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  1. Agreed, please dont take away the mods, they make the game much better for some of us if not a all of us. EDIT: cant even think of not having the Rising Sun flag on my ships...
  2. Epic117

    Pre-Order Question

    I am pretty sure open beta will follow very soon! Keep it close! Also I just spent all of my hard earned cash for the yuubari and i am pretty sure every single japanese ship that will come out in that store!
  3. Epic117

    Pre-Order Question

    42 posts, well he is a member of the staff so I doubt he will be spreading false info! Thanks
  4. Epic117

    Pre-Order Question

    Not sure if this has been addressed but I searched the forums and I am a bit confused, so my question is, lets say I pre order something from the store, as I understood I get one for the CBT and one when the game goes to Open Beta after the wipe between open and closed, Will there be a third wipe between open and live? So if I pre order something and there is a wipe does that mean that when the game goes live I wont have the items? Thanks for your time!
  5. Epic117

    Real Money Transactions

    Yep, that's why I felt like asking, I do remember when world of tanks was on beta I have bought a premium tank and premium but when I returned to the game (After its release) I saw all of my work reset and all of my tanks gone that's why I was wondering.
  6. Epic117

    Real Money Transactions

    I can't seem to find it somewhere or any posts about it but are there currently transactions for real money into the beta? If so will there be a reset on every account when the game goes out of beta? If that's the case and people can already purchase stuff with their cash what would happen after the reset? Sorry if this has been asked a million times but I couldn't find any other posts confirming or not my question. Cheers! TL;DR: Are there in game real money transactions, if so what would happen to the stuff purchased if there is an account reset after the game is released?
  7. Epic117

    Water physics

    I do agree liquid particles and physics are one of the toughest parts to recreate in a virtual environment, but given as you said that its a ship game sea is a key factor and therefore should have a bit of love just like their ship models have, I too am a bit displeased about the game being "too easy" but as stated before my whole idea was just to make the water more visually pleasing rather than game changing
  8. Epic117

    Water physics

    I am not sure where to post this thread so sorry about any mistakes, I was wondering if the developers are happy with the current water physics/animations, dont get me wrong they look great but it feels like they could be even better and feel like the water is actually "hugging" the ship rather than being "static" thats just my opinion on it, i know its just a small detail that is not even close to the stuff thats being worked on right now but still i would love to hear the developers and your guy's opinion about it!