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  1. Alfa_Tau

    Excessive Criticism

    Ah ok it happened to me a lot in the past week. thanks
  2. Alfa_Tau

    Friesland: before you spend your FXP

    This is a very BIG weakness, as it prevent that role of area denial tipical of DD. Ther is a very nice video of Aerroon that show this. As Helmut_Khol stated above, better to know what you are buying, then ofc anyone has its taste and preferences.
  3. Alfa_Tau


    I don't think it will work well. they have the same play style and rely on someone else to spot while shooting from smoke. Moreover Smolensk cannot afford to go front while Friesland as a DD hunter should be in front. But same should happen with French DDs,, and insteads you see them sailing 10 km from closest cap shooting BB and giving a f@k about Others DD.
  4. Alfa_Tau

    Excessive Criticism

    What does it mean? I am confused. Thanks
  5. Alfa_Tau

    Excessive Criticism

    Have to say on one hand I agree with you. The toxicity is increasing as this game is more and more populated by teens . However on the other hand I am seeing too many battles like the one below. Which is also a sign that the average skill level is decreasing instead of increasing.
  6. Alfa_Tau

    Feedback on the new AA System.

    This was an issue I underlined several times even before 087. What is become worst some CV at tier V / VI have bigger attack squad. Wich is bad not only because they are too powerful at tier IV but also because they create (potentially) the illusion of being almost immune to AA when they do attack a group of ships. Finally at low tiers the problem become huge when you have a game with 2 CV x side.
  7. Alfa_Tau

    Feedback on the new AA System.

    No to be honest I didn't but I do not think is a drama. Some ships should be balanced around all factors. Musashi is pretty strong at Tier IX against all other BB so I think that returning to the origin when its AA was weak is a good thing . Also considering I havent seen so many CV around in these days at high Tiers (IX and X) . 1 every 3 game more or less. and not Always a Tier X, quite often a Tier VIII CV.
  8. Alfa_Tau


    What are the final stats of the ship? on wiki is still not present. Thanks to anyone who can provide answer.
  9. Alfa_Tau

    Feedback on the new AA System.

    AA is just the same us it was before,. Perhaps even stronger due to the overlapping system The problem is… paople was used to aim the priority sector at the start of the battle and driving all the time giving the same side to enemy., Voila no worries. Now instead players are required to think, calcute distance and react. It takes some time to be ajusted to the mechanic. But all and all I think that everyone should agree that we need a more skilled based system and not a pure damage authomatic genarator. If properly used a ship can shoot down the same amount of planes like before. This at least is my opinion.
  10. Alfa_Tau

    Costi manutenzione

    Bhe è vero ma sinceramente i consumabili premium ti danno un bel vantaggio. Quindi personalmente li raccomando sempre.
  11. Alfa_Tau


    ahahah anyway I believe players are Learning how to deal with Smolensk. IMO the best counter are DDs that can hiddenly move close enough and drop a torpedo salvo. A very balancing factor in the ship (and for this I have to say bravo to the developers) is that Smolensk have to choose between hidro or Def AA. Both are very useful and for now I value more the latter, but anyway this leave a weak point in the ship that can easily be exploited.
  12. Alfa_Tau

    Test Pubblico 0.8.8

    Bhe come si dice "a caval donato non si guarda in bocca" giusto? però anche a Tier VI ci sono navi discrete come il DD T 61 o la BB West Virginia 1941. l'unica cosa che non è chiara è come verrà compensato chi dovesse randomicamente pescare una nave che ha già .. in dobloni o in silver ? vedremo .. in bocca al lupo per la … pesca !
  13. Alfa_Tau

    11 campers losing in 10 minutes is the new meta

    Bravo Hanse nothing can be more true. It's plenty of videos on YouTube where u can learn how to play . Looking at present, have you noticed that a vast majority of French DDs players instead of hunting other DDs and thus contesting caps, sit behind a BB and try to set on fire another BB?
  14. Alfa_Tau

    11 campers losing in 10 minutes is the new meta

    Unfortunately this is the consequence of "pushing" new players to get to Tier X too fast.
  15. Alfa_Tau

    Test Pubblico 0.8.8

    Piccolo feed back su 088 nessun cambiamento particolare alle dinamiche di gioco ma.. la qualità audio è stata migliorata tantissimo; i rumori di sparo, di caricamento dei cannoni, della nave in manovra, uhau devo dire che WG ha fatto un passo da gigante. Particolare menzione poi meritano gli aerei: quando decollano il rumore del motore che si avvia e raggiunge la massima potenza è fantastico. Anche l'ambiente "aereo" è molto migliorato; esplosioni della contraerea, mitragliate dei caccia e aerei che precipitano hanno dei suoni incredibilmente vivi, Saluti a tutti