TheBigLanowski

    0.8.11 - 1vs1 Ranked Sprint

    The 75% WR in my DD tells you a different story :D This mode especially if matched against your natural counter becomes very skill dependant. You can still win if you outplay the enemy ship. The fights against BBs were pretty one-sided though, they basically have no chance against a well played DD with the caps surrounded by Islands for ambushes. Only played against one CV though and he was pretty easy to come by since he rushed the cap :D I guess Enterprise will be the main pain here. Torps against BBs, AP Bombers against BBs and Cruisers and the Rockets against DDs with insane squad size. You might consider banning her ;) But I don't get this mode either. Make it 2v2 with divisions so you can counter the counter. This would make it really skill heavy. Sprint is my most favourite iteration of ranked anyway :)
  4. TheBigLanowski

    PTS 0.8.11 - Bug reports

    I'm also getting the bug there I stuck in the result screen... This is a prio 1 bug!! Also in the spectator mode the HP bar of friendlies vanish if you spectate them and they get hit. Same bug is in the current version. Also my settings for the Minimap will not save in this version. So far this is the most unstable PTS I have ever experienced! I really hope this will not transition to the main game this time.
  5. TheBigLanowski

    ST - Changes to test ships

    Yep this is absolutely the problem of Mainz... Rof
  6. TheBigLanowski

    ST, new type of shells

    You my friend need to read the post again. This shell will not cause fires but will ricochet. So angling is a thing here. If put in correctly this can be a nice addition to the game.