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  1. Your regular WOT account should also work on WOWS (and WOWP too), provided they're on the same server - are you trying to, for example, log into the EU server with an email address set up on the NA server?
  2. Now, that would be a good excuse for some pretty graphics...!
  3. As a matter of interest, how long does it take the average player to learn the maps in game? I'm a newbie, so everything is (more or less) new, and I'm still working out where to go on most maps; this is in contrast to WOT, where I'm pretty familiar with all but one of the maps such that positioning etc is now almost reflex. It's rather fun playing boats during this phase, where almost everything is still new...
  4. I'm only speaking from a lower tier perspective, but mines might work, although you'd have to be very careful with the implementation. I suspect a lot of realism would have to be sacrificed to make them playable though. Perhaps a mechanic where they are essentially stationary torps, that ships can spot when they get to a certain distance away (how far?)? I'd suggest that once one ship spots a mine, they stay spotted for everyone. I would also suggest a minimum arming time, so you couldn't just drop them in front of friendlies (if you're being a Richard), or use them for brawling. Essentially, they'd end up as area-denial weapons, and big stuff (BBs) could just barge straight through at least one (I'm thinking typical torpedo damage, and flooding etc). Like a torp, once a mine detonated, that's it i.e. you wouldn't place a minefield; you would place individual mines. If you're feeling keen, you could perhaps toggle deep/shallow placement (the former would miss DDs, like the upcoming torps)? It could work, but I can't imagine it'll get implemented though, because there are plenty of better things to do first...
  5. Gaaaaah! Yes, I do. Clearly, I'm having a stupid this morning.
  6. On the subject of Flint - how much better (if at all) than Alabama is it? Alabama itself seems reasonably balanced in that it's dangerous at close range, but is very fragile if people can return fire; it's also (obviously) unable to do anything at all at long range, whilst being fairly easy to spot. Alabama also lacks smoke, which I read is one thing that makes a big difference to Flint. If you can sneak from island to island, Alabama is great at ambushes, especially against things without armour (unless it can get some torp hits) - how does Flint differ? Genuinely interested - I'm still very new at this.
  7. Based on WOT Blitz, the client is the version of the game. The message you quoted is what I get on WOT Blitz when a new patch has been released and I haven't updated my app yet. BTW you are on the EU PC forum, so most of us won't be playing WOWS Blitz, as you can't get it everywhere yet.
  8. (this is the EU forum, and I thought Blitz WOWS had only been soft-launched in SEA so far)
  9. I doubt it too, but had to check...
  10. Isn't Flint very fragile (it's a sister of the Atlanta), with short-ranged guns, and with smoke? I thought the traditional approach to this sort of ship was to let the fire(s) burn for a while (you can heal it back afterwards), whilst returning fire. A few good hits from even a T5 BB should ruin Flint's day (go for citadels), unless they're taking advantage of their 'rainbow' fire arcs from behind cover and you can't hit them. If the latter case, flee...
  11. Are you playing the PC version, or the Blitz version? Your error message sounds like the one you get on WOT Blitz when there has been an update; if that's the case, the 'updates' section of the app store should be the place to head for...
  12. To refine slightly what's already been said: I would suggest not buying any high tier premiums, even though you can. You'll have a lot more fun this way. As others have implied, the sensible thing to do is to have any premiums you buy mirror your regular tree ships, in terms of tier level. Of course, if you look at my profile, you'll see I have a couple of T8 premiums, whilst my highest tier regular ship is a T6; the previous two sentences apply to random battles, and anything else where you face real people on the opposing team. If you *must* buy premiums higher than you can reasonably play in randoms, I would urge you to play them only in Coop mode. Something else to bear in mind when considering which premiums to buy: Tier 5 and above get +2 MM i.e. you will reasonably often face ships that are two tiers higher than you are; to not get slaughtered requires better game play than I can manage (at least consistently); Tier 4 and lower only get +1, again making them more suitable for one's early stages in the game.
  13. The American one is the 24th Nov, if that means anything in the EU...
  14. It could be worse: at least WOWS *has* a PvE mode; WOT doesn't - in the latter, there is nowhere for newbies to learn the ropes, and it feels like you get more clueless players in the main game as a result.
  15. I only mention this as, like arty, CVs seem to generate a great deal of pro/con vehemence, and a corresponding degree of polarisation, to the extent that rational discussion of the class becomes more or less impossible within a page or so on the forum...