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  1. colonel_duce

    Bonusové kódy zdarma

    https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/general-news/the-night-is-dark-and-full-of-errors/ od zajtra sa da claimnut kompenzacia ak ste hrali medzi 14.2 a 1.3
  2. colonel_duce

    Bug Reports

    i am losing sound sometimes, e.g. when firing canons i do not hear them. (it`s not about audio settings, half of game i can hear it correctly and in second the sound is missing)
  3. colonel_duce

    Petition for HMS Furious(BC config) in WOWS

    looks like a ship for april 1st event
  4. colonel_duce

    Old style RTS CV or not?

    maybe it would make more sense to put together WOWS and WOWP and therefore be able to call in planes from WOWP via consumables just like in warthunder or how it is implemented there. @mfredholm: that`s quite normal for early morning hours (at least in EU servers). i noticed quite a lot of people online in evening hours, way over 20k. I am curious about summer time though. i liked old RTS style because it was not in every match and it was a refreshment. Here it could be same if number of CV players will go down. Noticed it went already after the hotfix. good.
  5. e.g. i replaced AA module on my FDG for the better range module. I could not shot down aircraft anyway and due to low range i could not hit anything while dancing in the torp soup.
  6. Don`t know, everything changes very fast, take it that in few months (or weeks), hopefully CV numbers will decline and we will have again normal matches, then CE will be useful. I respeced captain to AA, but it was useless so moved back to CE build. Now the AA has been changed so i will probably try it again. (but it can be changed once again so who knows?) would be great if WG allowed to free respec captains once this "rework" is finished.
  7. colonel_duce

    Pochváľte sa vašimi úspechmi

    celkom sranda v nizsich tieroch. nastrielat s marblehead 100k je na novu mysku
  8. colonel_duce

    Zpravodaj vývojářů 0.8.1

    bol som na ten rework zvedavy, ale ak teraz niesom schopny sa nijako branit, AA nefunguje, resp. funguje nahodne, hoc mam kapitana a moduly na to, concealment nieje, hra je uplne rozbagrovana (ak to mam slusne nazvat), stealth torping super rychlych lietadiel tak neviem co mam na to povedat. a do toho sa este vypustia RN CV, ktore opat budu nevyvazene a zase sa to cele rozosere. mal som nejednu hru, kde nerobim nic ine, len sa vyhybam torpedam v FDG. to nieje nikdy sranda, ale robit to cely match a potom zas a zas je uz chore. Prvy vystrel som mal po 6 minutach zapasu! Premiovky, ktore su uz uplne bez AA su na co? Ako mam vyskladat moduly, ak AA nefunguje, ale mozno bude? Modul stoji 3mil a radsej zlepsit zly dostrel na FDG alebo to AA? Nepochopim ako toto mohli vydat, uz niesme v alfa testovani a ludia platia realne peniaze. Posledny match, haku TB preletelo cez 2 krizniky, 2 BBs a zhodilo torpy na CV. Stratil asi 1 lietadlo. Cele zle.
  9. colonel_duce

    Zpravodaj vývojářů 0.8.1

    hra uz je mrtva, vydavat dalsie CV do tohto bordelu je uz uplnou ceresnickou na torte, najprv tu je sialene haku a teraz este pridu anglicke. sorry jako, ja si tu chcem oddychnut, nie neustale studovat co a ako. keby som v tom nemal uz nejake peniaze investovane, tak by ma to ani nehnevalo, ale toto... zaujimalo by ma akurat ci WG aj sleduje ten feedback alebo to maju u zadele.
  10. colonel_duce

    A case for reducing airspeed of all carrier bomber planes

    just move CVs to WOWP if everyone wants them so badly.
  11. colonel_duce

    CV vs DD: works as intended?

    why play DDs and cruisers at all? since concealment is a thing of the past why bother with smaller vessels? Take a CV or a BB. I played BB/DD/CC, but now, why bother? I liked chasing DDs, now i can dance in torp soup. Halelujah btw, there is counterplay to DDs already it`s called radar ship.
  12. colonel_duce

    Everyone focused on the tier 10 carriers.

    problems are: permaspotting, any concealment build is now useless across the classes and tiers, it changes everything, that`s why we have blobs and who is not in blob is harassed by CVs into oblivion, no one knows how to move forward, flanking is impossible. other than Hakuryu: CVs deal low damage, i get it seen some vids with haku and torp soups, what`s totally frustrating is, that torps are still in waters and another batch of torp planes are already at the same site, imagine 2 hakus in a team, you are constantly in torp soup, BBs can`t manouver as good as DDs or cruisers. Not every DD is good at AA. no counterplay, before there were fighters who could create area of denial, now there is none. I would like to see some reload time for planes, like rotating attack,bomb,torp planes, not just torping everything. Thought that you could deplane a T10 carrier but not. since there is no counterplay, you can`t adapt. it`s broken, it`s chaotic, it`s bad, very bad. i am not quiting because i love this game, but i am very angry. My only hope is, that number of CV players will go down very fast.
  13. colonel_duce

    Everyone focused on the tier 10 carriers.

    complains are that whole game is now rigged, DDs are useless, usuall game tactics is gone, concealment is gone, and i wish you to play in FDG under constant attack from 2 hakus.
  14. Gave it few days and i can say, Wargaming, edited What the hell is this? Dont see how nerfing something can help. Been in match in FDG against 2 Hakuryus. There was no play for whole match, only dodging torps. When TBs from one CV went away, TBs from second came, then again from first. And this was the game for those 15 minutes until i gave up. What is the purpose of those deck figthers if they are on opposite side of the ship when i am under attack? It`s much more fun to defend base in FDG against 2 shimakazes than this abomination. DDs against BBs are fine, i can ask another DD or cruiser for help or deal with them personally. now i can`t do anything, just suffer with the rest of the team. Where is the fun for the green/red team if CVs do all the work? I want a button to scuttle the ship (and amazingly turn into fighter squadron to deal with them personally). I could be severely beaten by CV in old iteration, but i had time between attacks to relocate. If there is more than 1 Hakuryu in the match, it`s finished. If you want any more money from me, bring back the fun.
  15. colonel_duce

    Bonusové kódy zdarma

    Marko985: first this SK/CZ forum and second, we do not need your referral link in this topic. We get nothing from it.