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  1. Alfa_Tau

    General CV related discussions.

    Here is WG headquarter : we are sorry but we are currently on vacation. Please call back in september. in the meantime keep buying everything we put on sale in the armory and in the shops to help us paying our vacatiions. Thank you
  2. Alfa_Tau

    General CV related discussions.

    I see, what a BB shooting from 20 km risk ? to get a small scratch on her paint?
  3. Alfa_Tau

    Dockyard - De Zeven Provincien - Will you take part?

    There will be 24 phases. With the starter pack you will probably get 7/8 which is a good deal considering all others will cost 1500 Dobloons each. If you want it and you want all the steel , you need to pay between 20K and 25K dobloons. More or less between 65 and 82 Euro. Up to you buddy.
  4. Unfortunately you are totally right. Since this greedy company removed the signal rewards for achivement my Mikasa is simply rusting in port. It's a fun shipo to play from time to time but let's be honest.. the best part was getting the rewards.. 10 flagsd one per day.. but apparently that was TOO MUCH so no flags no fun .. and of course no money from me. In a sense i am happy.
  5. Alfa_Tau

    Developer Bulletin for Update 0.10.7

    I wouldn't lose my sleep on this guess... This is simply another example of WG lying to its players or at least not willing to tell the truth. Think for a moment. Are they nerfing a ship because is too strong and unbalanced? no Earning more silvver than another do create a problem ? Not really. So what is the main reason? I suspect this is very directly related to the achivment removal. IMO WG is trying to remove everything that could help F2P . If you own a MIssouri you may still earn some good silver even without a premium account. This in the eyes of WG is unacceptable.
  6. Alfa_Tau

    Bollettino degli sviluppatori dell'aggiornamento 0.10.7

    Missouri : will the radar range be increased to 10 km? will the sip receive the "improved" repair that has been given to all USA BB of same tier?
  7. Alfa_Tau

    Napoli coming for 34,650 Dubs?

    Why not? People will happily pay for it, if there is even the slightest suspect that the ship will be op.
  8. Alfa_Tau

    General CV related discussions.

    You should realize that arguing is pointless as some people on this Forum are the ultimate "thruth" owner.
  9. Alfa_Tau

    General CV related discussions.

    (9) Yung Joc - It's Goin Down (Official Music Video) - YouTube
  10. It’s only my opinion, but I believe the guy went out trying to give an answer without any superior approval. In other words it was his initiative and not an official statement from WG. This of course do not diminish his misleading behavior. It only tell you that this people that are often regarded as “guru” of the community by players, are in reality very little man. the fact that no official explanation was given from WG and for example, even the EU comunity manager/leader/BS are in silence, tell you everything.
  11. I don’t think they can comment. This move was clearly made to force players to spend thir resources in the armory. Flags provide a good advantage and people want them. After all at the start of this game, flags were sold for real money in the shop. WG probably wants to make more money. That’s all.
  12. Then you wonder why this company has a reputation problem…
  13. Alfa_Tau

    They’re adding HMS Incomparable!

    Thunderer with a smaller caliber had 24 km more or less , so this new creature will have 27/28 with is wayyyyyyy less than 30.
  14. Alfa_Tau

    They’re adding HMS Incomparable!

    For sure it will receive anti air missile and jet fighters … just to be sure that it won’t be annoyed by any CV while sniping from 30 km away.