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  1. Holiday Lottery - Try your luck!

    Merry christmas, cool raffle, I'd like to participate 1. Enterprise 2. Abruzzi (if out), otherwise Gallant 3. Doubloons Happy holidays.
  2. Midway and his AP bombs

    It's almost as if T8 AP bombs are useless on T10. Who would have thought?
  3. Is 2, one public and one on Discord, too much for you to handle?
  4. Evening gentlemen, we are planning to run the next King of the Seas early next year. With clan battles and new, very good teams playing in them, we need to decide on a format that works for everyone, veteran KotS teams and those that came up in this CB season. Do have a brief look at the wall of text pro/con list below before voting, by adding the standard or below the options you are happy with or hate. You can vote for more than one, we're trying to get a sense of what people are comfortable playing As with the last surveys, we are less interested in the absolute number of votes for a given option, and much more in the arguments for why we should adopt a given format. We can see up- and downsides to all of these, and are very open to (constructive!) suggestion. T8, 9v9, CV: This is ye olde standard, and those of you who have played previous KotS tournaments will be familiar with the up- and downsides. With the MK no longer for sale the meta is likely to change a bit, possibly for the better, possibly buffing BBs more. Either way, we're confident that it'll work, less confident that it's the best option. We see two major downsides here: most teams don't have enough captains to be able to run competitive setups for Tier 8 and Tier 10, where we'd expect official competitive to stay. We'd also likely have to keep banning individual ships as well, which will lead to an overly complicated ruleset. More importantly, clan battles have thrown up new teams that have cut their teeth in the current T10 meta and are playing at a top level. Switching not just to a CV, but changing the both the tier and player numbers is a huge ask, and will put them at a potentially unfair disadvantage to teams that have KotS experience. We are leaning against running T8 for next KotS. T10, 7v7, no CV: hat we're all playing right now - this means all teams have a level playing field to catch up on training, develop and test tactics before a tournament, and captain specs shouldn't be an issue. We're seeing 2-, 1-, and 0-DD comps in typhoon league, so the meta should be quite diverse, and knowing the map, spawn and opponent will allow teams to bring specific comps and tactics, which should be interesting and a change from clan battles. The obvious downside is that going head to head with the competitive format already in the game feels a bit like missed opportunity to do something interesting. We're also concerned that in 7v7 achievable winrates are too low for a knock-out tournament. We don't want stomps, but we don't want coinflips either, and what works over sample size of hundreds of games won't necessarily work over a best-of-three. It's a workable option, but we're not keen on this either. T10, 9v9, CV: This was played in the MDIV league, so it's a format with at least some testing behind it. BBs would likely be restricted to two. We'd expect the meta to establish itself fairly quickly - think parallels to T8, with cruisers spending more time in the open, at long ranges, and likely more smoke. It does have the significant downside (as with T8) that expereince and skills from this CB season will be hard to transfer to a very different meta. We see it as the 'safest' option, and one that will not require too much testing for us to confident it will work in some fashion. T10, 9v9, No CV: A possible compromise between the meta and the skills developed in this season of clan battles, and the older KotS format. The basic idea here being that with-CV and no-CV gameplay are different enough that this gives teams that got their start in clan battles an equal footing, while somewhat reducing the variance in 7v7. There will be more vision as you have more ships dotted around the map, and losing one player early isn't the death-knell it is in clan battles. On the other hand it’s a lot of firepower. While it looks to have potential, none of us have ever played this before so it would need fairly extensive testing before we'd be comfortable going ahead with it. If you're interested in helping out with that do say so. We are very much looking for your input so we can make a fun tournament with the best possible format for balanced competitive play. The poll serves as a general guideline, so we can see what the community thinks. Any and all input is appreciated. Thanks!
  5. FFS it's 100% class based, stop questioning it.
  6. This is getting [edited] old WG

    Maybe put on a detonation flag? You know, the flag that completely negates this mechanic. Or maybe use the -70% detonation upgrade. Whatever you do, stop whining here. Detonations aren't a problem.
  7. Main post updated. If you are looking to participate in clan battles and wreck face in Typhoon League, you still have time. Apply now!
  8. Poll - Clan Battle Prime Time

    Where is the option for a 4 hour session instead of 3?
  9. Forumbekanntschaften!

    Why am I being dragged to this filthy place?
  10. If you made it this far, you have already made it further than these guys. We don't accept applications ingame: If you think you have what it takes for Clan Battles, get in touch with me or Tobiassho. We are still recruiting, AAO!
  11. Lo Yang needs stronger radar...

    Lo Yang doesn't have radar, and it is not a weak ship. There's a reason it is the go-go ship for competitive. The problem is that T8 gets terrible terrible matchmaking. Every T8 suffers from this.
  12. Why would you want even more crutches to the game? Isn't it easy enough already? You already have smoke timers, x-axis auto aim, build in cheat-sheets via mods, mods which show you precisely which angle the enemy has towards you and now you want a timer just because you don't have an internal clock? You can use your gun reload for fugs sake.
  13. Sick of this meta

    This is the weakest, most pathetic argument to bring to a balance discussion. "HURR DURR SHIP IS OK BASED ON THIS ONE BATTLE" If you need attention, go to reddit, that site is designated to jerking eachother off. You'd fit right in. Keep that weak crap away from this discussion, please. Screw BB overpopulation, it's a sign of how OP BB's are. World of Battleships boys.
  14. Akizuki broken or what ?

    *Edited if you are not using IFHE on Akizuki. You only have 1500 battles and you think you know better than us? LOL: Sell it and play KM BB's, they would be a perfect fit for you.