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  1. Adored

    What's your favorite ship so far ?

    Omaha for me so far. Minekaze is great as well, tbh all IJN DD's are up till now.
  2. Adored

    Really strange dream

    It's called "playing WoWs too much".
  3. Adored

    Your Favorite Cruiser

    The Kuma was great - the first time I felt like I was playing a real cruiser in the game. I rerolled the American cruiser line after that and found both the Phoenix and the Omaha to be great and I just keep on getting better and better playing cruisers.
  4. Adored

    Worst ship in the game?

    The Furutaka is the worst I've played by far.
  5. Adored

    [YouTube] AdoredTV | World of Warships Thread.

    Ridiculous amounts of fun in the Tier V American Cruiser - Omaha. Aggressive playstyle and tactical discussion throughout, and some bad mistakes.
  6. Adored

    Advice on japanese cruisers?

    It's an awful ship, a real comedown from the Kuma at IV. On the other hand it kinda helps you to get better at battleships as you have to turn the ship and the guns in order to really get the guns on target. So there's that. Me? I couldn't stand it and went back to reroll the American Cruiser line instead. The Omaha is so much better it's unreal.
  7. Adored

    [YouTube] AdoredTV | World of Warships Thread.

    *** If the video isn't running HD 1080p just wait until YouTube gets it ready *** Highlight package of the weekend fun in 3 of the 4 ship classes. Wyoming Tier IV American Battleship Phoenix Tier IV American Cruiser Minekaze Tier V Japanese Destroyer Tactical discussion throughout. And damn am I good at shooting now!
  8. Adored

    Role of the Cruiser

    Kill destroyers.
  9. Adored

    AP still viable

    They just need to get a grip and make AP devastating at close range. None of this "clean hit" BS, just make AP devastating at close range. Actually give BB's a reason to get in close...
  10. Adored

    Pick a Battleship, any battleship!

    TLDR: Everybody support battleships because they are obviously the only class capable of killing anyone. Seems legit.
  11. Adored

    World of torpedos....

    I've seen the complaints from DD players at high tier the same as any other. What you can't trust is your initial low-tier views on the game. I used to crap myself when faced with destroyers as well, now I just hunt them down when in a cruiser. Unless you've played a lot of games with every class you really aren't well placed to say anything much. I criticise battleships a lot because most times I die it's due to a "lucky" hit from a New York. When I play battleships I never seem to get that same "luck". I guess maybe it's not actually luck. If this is your stats I don't think torps are your problem however - http://worldofwarships.eu/cbt/accounts/500004461-/ And actually playing a destroyer would really help to give you some insight into what you're doing wrong.
  12. Adored

    Total Newb just downloaded the client

    All the low levels are fun. As you gain levels you sometimes get into a ship that is just plain awful and it makes you go and try out the others. So that's actually quite good as you get to go through the lower stuff again. ;) Don't worry about levelling up asap, you'll probably just end up being annoyed at the lack of balance at higher tiers. I have some fun videos on gameplay and tutorials from a noob perspective that you might enjoy, just click on my sig and scroll down a bit for all my WoWs vids. The newer ones are mid-tier gameplay and I prefer destroyers and cruisers more than battleships and carriers for now but there are vids on all classes.
  13. Adored

    World of torpedos....

    Torpedoes are not that strong if you're a good player. It's the age-old case of something seemingly being OP at low level because frankly, you just don't know crap yet. At the lower levels, torpedoes also carry a fear factor that is stopping a lot of Cruiser players from understanding that their job is to blow those little Destroyer bastards away. Get in a Cruiser and deliberately set out to hunt down some DD's - you'll love it. Something like a Kuma or Phoenix. Fast guns, that's all it takes. Carriers are another issue and a bit harder to balance.
  14. It's actually getting worse around Tier 5 now too since the US BB's came in. Don't think I've ever hit a New York with a torpedo yet in my Minekaze. You can still have some good games but a lot of it feels like lucky hits.
  15. Adored

    World of Warships - patch release

    This is probably the most stable beta I've ever played in my life. I can't remember a single issue with performance, lag, crashes or anything. I do notice that a lot of people seem to be sitting around doing nothing much at the start of battles though, and while at first I thought they were just holding back, it does seem to be an awful lot of people all the time. I guess my only "issue" since Storm over the Pacific launched is that I often join games with only 2 seconds left on the clock. I still seem to be first to react however