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  1. GER_Sushi_Lover

    Clan Special Test FAQ

    because that would be the main reason for most to test. That's not what this is about tho, you should test and give feedback for Wargaming so they can improve the game on that. Which should be obvious actually....
  2. GER_Sushi_Lover

    Can we have 4/5 secs to esc from a Battle queue?

    I'd appreciate that, not only for myself, but for some div mates which scream as soon as you go into queue: "REEEEE, FORGOT MY CAMO!!"... but 5 seconds are to long in my opinion, rather make it 2-3. nice editing m8
  3. GER_Sushi_Lover

    Kleber is a monster wt*

    laughs in WiP...
  4. GER_Sushi_Lover

    Will Legendary modules be available for ingame currency again?

    pinging someone will most likely not help because they can't/are not allowed to talk about that. Atleast that's what has happend mostly when being pinged about returns of certain things. But it'll most likely come back, because profit.
  5. GER_Sushi_Lover

    When will radar stop working through solid rock?

    Just because you don't use a certain word it doesn't mean that you don't mean it that way. Radar will most likely change when people stop comparing arcade games to the real world... oh wait. And yes, AA can sometimes shoot trough rocks, even tho it's way better than in the old RTS version where Islands were not registered at all.
  6. GER_Sushi_Lover

    Midway's special upgrade

    they are supposed to be sidegrades, but let's be true here, some are just upgrades, some are sidegrades and some are, well, downgrades... And I'm really curious to see what the legendary upgrades for CVs will do.
  7. GER_Sushi_Lover

    Team Honor or Glory?

    Well, I don't really know what Honor means, so the options are quite limited...
  8. WG likes to give me camos from special events like Halloween, but no ships unfortunatly... A No from me.
  9. GER_Sushi_Lover

    Announcing SKIPPER

    I liked Crab Rave on NA more than Love Boat...
  10. GER_Sushi_Lover

    Double standards at its finest

    *cough cough* work in progress *cough cough*
  11. GER_Sushi_Lover

    WG jokes

    normally those WG logos come up when you earned a certain peace of a collection newly. But that seems to be a bug, might be noteworthy. Not much I can say to in terms of what causes it. Maybe @MrConway knows more about that. (or if that bug is known/being worked on)
  12. GER_Sushi_Lover

    The elephant in the room

    No, they are not the reason for a broken meta. It's the unbalanced CVs which'll need time to fix. Guess what, BBs have to do the same. Because if they push a bit to far they have nowhere to go and get spammed, torped or (in rare cases) devstruck in a brawl (if it isn't a GER BB). doesn't matter, because if they actually hit/devstrike is at long/max range mostly the fault of the target for not noticing the shells/BB aiming at them. if they do it right, yes. Which is only normal and how it should be. But CA/CL have a sort of tanking too, it's called kiting. U should knew that technique with your battle count. simply said: nope! CA/CLs have the best AA (with some exceptions, like BBs). Some DDs have some really good AA too, but what do you expect, they are much smaller than a BB. (not to mention that some of them have actually better AA than some BBs) max effect is a bit wonky, because if you shoot HE at (most) CA/CLs you don't have max effect because u could cit him with AP. And if you shoot AP at (most) DDs it's mostly overpens, which could have been a better effect with HE. (not to mention that most BB's actually need some time to switch ammo, which isn't worth it in most cases) Both other classes have better accuracy tbh., but BB guns do (mostly) much dmg if they hit. The trade for that is the reloadtime, which is much higher than the ones of the other classes. That statement seems half-correct, because most CAs are not trying to advance and most BBs are not camping on the borders (ofc there are certain exceptions, but that's normal). If it's a push (which is very rare, from most classes), then 90% everyone pushes. I like how you left out DDs of your statement, because that makes it even more wrong. they are static right now and russian BB's won't change much. (not to mention that in this game it's mostly players dictating the meta (see german BBs for example, normally made for pushing/tanking, but most players don't use that potential and stay back (not bordercamping, that is too far even for them)) first half is correct, but second one is wrong. (first one is obvious since release of the game) The thing everyone is afraid of by being spotted is cross-/focusfire by the enemy team which is deadly for all classes. of course BBs play a role, but for example DDs have bigger problems from the CAs shooting and the CV dropping them than from BBs because mostly when a DD is spotted by a CV is at the start of the game, where he is still far away from enemy BBs. (not to mention it's mostly overpens when a BB actually hits a DD). And if a CA gets spotted and does something dumb (like turning broadside because he went nose in and wants to turn away) he should be punished by it's counter, the BB.
  13. GER_Sushi_Lover

    every day a detonation?

    the detonation/modul hit chance is equal for everyone, just use the signals u get for detos and it won't happen anymore.
  14. GER_Sushi_Lover

    Only 2 torps on Shokaku ?

    Tbh I don't care if they listen to me, because every class in the game is somewhat fun for me now, some easier, some harder to play. But as a human I would rather listen to someone who isn't insulting others and demanding things than someone who is. After all I'm not the one crying about CVs and Arty being to strong.