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  1. It's a pity the Kii cammo isn't available separately - I'm another that has her (sans cammo) from a Christmas crate... BTW I see that LWM doesn't think much of the Ashitaka ('mehbote') - does anyone significantly disagree with that assessment?
  2. Ranked Battles Season 9

    Many thanks to everyone who replied to my question - excellent information - much appreciated!
  3. Ranked Battles Season 9

    As a matter of interest, how did people find the Z-23 last time? I'm probably going to unlock it this weekend, and was wondering if it was a worthwhile choice for the T8 portion of ranked. I made a lot of use of Lo Yang last season, but was wondering about alternatives...
  4. Free commander retraining?

    Apologies: I misunderstood. Senior moment...
  5. <chuckle> I remember that battle - nicely done, sir!
  6. Easy way to rank 1

    Do we think Asashio will be released in time for (at least part of) ranked? That would add options for some quality incompetence in some quarters...
  7. 5x Sierra Mike Bonus Code

    Thanks OP - excellent form!
  8. Wargaming permits teamkilling

    Cool. Nice to see a sensible reaction to legitimate concerns of the players. The cynic in me does wonder if the Russian server had a fit...?
  9. Wargaming permits teamkilling

    I agree that it isn't at the moment. 'At the moment' being the key part of that last sentence; my concern is that without the 'any range' bit on torps, new players will have less incentive to learn to take care when firing with a knock-on effect that won't be felt until at least a few months afterwards...
  10. Wargaming permits teamkilling

    +1 To the torp range cap being a bad idea. WOWS doesn't really have enough material in it to teach newbies how/when to fire torps. The existing 'punishment at whatever range you hit a friendly' forces the newbie to learn to take care with their torps; the new methodology will be much less effective in that regard. Whilst there may be no malice behind hitting a friendly at 9 km (say), it's still a mistake by the player who fired the torp(s) in question. I think it's highly likely we'll see an increase in the careless use of torps after this change...
  11. First impression and need some help

    It's a hoot when someone is kind enough to feed you! I haven't played mine a lot yet, apart from a couple of run-outs in ranked the last time - I'm trying to learn to suck a bit less in the regular USN DDs before playing it more regularly.
  12. First impression and need some help

    Cheers! After some experimentation, I've semi-settled on leaving the detectability by air indicator on, but usually leaving the AA gun range off - I was finding the mini map a bit cluttered with everything showing. I use the detectibility indicator all the time (well, as long as planes are relevant), but only do the gun range check once - senior moments permitting. The obvious exceptions would be the few DDs that are tooled up for AA, Kidd, for example, but I haven't played her since I was told about the map toggles. Edit: I'm obviously talking about DDs only (the AA range circle would probably be rather useful on a number of cruisers and BBs etc, but I haven't played with it yet)
  13. First impression and need some help

    This was one of the more useful tips I have been given, the first time I read it (I think it was @Captain_LOZFFVIIwho told me the first time too). It's the reason I usually double-check my AA range versus air detection range when I start a new DD battle - just to check if the reason my AA isn't disabled from the last game is that I can be spotted from a greater distance than my AA can reach, or if I just forgot to switch it off again after using it the previous battle (or, more usually, got sunk whilst using it)...
  14. Ultimate frontier ruined

    My suspicion is that a lot of people will stop doing them, especially the poorer players (which includes me), making the queues rather longer for the better players who remain. I want to get better at the game, but I might as well play against real people where the rewards tend to be better, and the games tend not to drag on as long; I'll still be learning...
  15. Free commander retraining?

    Didn't they do one before the most recent round of clan battles started? I get the impression they do them when a game mode is coming into view that requires different captain set-ups, although I may be wrong.