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  1. happyapilot

    10.000 + games time to uninstall?

    Thx gentlemen, have been playing some coop and that was ok, some close combat action with ships which always looks nice. and some low tier games in mp. the higher tier are a no go for me in mp as this is just not exciting, rather a bore and dull event (for me at least) so it's coop with a bare ship to save on the credits, not that i need to but hey why loose credits anyway in a game? the grind is bad enough. I hide stats as i'm not a showboat and like privacy, however below is a screenshot from awhile back when i reached the 10.000 mark in random battles.
  2. happyapilot

    10.000 + games time to uninstall?

    Hi all, just want to share a personal observation and maybe even a rant due to the fact that I am loosing the joy in this game. I'm trying to understand the reasoning what is happening to a game i clearly loved playing yet these days just seem to get worse and worse.. each mp game is more a smoker he spam shoot despite the patch to combat this it clearly missed the mark.. brawling and enjoying some sort of idea of skill by angling your armor are more a thing of the past. Sure you got counter measures but they are falling a bit short of the mark in terms of effectiveness.. I just miss the brawling and exciting games and it's going all up in smoke, it's a pity Coop's are nice but why do they cost you credits? that's such a pity. no response needed, and i play all kinds of ships even the bad ones for the challenging factor and have some fun.. but hey that is fading fast.
  3. maybe it's just me yet after the German battleship line was introduced the overall enjoyment factor of this game has been dropping and with the new patch it dipped even lower.with a large fleet of ships and approximately around 7500+ naval battles it seems to me that nowadays most battles are highly predictable. Before a match one can make a good guess what chance you've got. couple that with the 2 tier difference it makes some ships not even worth playing anymore as they have a hard time against their own tier, let alone ships off a higher tier. I was genuinely surprised with the new patch that while pushing a cap in a Bismarck while dodging the torpedo walls, soaking the HE spam out of a cloud and brawling with multiple ships that my reward seems lower then before it certainly doesn't help much you even loose credits if you are caught out or burned to a crisp but that is another discussion.. fact remains that my enjoyment of this game is dropping. Maybe its the lack of teamwork, the mechanics and or predictable and in high tiers even boring and stale game play that is a contributing factor.. Pity really but then again it's a game and who knows what the developers might come up with in the future.. One thing to mention is, off all the games I have played through the years i have never seen such a toxic community on it's game chat as in this game, is it something of the new younger generation? or do game mechanics like grinding etc.. fuel this behavior? (wish they make it so you can turn of the whole chat)
  4. happyapilot

    Indianapolis low credit earnings

    As I am an avid fan of the pepsi cola, i decided to also get the mentioned ship.. yet hardly use it as compared to playing my pepsi it's cr@p. not on paper though, but in real life battles you will find yourself sunk more often than in a pepsi and that is saying a lot since a pepsi is a hot target for any player with its huge detection range.. the radar on the indiana is rather shortlived and you have to be lucky.. play indiana as a atlanta, hug those islands and don't show any sides cause 3/4 of health loss is easily done and you be running from most things with only 1 turret to return fire.. in short, a bit of less detection, and a radar your better off with a pepsi for bigger earnings and more fun and a higher survival rate in real games despite the so called armor the indi has. btw, equip the pepsi with capt. secondary gun skill and you will have a blast taking on any dd without radar :-)
  5. happyapilot

    Alanta buffs ?

    it's like a floating pinata nowadays.. your shell drop down like on parachutes.. you see them slowly falling and even the slowest of slowest battleships captain looks up and goes, a bit of rudder left.. ah they miss completely and we are talking 10km here.. at 6km they stop shooting to the moon as it where and then you have some playable guns.. yet one only got a few seconds before you are blown up or sunk as your ships feels more fragile than even a destroyer. a blyskawiska or whatever it's calls feels stronger compared to this cruiser. turn radius.. battleship style..and at it's tier even some BB can go faster it would seem. edited.. sorry but after seeing the video below i couldn't help laughing.. surely made my day. thx for sharing
  6. happyapilot

    Q to all youtube movie makers..

    very interesting point you raise there sir.. thank you for that insight, never thought of it that way.
  7. happyapilot

    And people really wonder why high tier games are not popular?

    Sold off a lot of high tier ships like Colorado and the Baltimore. For I found that high tier games are generally speaking more boring to play. Lot of the fun and enjoyment goes right out of the window if there is no team play. Couple that with the high repair cost and occasional loss of in game currency to have played a match doesn't help either. there is hardly any brawling action to be had. I do get thrown into the occasional high tier game and just do the best I can, knowing full well that if I am in a Pensacola that armor angling has no use against the huge battleships shells you encounter from high tier and that most destroyers will stay out of sight or do their sit in cloud and shoot routine.. ( they should make smoke same for everyone.. you can't see through it ) Guess it all comes down to teamwork and personal preferences.. at least knowing is half the battle and not having to grind for high tier one can save some XP for lets say a new nation like the royal navy for example. In short just try to enjoy the games and tier you like to play in, and hope the people on the other team make more mistakes than your own team. So in the end you even end up with Challenge yourself to do good in a lesser capable ship than for example a (fill in ship name) and if it stops being fun, find something that brings it back. (its a game it should be fun) S~
  8. happyapilot

    When will WG stop rigging battles?

    I sometimes been wondering how did i get thrown into a high tier match again.. beginning to suspect it's the flags.. if you put them in there is a higher chance you be a floating target to the enemy be it the huge shells that may come hurling down at you (not even armor angling will save you) or the long range torpedo or better yet on multiple torpedo's (from 1 destroyer) that make their way to you.. (but i could be wrong, it's still an educated guess) As agreed with many it would not hurt to look at the MM more closely or maybe war gaming can shed some light on how the MM works then again, its a small issue compared to the weekend warriors, the edge surfers and the gun-ho full speed 2 minuter captains.. S~
  9. happyapilot

    Game not saving settings

    Similar issue! 3 keysettings are missing each time I start the game.. warning to others (designation target) turn to port and consumable 2 Hope they can solve this issue quickly.. rather anoying
  10. happyapilot

    Q to all youtube movie makers..

    First off, let me say I thoroughly enjoy watching the adventures of many world of warships captains on youtube . I like to point out to new players there is tons of information, hints tips and tricks to be found that can be useful to new ensigns and veterans alike. (never sail in a straight line when there is a destroyer about!.. does that jingle a bell) anyway I chase after such video's with a smile. I am just wondering about one thing and that is captains skills.. most video's show all the captain skills being available and used. yet rarely is it mentioned that to even get that last skill it may require a long time of grinding. (whoever thought this up in games?) To me this somehow might give a new player the impression that it's a breeze to play for the next captain skill. When it fact it may require a painfully long time to even attain. Q? Why are such things not mentioned or is this done without any thought at all? (to get people to buy premium time?) Despite those little things I still keep an eye out for a new video as some are just so entertaining, thanks for your time and effort in showing those magnificent men in those floating ships
  11. happyapilot

    secondary guns on nagato not working? where to report?

    can this post be removed! reason being.. default P is on.. never realized this new change.. S~ apologies..
  12. Hi, just wanted to let developers take a look at the secondary guns on the battleship Nagato. Been sailing her into harms way and for some reason the secondary guns don't open up on enemy ships when they are within secondary gun range with the ship broadside to the enemy vessel. Has anyone else experienced similar problem? S~ (salute)
  13. Unless they make it so you can select 2 ships at the same time I would say your correct in your assumption.
  14. happyapilot

    They say the atlanta has weak guns.

    Atlanta.. for those who want to see their shells shoot to the moon and come back down in slow motion, couple that with turrets that get knocked out the second they get hit and less armor than some destroyers.. its good at 5km range with 4km torpedo range but if you fight that close your about to be sunk if they shoot you. only hope WG would undo the gun castration for now you can even see battleships dodge your shots unless they are really really close.. nice looking ship when i bought it.. then they changed it.. now its more a floating target other people use it to practice their gunnery.. your long range shooting is more down to luck then aiming.. been looking at atlanta youtube video's from before and after the nerf, but no luck sofar..
  15. happyapilot

    Necessary Atlanta upgrades

    I decided to get this ship but nowadays I hardly use it seeing its more a floating target than a ship that can be brought to a fight. the arc of its shells are so high that one have to aim well before the target indicator lines and the enemy has so much time to react that even a slow battleship can just turn with ease and sidestep each and every shot if he pays attention. I think at 8km the shells get a flatter trajectory but then most of the time your on a kamikaze run anyway.. at least give it some better armor and similar arc of fire a us destroyer has instead of shooting to the moon first.. sadly this is old news to players who have this ship. I just hope they can have a look and make it playable again.. being a floating target drone gets boring quite quickly!