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  1. Luchs1978

    Nebelflotte - ARP Ashigara

    Die sind nicht neu. Die sind von der WG Kooporation mit Arpeggio of Blue Steel and nicht länger zu bekommen. Was die Werte angeht, sind es Kongos, Myokos and Atagos, Mehr nicht.
  2. Luchs1978

    Airborne Torpedo Attacks

    Here was nonsense that happens when I'm tired and do not read carefully.
  3. Why blame yourself when you can blame the PATRIARCHY? Or.. no wait... wrong discussion, aye?
  4. Luchs1978

    Rammen :/

    Wieso sollten die momentanen HP was mit dem Schaden, den man beim Rammen zufügt, zu tun haben? Dein Schiff mag kurz vorm sinken sein, ja. Aber deswegen hat es doch nicht weniger MASSE. Ein 50000t Schlachtschiff hat auch mit zwei Dutzend Löchern im Rumpf immer noch 50000t Masse.
  5. You unlock them per ship. Not all over the board.
  6. Luchs1978

    [edited] ship design

    Wow... Dude... Read up on how capital ships were engineered and designed and THEN come again with this topic.
  7. Luchs1978

    what the [edited]is going on with the Colorado

    The Colorado doesn't take more AP damage than other US BBs. That is, if you know how to angle your ship. If you sail broadsides to the enemy... well... shame on you.
  8. Luchs1978

    enough with the cyclones. they suck.

    There is no real fun in sitting in a BB when a cyclone hits. 8km rendering range is suicidal. Most cruisers and all destroyers that'll pop up at that range will simply obliterate you. Yes, you MIGHT take them with you, but that'ss a BAD trade-off.
  9. Luchs1978

    enough with the cyclones. they suck.

    I understand how visibility works. But there is a difference between me spotting an enemy and using the spot of another teammate. The only reason i can actually see a DD from 10km+ is that they get spotted by my teammates (usually). So... I do NOT actually see it. I use the transmitted position of the friendly unit. And now... Why does that stop working in a cyclone?
  10. Luchs1978

    enough with the cyclones. they suck.

    My only quarrel with cyclones is that somehow, all of a suuden, ships lose the ability to radio the position of enemy ships reliably. That's the only reason I can come up with for the reduced rendering range.
  11. Luchs1978

    Team Damage requires better automatic system

    If he sank as a result of your damage, you're rightfully pink.
  12. Luchs1978

    Ammunition US DD

    Maybe you shouldn't play tier 9 without knowing which type of ammo when to use...
  13. Luchs1978

    BB gun locking up not turning at all.

    I think I know what he means. If you turn your ship to starboard and your aft turrets were pointing starboards as well, it SEEMS like they turn slower, as the turret rotation seem to lock them up in place when you try to keep them trained at the same spot. But it only seems that way, because turning your ship + turret rotation.
  14. Luchs1978

    Aim assist mod afect the gameplay? cheeters?

    Nope. DDs got their citadels removed a while ago. You still get the annoying whistling sound when you get hit where your citadel once was, but you don't eat the 100% penetration damage of the shell.
  15. Luchs1978

    The New Anti-Team Damage System

    Yeah... I read exactly until "people drive in my torps/in front of me". So... In short, you don't feel responsible for your torps and don't want to be punished for irresponsible use of them. Sure, other players should watch where they're going from time to time, but still: Your torps are your responsibility. DON'T LAUNCH WHEN YOU RUN THE RISK OF HITTING A FRIENDLY. Can't be that hard to understand that.