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  1. _Alessio__

    Ranked Battles Season 6 - General Feedback

    This ranked is joke, u win if u have Belfast... only your wallet size matter... Thx Wg.. Pls next time make ranked in non premium tier, maybe tier IX and X. And we see who have the skills to reach rank 1...
  2. _Alessio__

    King of the Sea Tournament Signup

  3. _Alessio__

    Ship wishlist 2017

    Uss Alaska *-*
  4. _Alessio__

    German Destroyers Nerfed Before Launch

    This line is terrible...
  5. _Alessio__

    Crowning the Winter King - Signups

    Team name: REKT Clan name: REKT Team leader: vemheskoca Team members: vemheskoca SonTec Teekay_1 Bendeguz_HUN Panzerheki imi791117 SandroVsz StarkPanzer kicsikubay ST_Rock_ Hungaricus Heinkel_13