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  1. Yuzral's World of Warships videos

    My videos (so far) on the work-in-progress Asashio. Little torpedo ninja that that she is:
  2. Yuzral's World of Warships videos

    One Shimakaze. 21 torpedo hits. Even some gunfire. For the enemy? It's very definitely:
  3. Yuzral's World of Warships videos

    An excerpt from a recent livestream I did. HSF Harekaze. Random battle. Almost 200k damage. Almost a Kraken. Almost an epic carry. Almost...
  4. Operation Nagai

    A couple of games from last night's livestream looking at it: Overall seemed very doable. There are a couple of danger points - one when the "Little Trouble" turns up and the other when the transports enter the approach channels to the bay. It's very easy to leave one of the approaches unescorted and get a couple of transports sunk that way. Get those bits right and the final scrap can be a very enjoyable brawl.
  5. Yuzral's World of Warships videos

    Grabbing an excerpt from last night's (18/11/17) livestream. The new operation is live on the PTS and, after several attempts, a few of us managed to 5-star it. Just:
  6. Yuzral's World of Warships videos

    For today's video, Eclaire takes the Tier X British cruiser HMS Minotaur for a spin. What follows can be very easily described:
  7. Yuzral's World of Warships videos

    Uncut, only slightly edited and 2 1/2 hours long, it's last Monday's Shipstream in which I attempt to shoot straight, US Bottlesheep and deliver various calibres of FREEDOM. It...kinda works?
  8. Yuzral's World of Warships videos

    She's back on the drawing board for the moment, but the CCs got to play with Huang He for a bit. My best game with her came on one of my Monday night livestreams:
  9. Yuzral's World of Warships videos

    This may not be entirely popular...but who cares?
  10. My Graf Zeppelin test experience

    LittleWhiteMouse ran a series of tests. IIRC, she found that Graf's torpedoes went under destroyers, Ryujo, Aoba and Nurnburg/Makarov. Everyone else gets hit.
  11. The rare "rage-quit"

    Generally 2 or 3 bad games are enough to make me bale for a bit on the basis that I'm off my game. So yeah, been there, done that, got the blood pressure.
  12. Yuzral's World of Warships videos

    Taken from Shipstream (2100 UK time every Monday at twitch.tv/yuzral), it's a game that didn't go as expected from the loading screen. This is what happens when one moderately competent Kaga driver meets the myth. The legend. The rumour. The Saipan Seal:
  13. Ship Nicknames

    Missouri - Misery. Started as my English accent mispronouncing Missouri...but kinda fits if you're in a DD. Or a T8 CV. Or a T8/9 CL... Kaga - Battleship reject.
  14. Yuzral's World of Warships videos

    It's viewer replay time! Tamernon takes out the Fiji...and then takes home a Solo Warrior, Kraken, High Caliber, Confederate, Dreadnought and a couple of Devastating Strikes. Just another day in His Majesty's Navy: