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  1. GER_Sushi_Lover

    10 guineas for a dollar eh?

    It is finished, u can't get any guineas by playing anymore. You'd have to buy the pack to get cossack. Imo it seems like a fair deal.
  2. GER_Sushi_Lover

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    I want to join the lottery.
  3. GER_Sushi_Lover

    this game just ridiculous   

    There are enough people who think the same about the game as you. How about you go in one of their threads and give an answer there instead of having every week 20 new threads about the exact same thing (cough cough whining cough cough). Thank you!
  4. GER_Sushi_Lover

    So, got to Rank 15...

    Not that I have much to say to the actual thread, but nowadays u can't be sure if that's a girl or a boy grinding his private parts against the desk (?). Just sayin.
  5. GER_Sushi_Lover

    0.7.8 Balance changes: Black Swan. Dear WG, please no.

    Why state your opinion on something that doesn't deserve it when u can just leave a meme there instead?
  6. GER_Sushi_Lover

    Should I stop playing tier X?

    If u don't have fun playing TX, don't do it. From ur stats I'd say that u are well above average and don't need to go tiers back. My opinion on the matter.
  7. GER_Sushi_Lover

    Cheating encouraged in WOWS

    My Brain when it reads the OP title: But to be honest, having such posts every week from certain people that don't have evidence is a bit sad. And this post is imo not worth answering seriously because of the quantity of such post (w/o evidence) and the lack of a real base for a discussion. (even tho I halfways answered seriously)
  8. GER_Sushi_Lover

    Leak: Changes coming to 0.7.8

    Thx for the explanation, I would have never noticed.
  9. GER_Sushi_Lover

    Leak: Changes coming to 0.7.8

    I mean, i never thought about about buying such camos, but can someone explain to me what the connection between AL and those camos is? Apart from the Symbol in Nelson‘s superstructure (AL or British Faction Logo?).
  10. GER_Sushi_Lover

    Battleship (un)balance

    Tier 5: from what I've heard and seen: yes, just yes. But WG nerfing a premium directly? Nah m8. Tier 6: Yes, I think the NM could use a speed buff. (23.5, 24 knots max. imo.) Tier 7: Haven't played it, but it definitly plays different than all other T7s (except Scharnhorst, i wonder why). When ur guns are inaccurate, just go nearer. Atleast that's how I'd try it. (I mean, best secondaries at that tier + short range torps, made for close quarters) Tier 8: Bismu is ok imo, pretty balanced and accuracy is usable. (again, close quarters is prefered, but against T10s hard) Tier 9: Can't say much about Friedrich for myself, but from what I've heard and seen it could definitly use a buff. (even tho I don't really know where because not played) Tier 9.9: Missery: It's a Iowa with radar and a bit more armor (I feel nothing from the latter), not that OP imo, MuSushi, a worse Yamato which sees T7 pretty rarely and therefore pretty ok, too (Get a CV when u solo que and have fun) and about Kron, I never really spoke with anyone about it nor played it, and from what I see it doesn't seem that OP... but as I said, I don't really have much of an idea there. Tier 10: The republique isn't the sistership of gascan, but more of another "What-If-Ship à la Wargaming. A solid T10 BB imo (played it on PTS, talked and seen it) About Montana: a solid BB too. But not OP. The dev strike on DM isn't that rare, every BB can do that (some more regular than others, but that wouldn't make Monti OP). 90% in competitive? I see clans using Repus and Yamas pretty often, too. She is one if not the most popular T10 BB in the game, I give u that tho. The last statment is simply over exaggerated. Yama and Repu are imo more accurate and deal more damage. "really really annoying to fight" not more than other T10 BBs, "too accurate" delete the too, than it's accurate, "very good HE" Just HE that isn't on a RN BB is a sin to use on any other BB, "203 mm resistence" Midship Broadside and Deck, but you should aim there for the superstructure anyways, "too fast" not really, as fast as GK and Repu, 0.5 knots faster than Monqueror and 3 knots faster than Yama () . My opinion to that post, and now give me my time back (a cookie would do, too), thx!
  11. GER_Sushi_Lover

    Realistic Sea Aversities

    Atleast 50% of the playerbase is already overwhelmed by the mechanics... and trying to get realism into this game is mostly bad. Why? It's called arcade for a reason.... So no thank you.
  12. GER_Sushi_Lover

    WoT - like battles.

    Not for me, still one week I have to survive
  13. GER_Sushi_Lover

    cv div vs none cv div

    He means a solo CV vs a CV with a division (most likely AA ships), which is pretty hard to defeat, but doable if the division CV is bad, the one without div is way better or the whole team of the division CV is way under average (speaking of experience right there). And u will always have a CV on both sides (till T7 sometimes even two), otherwise that would be really unbalanced.
  14. GER_Sushi_Lover

    cv div vs none cv div

    Why would WG change something when CVs will get changed (rumors say even this year, even tho I'm not to sure about that)... and btw., there is a nice saying I once heard: "If u can't fight them, join them."
  15. GER_Sushi_Lover

    Bot ships rewarded.

    Why not? Bots have feeli... uhm... just why not? If they deserve it, they deserve it! And on another note: