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  1. kill2night

    Tier IX DD Friesland = 1,000,000 FreeXP

    Well, I can't provide exact numbers but after the recent buff and possible future buffs to cv's, one could expect a rise in the number of cv players. Actually, when grinding my Hermes yesterday, there were at least 2 and once even 3 cv's on each side in every battle. And according to some, the new matchmaker might increase the number further (tighter tier spread = more cv's per game).
  2. kill2night

    Tier IX DD Friesland = 1,000,000 FreeXP

    Actually, the AA is quite decent in combination with defensive AA fire. Destroyed *21* planes (!) in a battle last night. For a destroyer that's pretty good.
  3. kill2night

    Den Helder 14-9-2019

    Just wondering.. is anyone coming from the South of Holland by car and passing by, say Rotterdam?
  4. kill2night

    Full secondary bismarck build

    Finally, a build and explanation that makes sense. Thank you!
  5. kill2night

    Bug Reports

    Same here.. After update 0.8.0 played 2 battles. During 2nd battle I got killed early and left the battle, but game froze when it attempted to load the port. In Task manager wows is 'not responding', even though CPU usage is 100%. Killed wows and restarted: The game starts, logs in but freezes when it attempts to load the port. Integrity check didn't come up with any issues and the problem persists. Will try to re-install now. Edit: Before re-installing, tried to start the game with default settings and the port loaded. However, graphics settings were set to low so I set graphics to high (as I could play on high before the update, it was just a bit laggy every now and then). But after restarting the game to apply the new graphics settings, the game gets stuck again on loading port. The only difference with before that there is the blue windows loading circle and I'm able to quit the game via taskbar on desktop (clicking red cross now generates 'end process' dialog box as wows is not responding). Tried again to start the game with default settings, but same problem. Win7 i7 930 R9 270 Gaming 12GB
  6. I just love this port! The gritty atmosphere, the planes dropping bombs and the following explosions, the gunfire sounds in the background.. It all feels so much more fitting when playing a war game, way more than the other ports which are too clean imho. Few minutes ago I even made lots of screenshots from different angles for remembrance later on, if the port is gone after the event is over. Though I really hope it will stay in the game and like it's now, not a cleaned up version. So, I've decided to create my first topic ever to set up a poll to see if you feel the same. Please note there are 2 YES answers (premium and freebie), so I can immediately give WG something to work with should this vote become a big YES :D Do you also love the new Dunkirk Port and would you like to have it still even after the event is over? Let the voting begin! NB: As this is my first topic ever, please forgive me for any obvious mistakes. I'm open to suggestions for improvements :)