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  1. Verblonde

    Additional noob questions

    Whilst I'm pretty bad with BBs, even I can tell you're probably doing it wrong: Similarly to things like Bismarck and Tirpitz, the main guns struggle to hit anything at range - you have to get close(ish) to stand any chance of doing decent damage. Just because you have torps doesn't mean they're your primary source of damage - view them as a valuable bonus if someone messes up and allows you to nail them. You have excellent secondaries for the tier - they'll help discourage a lot of DDs from getting too close, especially with a bit of specialisation in that direction. You have turtleback armour - that works best at shorter ranges; sure, you'll take pen damage, but you're very hard to citadel from closer range. Basically, everything about the ship is optimised for brawling (armour and weapons); the hard bit is judging how and when to close with the enemy, and when to go dark (this is where I regularly mess up). Speaking as a DD main, a Gneis at range is no threat, and something to be farmed at leisure; a Gneis driven aggressively (and well - this is the hard part) is a distinctly formidable opponent...
  2. Verblonde

    Don’t buy PEF - she sucks hard

    Thanks for the reminder - I might give this a punt this evening; I keep forgetting about the French...
  3. Verblonde

    Don’t buy PEF - she sucks hard

    Slightly to my surprise, I'm still playing PEF a bit, despite having done all the missions - in the current Op (Raptor?) she's actually rather fun. I'm running a soft-secondary build fwiw. Wouldn't use her for anything serious, but I feel she does add something to my ship collection, in terms of potential for fun anyway...
  4. Verblonde

    Last Prinz directive

    I already bought PEF, so for me the last directive was relatively easy, if boring: I just spammed multiple Coop games in PEF (plus a few proper games in other things to relieve the boredom), which did most of the necessary tasks in a couple of evenings, whilst watching TV. Whilst (not terribly surprisingly) I don't object to those who support the game getting an easier ride, I do think the difference between the experience of those who bought PEF and those who didn't is rather excessive this time, especially since several of the missions required you to have premiums, even if you didn't buy PEF. As others have pointed out, if one has a reasonably diverse collection of ships, the final directive is perfectly doable; the problem is that the most efficient way to do it is dull, especially bearing in mind that you've had to play the PEF a lot already, and/or very time-consuming. My suggestion for future events of a similar nature: try and make the 'categories' of credit grind (or whatever other grind) more diverse, such that the most efficient way to do them isn't just to spam the same thing over and over again; also, try and avoid things where you have to have a very specific ship to do it (maybe combine the various 'unique' premiums in one mission, so NdJ, Blysk etc. would count towards one mission; if you need more missions to compensate, perhaps split some of the 'big' nations by class?). Overall, this has been a pretty worthwhile event, so I'm not complaining - the rewards have been excellent (I now have Black sitting in my port as a result - yay - not that I have any idea how to play her) - it's just it would be nice if a few tweaks could be applied for future things using this model, such that they are more fun, and less like work.
  5. Verblonde

    Request to wargaming for cv rework captain respec.

    My feeling is that it would want to be rather longer - basically, until the whole thing reaches its 'final' state. This next patch is something unique in my time with WG titles, in that it quite likely changes the whole game very significantly for almost every player (just adding new ships/tanks etc. *generally* doesn't do that, at least not on this scale), and has been trailed as not being fully balanced at launch - if I were WG, I would be keen to make the experience for players as pleasant (or at least, least unpleasant) as possible; being able to tweak your captains in response to changes as they happen would be a sensible move in that context, and I'll be very surprised if everything is balanced and squared away in only a week.
  6. Verblonde

    Request to wargaming for cv rework captain respec.

    I would imagine a decent period of free respecs is quite likely: WG must know that the CV rework is going to annoy a lot of people - it would be in their interests to not make it any worse by (de facto) forcing people to chose between playing with sub-optimal captains or paying money. Besides hard-nosed commercial reasons, it would also allow them to gather better data faster - if people can experiment, any skills that need balancing/changing etc. will show themselves much faster.
  7. Verblonde

    Isokaze and my run of bad luck...

    @Donforce at time of writing you're only showing 64 battles total - that's *very* early days; as others have said, it's way too early to be worrying about WR (and I wouldn't worry about it excessively ever - it's just one of several indicators of how you're performing). If you're having a 'mare with a particular ship/mode, I would suggest changing ships and/or modes for a bit - frustration can often make you do dumb stuff, and that can make the situation even worse. You seem to be mainly focusing on IJN ships at the moment, which is a good thing - they're one of the sensible nations to start with. Maybe give the US a run-out as well though; it'll provide you with a bit of variety. Do you have friends that play the game too? If so, playing in a division can help with exasperation, plus it ensures that at least one member of your team is (you hope) at least vaguely working in cooperation with what you're doing. Either way, look to join a clan; early on, a clan that's happy to teach is a good move too - they'll help you refine what you're doing, as well as providing some economic bonuses. BTW if you haven't found it yet, have a look at the wiki: http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/World_of_Warships Although not 100% complete, it's a pretty good source of information on most aspects of the game, including sensible captain builds etc. With the IJN DDs (most ship lines, come to that), for example, you'll probably find that better captains make a significant difference (as well as lots of practice), especially when they have Concealment Expert (CE) - that 10% reduction in detectability makes a big difference. Incidentally, in case the thought has occurred - resist the urge to push for T5 too soon; when you play T5 (and above), you lose protected MM i.e. you'll start to face opponents two tiers higher than you, rather than just one tier higher.
  8. Verblonde

    Ship just gets obliterated?

    I'm not a BB meister, so I'm not hugely informed on the RN BBs, but their reputation is as monster HE spammers, due to their HE rounds being rather good; this is probably dumb much of time, as anyone with a healing potion can recover 100% of fire damage. The conventional wisdom is that they're worth playing, but shouldn't be anyone's first BB line, due to teaching bad habits. US and IJN are first BB lines of choice. FWIW I'm only up to T7 on the RN BBs, and generally only play them in Coop. The RN DDs are more my cup of tea, and I like them a lot. Excellent acceleration (they essentially have Propulsion Mod built in), and good stealth. Not hugely fast (and no speed boost consumable, aside from the premium ships), but they don't bleed much speed in the turn. Torps are a bit short-ranged, but you can stealth torp from T6 (I think), although your captain needs CE for the window to be useful. If you want to do damage, they aren't easy mode, as you really need to use guns, at which point your stealth is (obviously) shot; T9-10 are generally felt to require IFHE to do consistent damage, which is an expensive build. RN DD smoke is weird too - you get a lot of charges, but they don't last long, so you don't get to hide in smoke for half the battle; they're great for breaking contact though. The line also gets short-ranged hydro, with a long(ish) run-time; this makes those ships that get it functionally immune to torps (assuming you're awake), which is very nice - you can't do the offensive hydro thing (like Loyang and the KM DDs) really though. My feeling is that the RN DDs are great fun, and pretty effective (I don't have either yet, but the T9-10 are doing very well in the overall performance stats), but their eccentricities make them more suitable as a third DD line to play - one and two should (arguably) be the IJN torp line, and the US line... Edit: I forgot about the DDs' single-fire torps - they're great when you get the hang of them, but it does add another skill wall, so further suggesting 'third' line.
  9. Verblonde

    Tier 9 Ranked: ARMSRACE???

    You should be safe on this front: as far as I know, the new CVs are only being produced in even-tiers i.e. there are no T9 CVs... This is one reason why the new Ranked is attractive if one is concerned about the rework.
  10. Verblonde

    Last Prinz directive

    The wiki seems to disagree: http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Economy ("Finally, the basic reward increases greatly for the winning team.") Is the wiki badly worded? We certainly get a bonus to xp for winning...?
  11. Verblonde

    Ship just gets obliterated?

    Welcome! Besides what others have said, something else to have on your radar: you get protected MM up to T4, but from T5 onwards you switch to +2; as in WOT, this means that your T5 RN cruiser is being shelled by much scarier opponents i.e. as well as getting citadelled, you're getting citadelled by much more powerful ships. I'm another WOT convert: as others have said, the two games are not much alike (although the concept of angling still applies) - I would suggest playing several different nations/lines up to T4 for a bit, to get used to the differences, in a more benign environment. If you dig cruisers, give the US and IJN lines a try - the former are all about the guns (T6+ they have no torps), whilst the latter retain decent torps (10 km range at T5 is really rather splendid), at the expense of less lethal gunfire. I would also give some DDs and BBs a go as well - besides them possibly being fun (they both have a happier time in the current meta than cruisers, in general), it'll demonstrate what they can/can't do, as well is make you more knowledgable about what they're trying to do to you. Also, bear in mind that (unless WG change their mind) the (somewhat controversial) CV rework is due to be released an a little over a week; besides making playing CVs pointless until then, it may well change the game out of all recognition.
  12. Verblonde

    What line for learning torpedo boat gameplay?

    Obviously, the IJN torpedo line, although I might be tempted to stop at T8 - Kagero is pretty good, and has the (joint) best concealment in the game, making it up-tier better than most. You also have the option of the entertaining TRB (instead of smoke) build, which can be a lot of fun. T9-10 are a bit 'meh' at the moment - there are more fun things to play at that tier level. The 'dakka' line is worth pursuing, at least a bit - the T7 is arguably the best torpedo boat (!) at the tier. Although not really my thing, the T8-10 dakka boats are very strong, if you can play them right, although they won't help much in your quest to become a sneaky bastard. On one's journey to achieving sneaky bastard enlightenment, don't discount the other DD lines though - the RN DDs are very worthwhile, and rival the IJN for sneakiness; they gain the ability to stealth torp at around T6 (with CE to make the margin useful), although they do need their guns to do decent damage. Also, don't forget that the T10 US DD (Gearing) gets a legendary module that makes it a fairly monstrous torpedo boat as well, although the lower tiers often struggle with achieving true sneakiness. If you aren't a re-roll (i.e. your 161 battle count is accurate) there are a few general pointers that are (arguably) more important than ship choice: For sneaky play, CE (Concealment Expert) is an essential captain's skill; it requires (at least) a ten-point captain, and almost everyone that you face will have it from somewhere in the mid-tiers. If you are short of ten-point captains, you can buy them from the arsenal (for coal or doubloons); you can also bag free ones from some of the weekly Ops, and other events that happen from time to time (is the Azur Lane one still running, for example?). Don't forget the 'standard' DD build for your first ten points: PT or PM, LS, SE, CE (with a bit of variation - LS is the only absolute 'must have', besides CE); you won't go far wrong with that. If you haven't found it already, have a look at the wiki (http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/World_of_Warships); it'll give you a bunch of useful info on optimum ship and captain builds. Unless you want to spend a lot of money on captain respecs, there is a lot to be said for building your captains for higher up the tech tree e.g. for IJN torp boats, have a look at the captain skills needed for (say) the T8, and build your lower tier captain accordingly - assuming you'll be transferring your captain up the tiers as you go. Happily, the IJN torp boats are *fairly* consistent in terms of captain skills needed. Keep an eye out for 'keepers' i.e. ships that you like enough to keep playing even after you've unlocked the one above e.g. Fubuki at T6 is probably worth keeping, with a decent captain on, even after you unlock the T7; when you sell a ship, you lose half the silver you paid for her, which is worth bearing in mind. How many keepers you maintain will depend on things like how many port slots you have available (unless desperate, only buy more on special offer), and how prone to being a collector you are... Edit: if you feel the urge to spend money, the T61 is a monster, and the Gallant isn't bad for learning how to torp boat (although both really do need a 10-point captain for the CE, to give a more comfortable stealth torp window). Don't forget though, when you start playing T5 you lose the protected MM window, and start facing much more alarming opponents, in terms of tier, captain development, and player experience...
  13. Verblonde

    Last Prinz directive

    I'm a bit bemused as to how anyone can get their knickers in a twist over Coop mode - the only way it's realistically possible to lose regularly is if you play at some stupid hour when all but one or two of your team (including you) are bots. Because of time-zones, I tend to play when any sensible person should be asleep, so am quite often the only non-bot in a game; even I have a WR of something like 91%!
  14. Verblonde

    The Ranked One thread (post here when you reach Rank I)

    Aye - that was the main reason I bought the PEF: it meant I was able to make an early start on the missions that only unlock when you get her - I didn't think I would have time to get everything done otherwise.
  15. Verblonde

    Tier 9 Ranked: ARMSRACE???

    I'll be happy to at least give AR Ranked a try, especially since the alternative is (quite likely) the utter shambles that I fear the opening weeks/months of the new CVs will be.