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  1. Verblonde


    Mixture of both, and depends a bit on your aims. If you want to just muck about, blowing sh*t up, coop is your friend. It's also a great mode for missions (if it's allowed) that call for things like 'do x damage', 'start x fires', 'sink x ships' and so on. It'll help you learn to aim, and identify which ammo choices are optimal when, and so on. However, your enemy are very predictable, and don't exhibit a lot of the behaviours that real people do e.g. they don't camp etc. If you want to hone your skills against an unpredictable enemy, then you definitely want randoms (or other PvP mode); although real people often do idiotic things, camp, over-extend etc. you won't generally play the same battle twice. You'll have to work for your results more often - Coop is a lot easier, unless you're the only human on your team (which happens quite often if you play at odd hours). The crucial reason to play Randoms (IMO) is that the rewards and progression are generally much better, quite apart from you generally learning stuff faster. Personally, I play both modes, and which I pick varies with what I'm trying to do: grind silver/xp - play randoms; more casual gameplay, not taking things seriously, or just doing a suitable mission - play coop.
  2. Verblonde

    exeter mission part 2 bug

    Is this the fires/flooding mission? If it is, you need to get ten of each, rather than ten of the two combined...
  3. Verblonde


    She's good, but the short-range torps are very much an ambush weapon; the character of US DDs changes a lot with the acquisition of stealth torping at T7...
  4. Verblonde

    Premium Ships. Tier 6/7

    @C0ba1t_K1ller - a small post-script: my previous suggestions are based on what you said, plus what would work well with existing captains (training is a key part of premium ships' utility, after all). If the question is interpreted as just 'good premiums that are less than twenty-five quid': T-61 (KM) is one of the best premiums in the game tier-for-tier, provided you can make the most of the smoke/hydro combination, with Z-39 an excellent alternative. Loyang (okay, she's 25.77) is worth a look, with a similar consumable combination, although T8 may be a bit high at this point? Avoid Sharkbait (Oo Ha Ha!) - Indianapolis - she's too hard to play, unless one is a US heavy cruiser meister. Leningrad is fun - until Terrible showed up, she was the fastest DD in the game, and has more usable range on her torps than the regular Russian DDs. Haida is one of my favourite ships in the game, although she isn't the easiest to play - difficult ballistic arcs, and you need to be proficient with single fire torps (also, worthless captain trainer at the moment). Perth is quite interesting, if you want 'different' - she's sort of like a Leander with creeping smoke, and no heal. Spotter plane enables to see out of your smoke cloud if others aren't spotting. Not that easy to play, but definitely interesting (Huanghe is a similar alternative, but gets hydro instead of spotter plane, but seems to have dropped off sale at the moment). Again, no use for captain training. BTW if you have coal kicking around, there is a lot to be said for giving some premiums the 'magic' upgrades that you can buy for coal in the Arsenal e.g. everything in the above list that I have that uses hydro (and can be equipped with it) gets the coal hydro mod (in the case of Haida, it makes you functionally immune to torps, assuming you can manoeuvre, for a ridiculously long time).
  5. Verblonde

    Premium Ships. Tier 6/7

    Based on what you've said: Scharnhorst might be worth a crack - she doesn't play like a 'classic' BB, and is great fun (especially if you like brawling); she's generally felt to be one of the most entertaining premiums in the game. Her armament tends to lend itself to brawling, which is a rather hazardous endeavour if one doesn't have the requisite skill (I don't, so my attempts in randoms tend to go horribly pear-shaped much of the time). She's an excellent choice for T7 Ops as well, which can make her a good earner, whilst you wait to refine your skills for randoms. If you're digging cruisers, especially 'dakka' ones, it's worth having a look at Atlanta, or perhaps Boise. The former is hilarious (all kinds of dakka, plus the ludicrous YOLO torps), albeit spectacularly vulnerable, whilst the latter is a bit more 'typical' of US CAs - the heal is very nice to have, and she's another good choice for Ops. As to DDs, Sims was recently buffed, works well with all the planes around at the moment (Def AA), and works well with pretty much any sensible US DD captain build. 10.5 km torps (even if they're very slow) are nice to have, plus the guns are excellent for their tier (provided you've got the hang of rainbow arcs). Alternatively, Monaghan isn't a bad shout, and has two very different builds available, one of which gets 9.2 km torps at T6 (at the expense of half her gun power); that said, I would suggest Sims as a better choice, as she's more consistent with the rest of the silver line, plus only slightly more expensive than Monaghan. Something I might also suggest is to wait for some sort of sale (if you have the patience), as several of the above are more expensive than your stated budget (only the DDs aren't, I think)...
  6. Verblonde


    They do provide a nice balance between the two armament types (but, what @Panocek said about torp ranges and arcs), plus they provide - at higher tiers - genuinely competitive ships. Essentially, the US line is an excellent primer on gun and torp use, and when to select each one; also, if you can learn to hit stuff reliably with US guns, you can generally do it with everything else... Another aspect that is worth keeping on the radar: the US DD line has several premiums, if you want to spend money on the game (when you've got enough experience to decide if that's a good idea), which all work well with a similar captain build. This has a number of up-sides, but the key one is that you can potentially cycle your best captain through several ships each day, so maximising captain xp gains (by taking advantage of daily 'first win' bonuses). I have a 19-point captain in Gearing, but the same build works very well in both Sims and Kidd (not to mention Monaghan, although that's a bit 'good enough' in terms of skill picks), plus Black; this cycling generates a great deal of captain xp reasonably quickly, which can then be used to boost other captains (or get a sub-19 point captain to 19 points faster). BTW if Op Dynamo ever comes back (and doesn't get messed with beyond all recognition), the US DDs - with their access to Def AA - are fantastic earners for that.
  7. Verblonde


    Just curious: why not just cash in the duplicates?
  8. Verblonde


    I like them; they're interestingly varied, due to many designs being from different nations e.g. T7 is a British DD, whilst T8 is a sort-of Benson (actually, a Gleaves, I think; whereas the premium *is* Benson herself), T6 is Russian, and so on. Their key 'thing' is (of course) the DWT: as you probably know, these can't hit DDs, but are harder to spot, and usually have a good flooding chance. The higher tier ones (T8+) have the option of mounting radar, but at the expense of smoke. T8+ have quite good AA too, so aren't completely knackered by the new CVs. Although I don't have it (and may not bother), the general consensus seems to be that the recent nerfs to the T10 were over-kill, making it now not worth playing for many; if you're after (eventually) a T10 for Clans etc. there are better lines to pick. My feeling is that the PA line is worth doing (to T9 anyway), but it's not a good choice for a first DD line; I would suggest giving the PA line a lash after getting the hang of DD play through some of the other lines - the classic 'first' lines used to be IJN and US; until CVs die down a bit and/or the balancing gets sorted out, I would perhaps avoid IJN, and play US (and perhaps KM) as one's first DD line...
  9. Verblonde

    High tier German destroyers

    Don't get me wrong - I like it a lot. Mine was just clearly built on an old burial ground of someone who wasn't keen to have DDs built there. Perhaps I need to sacrifice more virgins to the volcano gods...?
  10. Verblonde

    High tier German destroyers

    Whilst I would never turn down a buff to my KM DDs, I'm not certain they need it; I do think they're a bit harder to play than some of the other lines, mainly because they're easier to spot than most. The combination of smoke and decent hydro is always quite powerful, but does need a better player to make the most of it (so, not me then). In my personal case, my Tier 9 appears to be cursed, which doesn't help either...
  11. Verblonde

    Yubari build?

    I quite like Yubari; I usually put my 'dakka' IJN DD captain in her: standard DD build, plus things like BFT, AR, IFHE. It seems to work pretty well, although I've no idea if the IFHE is doing anything useful, but for T4, it's 'good enough'...
  12. Verblonde

    Exeter's Last Stand. Part 3

    Until people mentioned it on here, I hadn't noticed the Coop bots' lunatic tendency to extinguish the first fire instantly... After several low-yield games in Coop (plenty of fires, not much damage, due to the above), I gave up and took my KGV out in Randoms, and did the thing in one go...! Feel bad that I added to the RN BB HE spam though...
  13. Verblonde

    [Poll] AA sector reinforcement, are you using it efficiently?

    I do use it, at least some of the time, though I'm pretty much only playing DDs in randoms at the moment. My feeling is that it's of less use if you are spotted and directly under attack, as the planes will cross from one side to the other far faster than you can usefully react. However, if the planes are hunting you, and don't know where you are yet (or are just transiting near your position), or are attacking someone else, such that you can keep the reinforced side facing them, then it's definitely worth doing. I also don't use it if I'm engaged already in surface to surface (or it's likely to be very imminent) - planes are generally much less of a threat than whatever surface target you're in combat with, so I stay focused on attacking and or countering (or escaping from) whatever the surface threat is. I'd use sector reinforcement a lot more though if it was a single key press, or right mouse click - the current methodology is too clumsy.
  14. Verblonde

    Exeter's Last Stand. Part 3

    Not keen either - apologies in advance to everyone in Coop this evening who'll have to put up with me spamming HE for as long as it takes... Shame it can't be done in Ops (as far as I know).
  15. Verblonde

    Your favorite DD: Tier for tier

    Oh yes. Magnificence beckons... Other tiers: N/A Probably Smith, if only for the torps. Vampire, easily - sort of a T3 Haida/Cossack, kind of... Clemson, I suppose, although the rest of the field is a bit meh. Hard. Kamikaze is a hoot, and did do me proud in Sprints, but is perhaps rather unsporting. Okhotnik is hilarious though, so might pick that. Difficult - there are rather a lot of fun ships at T6; hard to see past T-61 though, as she's so much fun to play. Haida (see above), although Z-39, and Sims run her close. I ought to pick Asashio, as I play her the most (or did, before CV rework); actual answer is probably Cossack (run close by Lightning and Harekaze). One of the Fletchers, probably Black, although Z-46 gets an honourable mention. Gearing, although I'm still very fond of Groz - my first T10.