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  1. Bratoev

    Which T8 Premium Cruiser to Get?

    Flip a coin between Eugen and Mainz. Eugen is a beast with the heal, Mainz is a baby Hindenburg.
  2. Bratoev


    I like my Hindi enought that it even got Lutjens to helm her. She is not particularly good at anything, but she does decent in pretty much any role you might need her in.
  3. Bratoev

    Use the ship horn for torpedo warning

    Excellent idea. Although I'd prefer the useless curse command is removed from the menu and replaced with something like "Live Fish in the water.". It can work both ways so people can easily warn others when launching their own torpedoes.
  4. Bratoev

    A plea to WG

    A single kill proves nothing. The ranks are from the rank sprint which is incredibly easy and again means nothing. If you truly didn't care about stats you would have shown them.
  5. Bratoev

    A plea to WG

    Well they gave up a flank for this which could have been exploited by your team and looking at the screenshot you yourself.
  6. Bratoev

    A plea to WG

    Unhide your stats OP. Also would you have made this thread during a string of victories?
  7. Bratoev

    Remove Detonation from Ranked Battles?

    Detonations are so rare that it's a non issue. Hell sometime you don't even notice you detonate someone. That being said I think a notification for flags wpuld be good. Also detonations should have a better visual. Really show the magazines exploding.
  8. Bratoev

    Puerto Rico error 404 citadel not found

    There is a 114mm plating that's actually at the bottom of the casemate armor right above the 19mm citadel roof.
  9. Bratoev

    Ranked matches is unbalanced

    Dunno about balance but I ranked out in 26 battles. 25 in the Drake 1 in Z-46
  10. To answer the OP. Play her when the muse strikes. Kinda dropped her for now since I played myself retarded on her on release for the German collection missions.
  11. Bratoev

    Is Goliath is underrating ?

    I feel far more comfortable in the Cheshire and Drake with a double rudder. They turn like ballerinas and it saved my skin a number of time dodging a BB salvo. Also the guns are good.
  12. Bratoev

    Is Goliath is underrating ?

    Out of curiosity what captain builds and mods do you guys run?
  13. Bratoev

    Is Goliath is underrating ?

    Dunno I spent too little time in the Goliath in 2 resets. Now i'm back at the Drake and its a joyride. After playing around they suit me with double rudder mod. Play it like the British Empire. Fight Inferiors and anything that resists gets burned to the waterline while you dodge like a madman. AP is for late game cruiser work.
  14. Bratoev

    Odin, how do you find it now?

    My cents are Odin is not a BB but, exactly what the Shinyhorse is before it, a Battlecruiser. Play it as such and shines. Also for german rifles the guns feel excellent both in dispersion and penetration.
  15. Bratoev

    Help with silver credits

    Btw @Harvin87 I looked at your profile and were Roma, Shinyhorse and Vanguard rentals? Because those 3 can have you rolling in cash. Shinyhorse is still old reliable no matter what the critics say. Vanguard is glorious once you get used to her. Roma is only kept from being a destroyer of worlds by her wonky dispersion otherwise she is rock solid.