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  1. Request: Commonwealth and RN Skippers

    It strikes me that it would be in WG's interests to make the change the OP is suggesting: they would simply sell more premiums if RN and Commonwealth captains were interchangeable! I don't know how representative we forum folk are, but I've seen several people in the past express the view that they won't buy one or other of the 'oddball' premiums because they aren't of use for training captains (anything Commonwealth, 9dJ, Blysk, even the Italians to a degree etc.)
  2. Deep Water Torps - surprising find

    I didn't know about all this - thanks all!
  3. Frustated, as I start the game

    I'm running it on an old(ish) iPad; I haven't checked, but if it's like the Blitz version of WOT, you should be able to run it on a PC too (although on WOT Blitz, the PC version was launched rather later than the mobile version). Your profile isn't interchangeable though i.e. you will have start again from scratch on Blitz.
  4. Frustated, as I start the game

    @Hundigo I'm afraid I can't wade all the way through that much appalling English - sorry. You are still wrong though: your torps, your responsibility. That's the end of the matter, and it really doesn't take that much skill in the game to get the hang of it. However, if you really can't cope with the idea of friendly fire being a thing in the game (like it also is in WOT), I suggest installing WOWS Blitz - it seems to be stable now, and doesn't include friendly fire; you may find that version of the game caters better to your unwillingness to learn...?
  5. T-61 in shop today: Did you pull the trigger?

    Hopefully, I will do - I just have the minor vulgar matter of a working day to despatch before I get my sweaty hands on her in game though...
  6. T-61 in shop today: Did you pull the trigger?

    I bought it the moment I saw it was available: it's a premium DD, with an emphasis on torps; my willpower never stood a chance (in the manner of a small, fluffy baby bunny trying to cross the M25 during rush hour)... Plus, if LWM is right, and it *is* over-powered, it might get added to the list of ships that get pulled from the shop (once WG's initial cash-in is complete).
  7. DD problem

    @Ouzo11 does have a point; my feeling is that maybe everyone should get one 'd1ckhead' post - you know the sort of thing: "I have a few hundred games, just got my 4rse handed to me by x that I didn't understand - x needs to be removed from the game" (translation). We see them quite often on here. That first post gets sensible answers, along with a suggestion on how to illicit sensible answers from the forum in future, and how to phrase questions such that you don't get the pi$$ ripped; d1ckhead posts 2+ - flame away! It may be sometimes difficult to recall, but most of us were clueless at one point (still am, in my case); cutting people a little slack on the occasion of their first stupid post is perhaps the sporting thing to do...?
  8. Nice to see @xxNihilanxx too, whilst making a fool of myself in my Blysk (working towards the tenth captain point, to unlock CE)... <waves>
  9. @Leo_Apollo11 just had to witness the horrible uptiering of me and my poor Perth. It didn't go well... <red face>
  10. DD problem

    118 battles in BBs in randoms (the relevant battle mode), versus 149 in cruisers; you're (proportionally) playing a lot of BBs. 63 battles in the two most played BBs (T5&6 French), versus 67 in the three most played cruisers. Both of those classes, when played competently, can hand DDs a new 4rsehole. You just need to learn what DDs are trying to do, and how to stop them from doing it. I would suggest playing all classes (apart from CVs) a lot more, up to T4; T5 and above get +2 MM, so you face nastier opponents. Once you are no longer consistently getting a tonking from any class, start moving up the tiers. Also, keep asking questions on here: people will be helpful, if you don't ask your questions in a way that suggests you haven't bothered to learn how the game works yet.
  11. DD problem

    They aren't (in general). If this is your only account, with 379 battles, I suggest that studying the game mechanics a bit might yield dividends; there are lots of worthwhile YouTube videos too, which will provide guidance. As mentioned above: nothing can spot from within smoke, unless they activate hydro/radar; spotting is shared between ships though i.e. if a cruiser to your east spots you, then the DD lurking in smoke to the west of you (say) can also see you. Also, bear in mind that DDs will generally be less visible than other classes - you're playing a lot of BBs, which tend to be visible from orbit (especially if you fire); meanwhile, a lot of DDs are very sneaky, and require particular effort to be spotted (until they fire their guns). Check out the wiki on the subject of spotting mechanics: http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Detection (I would suggest reading all of the rest of the wiki too, it will also help)
  12. Tier 10 premiums

    I was wondering about this - if this sort of thing becomes standard, rather than a short-term thing for the Navy event, then the really rich (and, presumably, not over-encumbered with brain cells) could effectively buy a Salem. It's worse than buying doubloons to free-xp, in that case - with the free-xp route, you at least have to have played *something* enough to gain all the xp you convert over... Edit: I think someone did the maths on another thread, but each Navy container costs 3.85 GDP (at time of writing); each container gives you 20 team tokens (ten of each), which will net you 4 containers in the Arsenal; each container should net you 450 coal, so 1,800 in total. Salem costs 240,000 coal (I think), which drops to 180,000 with a 25% voucher (am I correct here?). That's 100 * 3.85 GDP if you buy containers singly (30 containers cost 92.40 GDP, but that's still a lot of money to waste...).
  13. No joy in Canadialand either, although that probably just tells you that silly buggers in NA should play on the NA server...
  14. What is the charge for "Service"?

    I agree - like I said, it wouldn't go down well...
  15. Tier 10 premiums

    So long as T10 premiums are well balanced, I don't have a problem with them being in the game, with one proviso: there needs to be some sort 'minimum playing time' wall, such that complete newbies can't get them. The current coal methodology seems reasonably good in the latter respect, since the primary way to get coal is by playing, and you have to play a lot to get (for example) Salem. It's still not perfect though: I'll be able to get a Salem in a few months, at the current rate of progress, and I'm awful with US cruisers - almost all my coal is generated with DDs. Me trying a Salem in randoms would not go well...