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  1. Alfa_Tau

    I am a Bielorussian

    Fellow Captains, probably many of you are already aware of the difficult situation which is ongoing in Minsk and in several other cities in Bielorus. I know this is just a videogame BUT we are a community. We may often disagree and quarrel about "game stuff" but now it's time to show the true spirit of being supportive. Let's populate this trend of messages to encourage our fellow friends from Minks and to show them we care about them. That they are really in our hearts and in our minds Thank you All
  2. Alfa_Tau

    Asymmetric battle survey

    It can be an interesting idea to try. I would reccomend to try it on test server first. Personally I would also add the folowing general criteria: - 1 CV per side OR no CV at all: as a matter of fact CV can provide great spotting and Situational awareness: therefore to leave a team without .. it's a big handicap. - for each 2 DD in the bigger team (low tier team) there must be one in the other team: if map has cap crcle NOT having a single DD can be a serious disadvantage. - limit the number of radar ships in the High tier team to one max.
  3. Alfa_Tau

    Pommern - another joke

    I think the whole selling point was having a combination of 12 guns with good pen, torps and good secondary BUT apparently it's not working well. I have enough coal to get it BUT so far looking at the general comment I will spare it for something else.
  4. Alfa_Tau

    Update 0.9.7 – German Carriers: Part 2

    not toorrow?? strange WG do not hurry for our money??
  5. Alfa_Tau

    Update 0.9.7 – German Carriers: Part 2

    Hello So according to Dasha video on 097, today I should have found a new collection... BUT apparently there is none. Now I understand that explaining something in english can be tricky , but for sure this not the first time that WG is making this kind of comunication mistakes. Being a BIG BIG profitable company I think you could do better... 2nd part After unlocking the first reward container I got the collection visible... kinda of weird but at least is there...
  6. Alfa_Tau

    ST 0.9.8, World of Warships birthday, dockyard

    And what is the point?? The RB is available only to those who have ALREADY researched a tech tree. Therefore even if you have access BUT you still have zero T10, before you could start to farm RB point you will need to reasearch a line, sell it (losing a ton of silver ) and starting to regrind all over ... Do you seriously think this is worth the pain?
  7. Alfa_Tau

    ST 0.9.8, World of Warships birthday, dockyard

    let's make some math: 20 phases x 1750 Dobloon = 35K dobllonos = 115 Euro in return you get 600 Research points x phase = 12K RP Which are less than a 1/3 of the colbert the cheapest RB ship. Now with 115 Euro you can convert 1million + 225K free XP at the rate 1 :35 This would be enough to get a Tier IX Free XP ship OR... enough to get 1 entire line researched and 20K RP. So where is the deal for the buyer?? The Odin event was really better: Steel can be obtained ONLY in ranked and in clan. Moreover Steel give you a bigge variety of ships . RP need only patience. and choosing the right line (for example Russian BB) mah Thanks WG I pass on this
  8. Hey thanks for your advice Not sure that trying luck is Worth giving up on 40K coal. I mean once I fisha SC, I also need to be lucky and find something useful. One time I got detonation flag It felt so bad
  9. You have done a lot of work!
  10. Well as I stated in my post, I did not have the chance to groan lately!!
  11. Sunleader Thanks so much!! I never read this article. So apparently I have been simply unlucky….
  12. Are you talking here about what you found in SC? Well I did never find inside a supercontainer a ship. The best I had were 1000 dobloons. Free XP one or two time. Rest flags. I want to be clear: I am happy I can receive 3 contaiers x day and usually I chooce the resource one because Ilike to stockpiling coal in order to buy a ship when i have enough, By the way coal ships are very good. (Salem, Thunderer and … Smolensk) So I value coal a lot. Also in Exchange of coal I can get improved equipment like radar hydro etc.
  13. In my opinion, knowing the probabilities would be correct and would make a more informed choice. That's all.
  14. Hello fellow captains I usually complete all daily requirement to receive the 3 daily continers: My most favorite choice is the "resources continers" , but sometime I undulge myself in trying the "biggest chance to fish a supercointainer". That said I received the last supercontainer exactly 2 month ago or 60 days ago. Now 3 containers x day x 60 days = 180 containers. Well I am still waiting to fish another one. So Apparently the chance are lower than 1%. what is your opinion on containers/supercontainers ? Am I unlucky or it is normal? As a log term player I remember it has never been so difficult to find one. At least in my personal experience. Perhaps something changed and I am not aware? PS : why WOWS don't tell us what are the chances to get one?