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  1. nice job on screwn over the eu community and spoiling the other community's wg way to use ur heads got alot pissd off people might want to make this right asap

    atlanta a WET paper ship

    yes it is a good ship when the mm is right and ur driven ur butt off to keep it safe downside to the ship most dds outrange you and when a tier 5 cruiser can pen u thats sad,its needs to be buffd

    More fun at T5 and below?

    ya cause its not alot of campn goin on more action, highr tier peps dont want to get there ships scartch and to worried bout their stats etc to dam boring its sad when ur team dont even cross the mid way point so u spend 10 mins or longer doin the circle jerks ya not fun

    Everyone bunching to the sides

    higher tier means major campn i found to boring not fun in higher tiers

    There is something WRONG.

    the whole patch is messd up period

    i don't wanna play a bad ship in order unlocking better one

    omg i see more whiners on here than i did in BP( i dont want to play this ship because it sucks) lol really grow up gotta grind the bad stuff b4 u can get the good stuff so i take when u started ur job u started at the top ya ok dont think so,got to start at the bottom and work ur way up dont like it stop playn go play farmvill that game doesnt need skill to play and no grinding involved just sayn

    Proof of the terrible way we are treated on this server

    well what did u learn from it 1 dont sell ur prem ship mmm cause they make u money plane and simple if i buy somethign im sure not goin to sell it back lol no fn way i will sell my Arkansas Beta b4 i sell any of my prem ships

    New Aim Mod (No, realy, this one is new)

    u need to ban people who use aim and crit mods they will ruin a good game

    New Aim Mod (No, realy, this one is new)

    if u have to use aiming mods to get better in this game think u need to go play Farmville,mods are cheats shouldnt be allowed period
  10. WG needs to fix Big Race and Hot Spot i can play all the of the other maps but these 2 i cant play cause i get black screen been this way since closed Beta