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  1. Yuzral's World of Warships videos

    Hello all you lovely people! Busy week this week. We'll kick off with an excerpt from last week's streaming, featuring a Bismarck that can shoot straight. I know, I know, heresy... This week's schedule for the channel at twitch.tv/yuzral for your enjoyment. BST is UTC+1: Monday 1900 BST - World of Warships. Last look at the current round of test boats. Tuesday 0015 BST - Assassin's Creed Odyssey first look! Tuesday 2200 BST - Assassin's Creed Spartan murder-hobo action Wednesday 1900 BST - World of Warships. Random battles Thursday 2200 BST - Nimbatus (keymailer stream). Friday 1900 BST - World of Warships!
  2. Unfair penalty

    The guide to the disciplinary system in WoWs is here: https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/updates/anti-abuse-system/ Assuming those couple of collisions are the extent of your team damage but you've got yourself banned from Random battles via orange status, then you're falling foul of the "inactivity" or "fleeing the battlefield" rules.

    Right...um...okay...guessing a bit here but if you want to know how to enable the detection range circles on the minimap, the options menu is located just above the minimap: Left click on that to being up the map options: The blue dashed circles are the ones you're interested in.
  4. Pls Nerf Torps

    NC's torp belt gives a 19% reduction, so three from a Shima, Yuu or Asashio might be enough, especially if there's pre-existing damage from other sources. Malevolence - you might want to consider the following: 1) Sail like you're drunk. No, seriously. A semi-random course with frequent course and speed changes - nothing dramatic, just the occasional run at 3/4 power and course changes of about 10-15 degrees - makes you much harder to predict. That forces destroyer captains to close the range (if they weren't redlining it already to get tight torpedo spreads) and brings us on to - 2) Make friends with allied cruisers. Especially the American and Russian lines, because those guys have radar and there's very little that beats the threat of radar to make a destroyer captain back off and look for easier prey. Aim to stay...oh about 5km from the cruisers. They'll keep the little ships off your back, you can provide the big guns and heavy armour they need to deal with bigger ships and overlapped flak bubbles tend to make CV bombers very, very miserable. And dead.
  5. 100 Things

    42 - Make obscure literary allusions in base 13.
  6. Ladies, gentlemen and small furry creatures from Alpha Centauri! I am Yuzral, one of the EU CCs and this Friday, 20th July I will be hosting my first birthday blowout stream1! Featuring testbotes, divisions, V-25 jousting and whatever insanity comes to mind on the day! Come and join me for what promises to be a spectacular afternoon, evening and quite possibly night of exploding ships! When: 1600 BST (1500 UTC) to 2200 BST. But if I've still got the energy and the viewers, the party might well carry on past that... Where: EU server for the games (so you'll need an EU account to participate in the torpedo jousting, operation divisions and any other insanity that comes to mind) and twitch.tv/yuzral for the stream. What ships might I need?: A V-25 for the torpedo jousting, without a doubt and a Tier 6/7 CV will also be useful. I have new and interesting game in mind... Goodies?: Oh, so very yes. As well as the last two of July's CCT crates, Wargaming have donated a boatload of subscriber camo packs - and the boat that brought them. I have a Massachusetts to give away! 1: That's the first stream, not my first birthday. Despite what some people say about how I play...
  7. That's right, ladies, gentlemen and officers of the Royal Navy! On July 4th, I will be virtually heading across the Atlantic to the US World of Warships server with a few boats, a sack of CCT crate codes and a thermos full of tea. The time: 4th July, 2200 BST / 1700 EST / 1400 PST. The place: twitch.tv/yuzral The action: Random Battles and Operations (mostly Cherry Blossom) The giveaways: CCT crates, as graciously demonstrated by LittleWhiteMouse (and Moose!Lert) below: So make a note, warm up your ships and prepare to celebrate Treason Independence Day by swapping ammunition with a Brit in the time honoured fashion!
  8. Yuzral's World of Warships videos

    Gameplay time once again - one that came down to the wire and one that...didn't:
  9. Yuzral's World of Warships videos

    She's finalised and coming to general release very soon. Here's my (more or less) final review of Asashio:
  10. Yuzral's World of Warships videos

    My videos (so far) on the work-in-progress Asashio. Little torpedo ninja that that she is:
  11. Yuzral's World of Warships videos

    One Shimakaze. 21 torpedo hits. Even some gunfire. For the enemy? It's very definitely:
  12. Yuzral's World of Warships videos

    An excerpt from a recent livestream I did. HSF Harekaze. Random battle. Almost 200k damage. Almost a Kraken. Almost an epic carry. Almost...
  13. Operation Nagai

    A couple of games from last night's livestream looking at it: Overall seemed very doable. There are a couple of danger points - one when the "Little Trouble" turns up and the other when the transports enter the approach channels to the bay. It's very easy to leave one of the approaches unescorted and get a couple of transports sunk that way. Get those bits right and the final scrap can be a very enjoyable brawl.