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  1. Hello OMRON is looking to recruit fun people to div up with. We are a small community of active players, we started playing clan battles this season and struggled to get 7 members to play twice per week. So that's why we are looking for you. We had a clan battle win rate of ~50% (it was 49% but we pretend we got a positive win-rate for the sake of our ego). Also note that we are all weeabo trash and our discord server reflects that. Wows-numbers: clan: https://wows-numbers.com/clan/500175734,OMRON-Shipfu-Fan-Clan/ me: https://wows-numbers.com/player/526280093,SMOKE4FUN_BLAZE_IT/ What we are looking for: You. Somebody with basic knowledge of the game or somebody that is willing to improve. Somebody that wants to join clan battles next season. Fellow weebs/degenerates. Having your own T10 would be a huge plus but its not required. Somebody that does not trash talk our unicum CV main, he gets enough abuse from me already. Discord is mandatory since just spamming Poi in chat does not always convey as much as we think it does. ??? About us: We are a normal clan that is totally not filled with weebs. Furthermore we misspelled our clan tag, everybody tells us we swapped the M and the O around for some reason. Seriously blame Tiger for this stupid tag we keep telling him to change it but he wont listen. Perks of joining us: We will tell you to just dodge every time a CV strikes you, because we care about you like that. You can call us weebs, because you care about us like that. Almost maxed clan bonuses. Anime girls that get spammed in the discord server. (Idk if this is even a perk) Contact: You can add me in game, or message me on discord which is: Hungry Dolphin#3051