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  1. Sevastopol has been a port home of the Russian fleet (firt during the Emperor era and after during the USSR) fore a couple of centuries. This is a game based on history not on politics. There is also an Italian cruiser called ZARA which was the Italian name of a contested town that today is part of Croatia. In europe we have too much history. If we start to yell at each single name... the game will be dead. And this is only a game. take it easy and prepare your coal.
  2. Now you are giving WG the idea to make subs invulnerable to ramming.. you know just to make their experience more enjoyable and prevent casual NOOB related death !
  3. WG is introducing subs because they see a huge economic potential both on asian server and europe one. All other objections are pure fantasy, They know (through polls) that there is a silent majority of players (mostly germans probably as germany in EU is the biggest selling market for WG) who are waiting anxiousòly this jewels, ready to open their wallets to get them. Now there is only one thing you can do to try to boicott the process. STOP SPENDING MONEY. Everything else, including coming on this forum to complain, WILL NOT WORK. Cause they DONT CARE About you as a single.
  4. Yep it is! I found the line in the article. Depending on the Tier of the ship, you will receive various rewards, including new containers with economic bonuses: for Tier V-VII ships – 1 "Special bonuses" container; for Tier VIII-IX ships – 1 "Special bonuses" container and 1 "Rare bonuses" container; for Tier X ships and superships - 1 "Supercontainer".
  5. In the past players were receiving Super containers for each tier X ship in the port. Is this still valid?
  6. Alfa_Tau

    New ships - Closed testing 0.11.6 (DB 331)

    For statement like this you risk to be crossfired by the DD Mafia... the most powerful organization in WoWs...
  7. Alfa_Tau

    1.14 BUG or NOT?

    Perhaps my skillfull friend, you forget to consider that while Massa and JB have great secondary to use, GC don't. Moreover JB has a great mobility. GC max speed is around 28 kn .. not enough even to run away from a sub. Last but not least, tier V maps are quite small. therefore for a sub with 10/11 km torps is quite easy to attack a slow BB from safe distance.
  8. Alfa_Tau

    1.14 BUG or NOT?

    Thank you all for answering my question. Now I know it was intentional.
  9. Alfa_Tau

    1.14 BUG or NOT?

    Good morning today I made a new discover in WoWs . After a battle in Tier V Giulio Cesare where I was harassed by a tier VI Sub, I discovered the following: Range of support plane for ALL Tier V BB is 6 km (Okt Revolution, Texas, Viribus Unitis, Piotr Veliky Etc Etc) BUT Giulio Cesare got only 4km!!! REALLY?? WHY ?? U 69 has 11.5 km range on its torps. Cachalot has 10 km range. Fun and engaging mechanic. IMO all planes should have a range of ten km to really counter balance (a little ) the sub. @YabbaCoe Are you going to fix the Giulio Cesare parameter??
  10. So this means that someday we can expect a NERF top a ridicoulus DD like the Benham that is universally consider BROKEN? Or perhaps you are working oin nerfing T61 another DD that is also broken?? I am curios about this way of consider priority in rebalance ships.-... Of course this will lead to a revolt by the DD MAFIA still the most powerful in the game...
  11. Alfa_Tau

    Kaga or Hornet??

    BEFORE BUYING... consider WG is going to NERF the CHKALOV... for now. Soon I guess they will also NERF the B25 of the Hornet... my guess before Xmas... KAGA will follow? Who knows,,, certainly the new policy of WG DO NOT inspire trust in me as a customer.. That said KAGA is at the moment a better choice..
  12. Perhaps I have missed something... How did the introduction of Chkalov changed the meta? A thing that changed the meta are submarines that are getting constantly and blatantly OP. Still CV is the only class left in the game with no counter against them.. to quote the gospel: you look the speck in the eyes of others but you do not notice the beam in yours
  13. and perhaps NERF all Dutch/pan european DDs? They have more AA then a Tier X CV its simply ridicolous.
  14. Dear Yabbacoe, The fact that a ship has been released without proper testing and resulted overperforming it's a MISTAKE of the company. If WG now realise that this was a MISTAKE the result should NOT be to penalize the buyers. Go aehad with the NERF but at least give a 10% refund to the buyers would be a FAIR policy, From my side what I can now tell yuo is that there is NO good in buyin ANY premium ship . Because we (the customers) have no protection or guarantee that our money will keep the same value. Who guarantee now that WG will not deliver more OP ships to bait people into buying them and soon after they will nerf WITHOUT any consequence on the company side? This kind of behavior and approach to customer relationship is completely INFAIR in my opinion. PS What about Indomitable? probably the WORST tier VIII CV since the rocket NERF? When are you going to BUFF her?? She was released long ago. This is another sign of your atterntion to Fking Customers
  15. Alfa_Tau

    Update 0.11.3: Italian Destroyers. Part 2

    Apparently with the new update the new premium CV Hornet will arrive on the shop... Will it be good?? or another FR 25 ??