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  1. colonel_duce

    Zpravodaj vývojářů 0.8.7

    a pritom stacilo spravit moznost ako spremiovat stare lode aby si clovek na nich zahral so svojim kapitanom.
  2. colonel_duce

    What should WG focus on improveing first?

    maybe they could introduce armored planes with less alpha and strike groups. They could survive longer but with less damage inflicted :D
  3. colonel_duce

    This is not the way to develop a game

    developers do, what they are told and paid to do. so if you are talking with regular dev guy, you won`t get your answers. They can`t just make their own projects. Decisions are made higher. So you should start polls here, go to community guys and ask them to forward your request with the results of your polls. It`s a long shot, but devs will never do your bidding, you don`t pay them, WG does.
  4. colonel_duce

    Bonusové kódy zdarma

    sice nemam free coupon, ale v armory su kontajnery za 1000 uhlia, takze ak potrebujete dokoncit alebo spravit nejaku kolekciu, tak teraz je spravny cas.
  5. colonel_duce

    Battleship lines

    German line is fun, but FDG is just not performing Japan, so far finished with Fuso, fun ship UK, KGV nice ship but a bit boring for me, whole UK line is just not for me. FR, Normandy and Lyon are funny ships, Richelieu is a good ship, but i don`t like forward guns only setup so stopped playing US, good ships when fully upgraded, currently on stock Iowa, can`t get that ship performing RUS, have gangut :) so i wont comment so far i have much more fun on cruisers (love mogami) or on japan T7 DDs