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    error connecting to server

    Hmm sounds interesting, No idea what that means but ha, ha! . By the way, quick question, I'm still learning basics, Are all multiplayer matches against AI or other players, I know some or most people on my team sometimes speak but enemy team always have same ships. as opossing side
  2. ThePathOfBlood

    error connecting to server

    Oh okay thank you kind sir/madam for the response
  3. ThePathOfBlood

    error connecting to server

    incorrect email or password
  4. Im downloading the latest update if it's not fixed I'll just stop the download
  5. Care explain how one does this.. with amd... seeing as eyefinity is totally different I have 7680x1440
  6. ThePathOfBlood

    great game

    rammed an enemy ship with my cruiser 10/10 destroyed him in 1 hit explosion effects 10/10 only problems are multi-monitor setups having graphical problems apart from that great game I do have some simple questions though. Maps and weather:- Will there be storms? Will there be maps with storms? Will there be storms with lightening that can destroy and or damage your ship? Will there be massive waves? and big waves that can damage your ship? or can throw you of course and you have to adjust?
  7. ThePathOfBlood

    Is 3 screen support going to be added?

    I also have amd eyefinity and the drop downs arn't select-able