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  1. Armen_13

    Please nerf subs !

    Reserved Thread for January 2018 (release date of player controllable subs) PS: Moderate EU player whine: "My DD won't be OP enough to kill SS's easily so I can satisfy my EGO"
  2. Armen_13

    Thoughts on Teamkiller Status

    I have 2 thoughts 1) First as far as I remember teamkillers could be killed by their teammates in WOT. I think that was the best punishment. Why didnt that implement in WOWs ? I think they deserve to be killed on sight by their teammates if you fire on a pink player you shouldnt get punished for that you should be rewarded. Teamkillers are worst scum in this game. 2)Why is the color pink chosen for teamkillers ? That is very sexist approach by Wargaming or Wows team. EVerybody knows pink resemble femininity so are these players being made of fun as they are called "g*ys" ? So you get pink and you get "h*m*" because you killed a teammate ? That s a bit low and that color must be changed it is sexist and it is bad approach for female players in game.
  3. Armen_13

    Stop the Germans ! biased

    They have AA, armor, reload, penetration, HE, their ships are superior and make all other BB lines obsolete. Why go Amagi when there is Bismarck. Why go Kawachi when you have Nassau which is equal to 2 Kawachis. Why go New Mexico when you have everything with Bayern ? Superior German Engineering ? Master R. ?
  4. Armen_13

    [edited] ship design

    So Fuso probably had no engine. FUso has main guns almost every usable space
  5. Armen_13

    [edited] ship design

    you could still put stuff on that machinery I agree however still think those times they built ships for an expression of masculinty. Guns and being big is masculine stuff. Look we are the Empire of Japan and we have to have big battleships to prove our power. Japan was a very masculine nation. These German battleships although looking better they are just so big especially the last designed H-series even their names are GROSS. For me the American designs are much better. I don't know about the other designs much like French or Italian probably Italians also had some nice compact ships. At the moment nothing beats North Carolina design for me. Yes the ship is a bit wide but its length is ideal for that kind of main and secondary firepower. In reality too biggest ships maintenance would be much difficult due to amount of material alone. The only reasonable Japanese designs are Aoba, Yubari, Zao and Yamato. rest are crap except the DD. DD are fine. Masculinty is downfall of humanity.
  6. Armen_13

    [edited] ship design

    North Carolina has the best design even fuso sucks
  7. Armen_13

    [edited] ship design

    I mean because of these stupid engineers those times who know maybe early 1900s look at this you could put at least 3 more guns to that space and make use of that space. look at the american compact early bbs they use enough space what they need. but these early japanese batelships are moronic just look at them they made it big for the sake of bigness but crap firepower and accuracy just look at this ship and see I am right. Oh right big is good right ? The complex of masculinity stupidty. these ships are food for little umikazes. You could fit at least 3 more guns to that space
  8. And the players always wanted The lords of the sea Conqueror of oceans Master race of the navies Royal Navy Prophecy is well known Royal Navy was cursed The name shouldn't be written Request of forum members You requested ! You got what you deserve ! There the ninja cruisers of royal navy Covered in smoke sneak attacking All stealth burning everything Fire comes to the sea Radars jammed Destroyers crippled Ninja cruisers are coming Bringing the scene to an end Sea will be covered with ancient greek fire Many mothers will cry Hell will joy The cruisers don't shoot flowers They will shoot the slow pain Battleships be burnt Destroyers will be deleted in seconds Cruisers will be sneak citadelled These are dark times UK cruisers wont shoot flowers... The king of the Oceans The Sun Never Sets But British cruisers still stay hidden Day and night smoke Ninja ships are coming Prepare your fire extinguishers Buy your premium repairs for fast extinguish The salvation will come When German destroyers arrive
  9. Armen_13

    Any chance of Yubari resale

    damn i was on holiday and was not checking the site for a month i always wanted to get the yubari now i missed it what do you think will they put it in the store again ?
  10. Armen_13

    R+L=J theory confirmed and Uncle Benjen found

    looks like there are ppl here who like got so i think jamie might get into reltionship with daenerys ? it looks like cercei vs all atm except littlefingers
  11. Armen_13

    R+L=J theory confirmed and Uncle Benjen found

    Crap thought i was in got forum sorry dont know hot to modify title
  12. I don't still understand why Starks must be so much in the center of the series. So Jon Snow is actually Targaryean and Daeneryss close relative. Seasn 7 will be just so epic. UNcle Benjen found at last man next season...
  13. Armen_13

    This is unbearable ! (They are Soviet !)

    I live in a former Soviet Union State and certainly not hit by propaganda pidgins. I would rather say since Soviets dont exist propaganda against them is unevenly strong hell even in those times capitalist propaganda was always stronger because it always tend to aim human's most primal instincts. I opened this thread not to start a political discussion but because I hate everybody calling our ships Russian ! All the military equipment we had belonged to people and these people were from different rethnics. I am Armenian and a lot of my relatives died fighting vs Germany in WW2. Even the war was not in Soviet Armenia they went to fight there because it was USSR. As I said lots of war equipment were designed by different ethnics including ship and submarine plans but not limited to them. They were all Soviet ! And last thing I would say we were much happy. I don't need to read a book. I was 7 years old when Soviets went down but %90 of the people living here except the most rich tell now there is no life at all and these are dark times. Despite all those flaws Soviets were a great place to live. Soon I will be happily sailing my SOVIET KIROV CRUISER... good day all !
  14. STOP CALLING RUSSIAN CRUISERS ! THEY ARE SOVIET CRUISERS / SOVIET DESTROYERS / SOVIET SHIP / SOVIET NAVY (in the game!) I don't and won't judge anybody's education level but for the sake of anything you believe or respect stop calling these ships "Russian". The only ships which could be considered are maybe tiers 3-4 and lower. Even those then became Soviet ships. USSR were a multicultural union which consisted of many different ethnics and countries (at least 13 of them) and they were represented in a high council called "Supreme Soviet of the Soviet Union" So back to the topic Soviet Union was not Russian although Russians made the bulk population of it. Soviets respected all ethnics as equals. Most of the Soviet leaders were of different ethnics. Stalin was Georgian, Lenin was from a Siberian ethnicity (some Turkic or Siberian tribe) and so on. Many technologies and products were designed by people with different ethnics. (Like Mig aircraft by Armenian called Migoyan). Crew and Army consisted of different ethnics. Hell even now Russia is so to a large extend !. Stop soon enough before it is too late ! Have some respect in history and truth.