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  1. Isn't Scharnhorst a T7 (so not eligible)?
  2. Missions thanks for nothing

    OP: FWIW if you have the slightest tendency towards being a collector (defined as keeping almost any silver ship ever), you will always need more captains, almost regardless of where you are in the grind... That said, i wouldn't get too upset if you don't manage to bag this one - there will be others along in the future (plus, you can bag one or two from Operations, although they recently got a lot harder).
  3. Z39 in Shop

    Harekaze and Graf Spee? Yup! Perhaps I should have said 'extra captains'...
  4. Z39 in Shop

    Never said otherwise! However, it's certainly possible to be over-enthusiastic, like it is with almost anything. Round here, it does rather seem that a lot of folk exist at extreme ends of the 'anime spectrum' i.e. either hate it, or love it - my original point was that I'm neither (although a couple of Japanese cartoons are in my all-time top ten animations list), hence I *did* only buy the HSF captains for their points...!
  5. Z39 in Shop

    Sense 5 of the latter was the usage I was going for: An addict or fanatic. To me, aficionado is more suggestive of an informed/cultured appreciation of something...
  6. Z39 in Shop

    Dunno - I just meant it in the sense of 'excessively enthusiastic'...
  7. Z39 in Shop

    Both. I'm not an anime fiend, but it doesn't annoy me excessively, so I picked up a couple of the HSF captains the last time they were available; I'll probably bag a couple of the current set as well (once I've worked out which I'm likely to need soon). This is where I come a cropper - I haven't been playing long enough (or enough with single captains) to get any nineteens yet; I think my highest is 14 or 15 points, from memory. Once I get a few nineteens, I imagine things'll get much easier. Re: 2 - I suck, so need all the help I can get (even in Lo Yang etc); that extra sliver of stealth, with CE, has saved my [edited]numerous times...
  8. Z39 in Shop

    For me, it comes down to time, and how much of it I have spare (usually, not enough): I'll cheerfully(ish) pay a tenner to eliminate having to grind a captain up to the ten point level. That's especially true for a ship where stealth is a significant consideration.
  9. Is a Pan-European tech tree wanted?

    Absolutely - the more interesting stuff in the game, the better!
  10. I have to admit I was trying to filter out most of the chat gibberish, as soon as it became apparent that much of our team didn't seem terribly keen on shooting at the opposing side. When a game starts heading in that direction, I tend to just try and stay alive, and maybe land a few shots of my own before the inevitable calamity! Still, the cat and mouse on our flank was quite fun, even if I did end up getting horribly exploded by the better player.
  11. You're too kind; alas, I didn't do more damage - that Bismark knew his business in terms of dodging torps... Well played, sir!
  12. Isn't it the very toppest league, after you reach Rank 1?
  13. Although, as a potato, it would probably kick me in the teeth, I agree with this general sentiment. I might make it top 4-5, or maybe 6 of the winning team though...
  14. OP: if you haven't already found this stuff: There's a little cogwheel icon top right of your mini-map: if you hold ctrl and click it, you'll get the option to display things like air detection range, and AA gun range on your mini-map - you may find this helps. If you press and hold H in game, your ship's essential stats pop up - if your longest AA range is smaller than your AA detection range, you may as well leave AA switched on; if the reverse is true, you *may* want to switch it off (mainly if you're a DD). If you're running DefAA (US DDs especially), activating that automatically turns your AA guns back on with a single click/key-press. If you reactivate your AA guns, don't forget to switch them off again after they're no longer needed (I'm prone to forgetting). Besides that, what others have already said.
  15. 829th Hamburg Port Anniversary Free code

    Good show, OP - excellent form!