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  1. Verblonde

    Royal Navy Directive Stage 2

    Speaking of the new PA premiums, they look rather underwhelming (based on a very quick Google) - does anyone know any different?
  2. Verblonde

    Isoroku yamamoto

    Depends a bit, IMO, on how good a player you are and in what: If you're focused on mainly the boosted skills, he's probably of most value as a BB captain (mine is currently on my T8, but will eventually go to Yamato when I get round to it), as most of them are most suited for BB use. That said, at least some high point builds can/will use these skills to some degree (PM is useful on almost anything, if you have a point kicking around, and some people do take EM for IJN ships that aren't BBs)... If you're good enough to regularly make use of the talents, then he can usefully go on almost anything, although the skills still tend to suggest a BB.
  3. Verblonde

    Premium Brit cruisers..

    In my capacity as whale and idiot, I say the more Tribals in the game the merrier...
  4. Verblonde

    New Ship. Australian Bush Fire Appeal

    it wouldn't be the first charity thing in the game (the veterans flag springs to mind), and the more variety in game the better - although for speed (and low setup costs), this would probably want to be largely copy/paste. I'd probably buy one...
  5. Verblonde

    Hydroaucustic Search Just Too Strong. DD Player

    And right there is absolutely the right attitude!
  6. Verblonde

    Smoensk got nerfed?

    I don't believe there have been any changes to Smol (I don't use mine much, so I might not notice though). You mention in your post that you were angled a lot of the time? Others may correct me, but (apart from the citadel) isn't Smol sometimes easier to sink when angled - for big guns anyway - because a clean broadside often results in lots of overpens?
  7. Verblonde

    Hydroaucustic Search Just Too Strong. DD Player

    To be fair to the OP, he hasn't got that many battles under his belt, and is currently at T6, which is the point where you start meeting a lot of serious opposition - compared to lower tiers anyway (occasional seal-clubbers excepted). Also, that's the tier where hydro and radar first become prevalent (although you should meet it periodically at T5 too), so a player goes from feeling like they have a handle on the game to suddenly(ish) encountering things that throw much of what they think they know into disarray. The low tiers of the game can be dealt with handily with standard fast gamer reactions, and a decent aim, even if you don't have much low cunning yet and/or the ability to track lots of people and project their likely future moves. In the specific case that this thread involves, smoke camping in a DD works (kind of) because many players you face don't know how to deal with it. Mid to high tiers get harder, and require players to learn new stuff; this can come as a shock to people as they have to deal with extra layers of complexity and can't just do the same old things that worked fine at lower tiers. There is nothing much wrong with hydro as it is (it was even made easier recently with the 'standardisation' of ranges, so you don't even have to remember a lot of different numbers now), but you do need to layer some new skills/tactics on top of those you've already acquired. If a player can't master hydro, they're in real trouble against radar...
  8. Verblonde

    Hydroaucustic Search Just Too Strong. DD Player

    Nah - we've already got RL for that (which is going to give the OP conniptions when he encounters that for the first time)...
  9. Verblonde

    Hydroaucustic Search Just Too Strong. DD Player

    They add variety; reduce variety too much and it risks tedium. Far fewer people would play a game that involved, say, only BBs lobbing shells at each other from miles away. If you're relying on hydro to spot (or getting killed regularly by it), it's a LTP issue, plain and simple - see other comments for notes on how. Radar is harder to evade (lots of DD players hate it), but not impossible - again, it's about acquiring the necessary skills. Use it properly, and with some thought towards the meta: If you sit in smoke, you are not moving, and not spotting; this makes you largely useless if someone else isn't spotting for you, and wildly vulnerable to torps into your smoke. As a DD you are hard to spot, your allies mostly aren't; your smoke is often not about hiding yourself, it's about hiding your allies - put a screen between the enemy and your allies, and you can carry on spotting while they keep shooting (or repair if they're damaged). The other useful thing you can do with smoke is break visual contact; this is especially pertinent with RN DDs (lots of charges, short duration). At lower tiers, you can sometimes get away with smoke camping in a DD, but as you advance up the tiers the game gets more complex/interesting and smoke camping is extremely ill-advised.
  10. Verblonde

    Armory "Upgrades"

    In addition to what @affie said: If you look at the various consumables, you'll note that the only differences between standard and premium consumables are that the premium ones get an extra charge, compared to the basic version, and the premiums cool down faster; in my view, the latter is the crucial aspect. What the coal upgrades mostly do is extend the action time of their relevant consumable (and reduce the smoke dispersion time in the case of the smoke one), and as such are commonly - but not exclusively - used to extend the duration of an already high performance consumable. Slot 2 upgrades are usually a straightforward decision (as the current existing Slot 2 upgrades are not generally indispensable), although other slot choices may be a bit harder. Which ships are most worthwhile for the addition of a (valuable) coal upgrade, and which of those upgrades are worthwhile to start with, will vary by player, play style, and how much coal you have. Some areas to think about: Premiums can be good candidates, to help wring every last bit of performance out of the things e.g. I have both smoke and hydro on Haida, radar on Alaskas, speed on Terrible, and so on. Regular ships you play a lot, or especially enjoy, are worthwhile recipients too e.g. speed boost on Groz, radar boost on several cruisers, and even PA DDs. Think about return on your coal investment, especially if you aren't using a voucher - at full price they're 17K coal, which isn't trivial - pick your spots. Think about how you play the ship in question: say you usually use DefAA on a cruiser, putting the hydro upgrade on it wouldn't generally be the best use of that upgrade.
  11. Verblonde

    Hydroaucustic Search Just Too Strong. DD Player

    This. With one or two notable exceptions, any DD sitting in smoke deserves to get bagged by something...
  12. Verblonde

    Hydroaucustic Search Just Too Strong. DD Player

    For a start, it's a nice nod towards history (asdic and all that sort of stuff e.g. the sonar 'dome' from the real Haida is upside down on the quay beside her). In the game, hydro isn't that hard to deal with for DDs - with practice, and a bit of learning. It also helps to play a few hydro ships to understand what they can and can't do (the aforementioned Haida's hydro is a very different proposition that found on, say, Hipper); if you dig DDs already, give the KM DDs a lash - their combination of smoke and hydro can make them very formidable (that's part of the reason why the premium T-61 is so good). I'd suggest trying to remember the rough hydro ranges of the things you're facing (very short for RN 'defensive' hydro, medium for most cruisers, and longer for KM cruisers etc.), and avoid going into those ranges without prior thought as much as possible. Also be mindful of some of the more notable exceptions to the standard 'rules' e.g. Loyang gets 5.5 km hydro! To be honest, if you haven't misplayed (or your opponent hasn't done something cunning), direct detection by hydro shouldn't happen that frequently; radar is by far the greater threat (not to mention planes). The main thing you have to play around vis-a-vis hydro is that it warns your opponents about torps that you fire, requiring you to apply a bit more cunning to get hits.
  13. Verblonde

    How to spend 1,000,000 fxp; Need some advice.

    A muppet's perspective, for what it's worth: Alaska does what you would expect of it, and rather well too (as you know) - I too mainly have experience of facing them in DDs, and they can be a bugger! Mine live in Coop thus far, as I lack the cruiser skills to not be a liability to my team, but there isn't much in the way of weirdness/unknowns etc. My feeling is that Alaska is a safe use of one's fxp, as you'll get pretty much what you expect from a radar equipped 'super cruiser'. Friesland is an odd fish, in that it famously lacks torps. I'm still getting used to mine, as it requires you to apply a different approach to most (all?) other DDs - it's almost like a dinky gun light cruiser. The bit that I have most trouble getting used to is the complete lack of alpha, and the more circumspect play that tends to call for. On the up-side, the smoke/hydro combination is splendid, the AA is glorious (for a DD), and the dakka can really make other DDs regret their life choices. Mine has yet to venture out into Randoms though, so this is very much early impressions. I would say this is the riskier use for your fxp, but has the potential to be closer to a unique playing experience than Alaska. I doubt you'd regret getting either though.
  14. Verblonde

    Spend 1k doubloons for guaranteed UK CA?

    I have the T6, and it's excellent for Ops; the shorter range on the main guns (14 km) might be troublesome for some against real people - I haven't tried mine in Randoms yet. I did put a coal hydro mod on the one I have (I expect to play it in Ops a lot), which gives a run time of two minutes, which is quite helpful too.
  15. Verblonde

    How I play Aigle in Aegis

    This. Target separation is very important; if I'm CVing (because I'm a kinky piece of trash), I always am mindful of the impact my torps will have on a target's heading. The same is true for DDs as well, although you can't do anything about torps from friendly bots of course. My kung fu is, alas, insufficiently strong for this, but better CV drivers can probably persuade enemies to give broadside to their team - turning this torp reaction behaviour into a positive.