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  1. Loyalty?

    Addendum: even if you're just d*cking around in the game, you're going to get at least one freebie crate per day too - even someone of a tuberous persuasion, like me...
  2. Loyalty?

    Quite likely; I haven't been around WOWS long enough to know. So far, WOWS seems to be rather more generous with the freebies than WOT tends to be though...
  3. Loyalty?

    I'd say this is a pretty good working definition of 'free'; for number three, although it's not a complete freebie, the cost is still pretty low (usually). Apropos the whole business of the 'bribe' to get players to return; I don't really mind this as (as others have mentioned), it's not like those of us who haven't wandered off have got nothing. For example, I'm fairly sure I have a DoY sitting in my port that I didn't pay anything for, although in all fairness a) she isn't very good and b) it was definitely at least a bit of a stroll into category 3 above. The thought that does occur is that active players will always be a bit put out when stuff like this happens; why don't WG have some minor freebie for active players only - it doesn't have to be much, but something where they can say that it's a small 'thank you' for being a loyal customer - job done; everyone's happy (although, of course, someone will always whinge that whatever the freebie is, it isn't enough).
  4. Destroyer numbers

    I've been playing mainly DDs lately, and my (obviously, subjective) impression is that the teams' relative DD numbers matter much less than the relative skill of the DD drivers, and the degree to which the second echelon make use of the DDs' services, and support them. I did start off thinking words to the effect of "they have more DDs than us - we're Doomed", but it didn't take too many battles for the evidence to soon start contradicting that thought process...
  5. Hello to Every Man Jack

    It might be worth having a look at the Dragon ships that are currently in the premium shop (although I don't know for how long) - they're T7s, so face less hideous opponents than Atago does; they also include a 10 point captain - as a relative newbie myself, I find these very helpful (although you can get 10 point captains free from some of the weekly operation things), as being able to afford a four point skill from the off can soften the difficulties of playing at a higher tier. Caveat emptor though: you can't put cammo on the Dragon ships, so their concealment is worse than the silver ship that they're clones of (Myoko), if you put appropriate cammo on the latter. My favourite premium cruiser, personally, is probably still Graf Spee though (run a close second by De Grasse) - a nice balance of decent guns, and usable torps.
  6. [Ship Review] Kelorn on Asashio [WiP]

    From my (rather inexperienced) perspective, the crux will be the inability to hit cruisers; if one is not a reasonably skilled player, the logical approach to this thing is to hang back, until essentially the entire enemy team's disposition has been established (with that concealment, you'll be able to help with that, but risk-averse players will be cautious - you're essentially defenceless against cruisers and DDs). There will be a very strong temptation to lob torps from a distance, rather than to try and do what DDs' main roles are i.e. spotting and capping. The good players will probably do fine with this, but we lesser folk will be strongly tempted to play more passively - I'm not sure this is a positive development. I get the logic that this thing might make cruisers more relevant, but I think that is only likely to work if there are multiple ships in each battle - presumably, that isn't likely to come to pass?
  7. The Language Barrier in game.

    As a classic product of the UK education system, I only speak one language: English. However, I feel colossally guilty that I don't speak any other languages - the rest of Europe puts us to shame in this regard. That said, the current global lingua franca is English, so it's not completely unreasonable to hope that people will use English for anything that they want everyone to understand. There is nothing wrong with gossiping in whatever language you happen to speak though - as that doesn't require understanding/action from everyone on your team. It might be helpful if each player could have an icon denoting what their in-game primary language is though - that way everyone might have a better idea if they were being understood or not?
  8. This. All kinds of this.
  9. Unable to log-in with Wargaming ID

    It looks like you may be trying to create a new user, and the game is telling you that you can't because someone else already has it (i.e. you)...?
  10. Assuming this would be along similar lines to the 'Hunt The Sheriffs' thing on WOT, it shouldn't be too disruptive, and provide a bit of an occasional change. Based on WOT, though, such battles would be so vanishingly rare as to not be worth getting too excitable about though... As others have intimated, you do get a fairly insane rush to try and be the one who bags the 'Sheriff'; it doesn't do any more harm than a classic lemming train - most of the time anyway.
  11. [PSA] Eastern Dragon available.

    Were I to carp, I might suggest it would be sporting of WG to give 'no cammo' ships the same spotting characteristics of the equivalent cammo-equipped regular ship (a la what they do in WOT). According to the wiki, these Dragon ships are visible from the same distance as the tech tree equivalent with zero cammo applied. Not something to get overly excitable about though...
  12. [PSA] Eastern Dragon available.

    I just had a weak moment. Bugger. So much for self-discipline...! They are rather pretty though.
  13. FML

    Addendum: if you get to T8, and then use a rental, you will still be at a disadvantage - the rental T10 ships can't mount camouflage (plus, the chances are higher that you won't have a suitable high-point captain yet)...
  14. FML

    You do have the option of buying a Premium T8 ship, if you *must* have access to the T10 rentals; if you aren't a re-roll, I would urge you not to though - even though your WR is rather better than mine, I suggest that 335 battles (at time of writing) is a bit soon for T10. Others might put it a bit more vehemently than that... You don't need the high tier ships to join a clan though - the elite clans have minimum entry requirements, but there are others that don't. The ship requirements only kick in if you want to participate in clan battles. I would urge some patience though: if you grind your way to T8 the conventional way (or maybe T7, and then buy a premium), you'll be a lot more use to whichever clan you join (beyond generating oil via containers), plus you'll probably have the stats to support entry into a more competitive clan, if you're into that. WOWS is rather slower-paced in terms of advancement than many other games; patience is more or less a requirement...
  15. I didn't know this; it's a bit academic to me personally, as I open all my containers etc as soon as I get them. Question though: there seem to be people who hoard containers - is there a particular reason for this (besides an interest in assessing statistics for things like drop-rates etc)?