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  2. Dufour14

    PT 0.7.5 Bug Reports

    lag with ship horn: pressing n for the horn, has like a 1-2 seconds delay lag before the smoke comes up. Not the only player to experience this bug.
  3. Dufour14

    Royal Navy Destroyers

    I can confirm this info with a russian contact site: https://ships-not-tanks.ru/vanguj-prozrevaj-vetki-2018/
  4. Dufour14

    Ships that need a buff

    German CruiserLine should definitively get reviewed, since the introduction of UK CLs, US CA/CL Split, HE Meta of RN BBs. No??? Especially Yorck.
  5. Dufour14

    Where are all the cruisers at?

    I strongly recommend WG to review the german cruiser line, it needs a good buff in dpm, or an other sweet spot @Crysantos @Sub_Octavian
  6. Dufour14

    US Cruisers

    Thank you for the clearance
  7. Dufour14

    US Cruisers

    Yep same here^^
  8. Dufour14

    US Cruisers

    So your finally verdic??? Glad to listen to it....
  9. Dufour14

    US Cruisers

    So I am launching the debate: Who wants to join for a chat about upcoming US Cruisers since all relevant stats have been made public??? (Note: go on WoWS DevBlog Facebook page for more informations ) -New T9: edited stats -New T6, in the second branch: https://www.facebook.com/wowsdevblog/photos/a.1914529002206771.1073741828.1909055039420834/2035073636818973/?type=3&theater -New T7, continuing: https://www.facebook.com/wowsdevblog/photos/a.1914529002206771.1073741828.1909055039420834/2040791706247166/?type=3&theater -And another one, maybe premium version??? (disscus down below =) ): https://www.facebook.com/wowsdevblog/photos/a.1914529002206771.1073741828.1909055039420834/2040793692913634/?type=3&theater- Finally Clevland at her place she deserves to be =), no offence WG: - Then a new one here at T9, welcome : https://www.facebook.com/wowsdevblog/photos/a.1914529002206771.1073741828.1909055039420834/2040792016247135/?type=3&theater -And last but not least, T10 ATL version 2.0 =) :
  10. Dufour14

    Bug Reports

    I have the same issues mate. @WG any solutions???
  11. Dufour14

    Has anyone else noticed??

    I think the game went down, because of the intro of WOWS into steam. Lots of player, bad gameplay
  12. Dufour14

    New Map: Sleeping Giant

    The only thing that worries me is that the BBs will most likely face of at long range, in the cap c area, and long range because of DDs.
  13. Dufour14

    Vive le France Collection

    Just had my first game with this bulit french commander, great job WG @MrConway @Tuccy . Ihope to see the same exchangerate of 3 keys in the collection.
  14. Dufour14

    A free exp CA like the Missori or Musashi

    I hpe so too. I asked @Tuccy in a livestream, a 375k xp ship is planed