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  1. Volestrangler

    Beta Forum Access and Length

    Anyone's guess.
  2. Volestrangler

    How was your 1st Day New Beta Testers?

    Hmm.. I dunno... I seem to have a lot of fun in my Pz. 35(t) at level four. But here I've only just bought my first T2 so long ways to go. I'm beginning to see that the dynamic of progression is going to be different.
  3. Volestrangler

    How was your 1st Day New Beta Testers?

    Lovin' it, as they say. Still struggling to hit things with my guns and I keep getting this urge to look for a bush, but I'll get over that. It's like being at the sharp end of Carriers at War (SSG, back in the dark ages).
  4. Volestrangler


    My best mate failed to get in. A bit ironic really as he was a beta-tester on WoT and only recently managed to persuade me to give that a go. Hooked, of course, and then when WoWS comes up... yes, I got lucky. As has been said, expect multiple versions and eventually an open beta (again with many revisions), maybe followed by a final gamma before release.
  5. Volestrangler

    What means control Steady So

    I would expect that to be the intent. A bug perhaps? I'll try it out in my next trip into the blue.
  6. Volestrangler

    Collision damage against enemies needs a toned down.

    Agreed, not a simulation, but it does nod in the direction of history. I guess it's about working out where things should fit on that grey-scale.
  7. Volestrangler

    Option to Invert Mouse Y Axis, Please

    It's because us oldies were used to using joysticks. Pull back to go up, push forwards to go down. Having sunk more hours than sensible into the original Elite (and a fair few in the newest version) that is as good as hard-wired in my head. Yeah... an age thing ;-)
  8. Volestrangler

    Option to Invert Mouse Y Axis, Please

    You're a star! Thanks very much. I guess the in-game option will come later.
  9. Volestrangler

    Option to Invert Mouse Y Axis, Please

    I agree totally. Without the option to invert the Y-axix I'm finding control very difficult. Years of playing games with the mouse, going back to mouse-look on Doom, have obviously hard-wired my brain.
  10. Volestrangler

    GO GO GO!

    Looks like I got lucky. Applied at 1.10pm GMT, accepted at 1.30pm GMT. Now I need to learn patience while it downloads....