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  1. Andyone40

    General Feedback

    Why are games only lasting 6-8 mins not enough time to urn credits in T 8,9,10
  2. Andyone40

    How to solve the camping problem once and for all

    Great idea, at the start of the game how would you stop players sailing through the map edge to get to the other teams spawn ?
  3. Andyone40

    How to solve the camping problem once and for all

    Maybe they could make dispersion far worse at range so the campers cant gain XP from range, that will make them have to close the distance.
  4. Andyone40

    How to solve the camping problem once and for all

    My thought on this idea is after every battle all the winning team members who only play for there daily win will leave MM and then all the losers wont be able to play so they leave MM. after every game the population could lose 24 players and that's not good for the game.
  5. Andyone40


    this update is punishing players who cant afford premium account. even a good win in my T9 DDs will not make my any credits. as of today i might stop playing and will seek a refund on moneys spent to date.
  6. Andyone40

    Economy Feedback

    Played this game today and if I was on the live server I would not have made any credits as I don't run a premium account. this economy update will make me stop playing T9 and 10.......
  7. Andyone40

    Economy Feedback

    I think that knowing you have to pay 180k no matter what will stop the campers from even trying to play a T10 at all and will kill the high tier population.
  8. Andyone40

    Weather Feedback

    Hate the spotting de buff, whats the point of playing a PAPER cruiser with range when you have to get 8K away from a BB to be able to fight him. at that range its a no brainer who will win.
  9. Andyone40

    0.5.3 Bugs And Performance Feedback

    My game keeps crashing during battles, almost impossible to play now.
  10. Andyone40

    Public Test General Feedback

    For a test server there is far to much grinding for my liking.
  11. Andyone40

    public test has put me off the game

    The one thing that taking part in the public test has made me think that in the normal game mode the grind is way to long and this game is not for me.