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  1. Radar and Tier V & VI

    I'm still new + rubbish, but I find hydro to be more useful (especially when it's longer duration, or longer ranged) to me than radar; quite apart from anything else, hydro gives you extra warning of incoming torps. I assumed it was simply because I was doing radar wrong, or missing something...
  2. The Mighty Mo

    How is that the responsibility of someone posting on the forum? The forum would become remarkably wordy if every post needed a raft of small print at the bottom, surely? In the specific case of the Mo, it doesn't take much reading to work out what she can/can't do in a range of situations, and with various combinations of premiums/flags/cammo...
  3. Radar and Tier V & VI

    Newbie question: why is radar viewed as so much nastier than hydro? Is it simply the range, or something more complex?
  4. Radar and Tier V & VI

    When was chaff invented? I know we (the Brits) certainly dropped it from bombers later in the war. With a bit of historical liberty taking, you could perhaps have a chaff consumable running in parallel to radar, that acts much like a smoke screen, but only for radar. Presumably, this isn't an original idea though...
  5. New player - Progress report

    Something I might suggest having a look at, rather than pure torp range, is the relationship between a ship's torp range and its visibility distance - if you're aiming to zap people with torps, short range isn't *automatically* a disaster, provided the range at which the enemy can spot you is less than that range (ideally, quite a bit less). Obviously, longer range torps are far more likely to be able to be fired from stealth... The captain skill Concealment Expert is very nice to have in this context: that reduces the distance from which the enemy can see you by 10% (I think) for a DD. There is also a module that reduces how far away you can be seen from (which stacks), when you get to a high enough tier - well worth having on more or less any DD that can mount it. If you haven't already, make sure you have all the indicator circles on, on your mini-map: gun and torp range have a solid circle each, and the distance you can be spotted from is shown by a dashed circle. If you watch those carefuly, you can keep spotted enemies in the gap between your torp range and being spotted range more easily (beware other sneaky ships that you haven't seen yet, of course). Key to being a sneaky blighter is keeping track of where the foe are... BTW there is a lot to be said for keeping your AA/secondaries silent (hit p to toggle on and off) - the moment either of those fires automatically, the range at which you can be seen sky-rockets (same when you fire main guns too, but you won't be doing that if you're playing sneaky).
  6. New player - Progress report

    Okhotnik is splendid (hilarious seems to be a word often used), but doesn't seem to be terribly representative of typical DD play. I'd suggest having a look at the IJN DDs, if you want torpedo-heavy play, the Russians for gunfire, and perhaps the Americans for a mixture (better players: feel free to give a more accurate summary; I'm only at T6 on silver DDs). BTW have you discovered the wiki? It contains all manner of useful information on the various ships and mechanics: http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/World_of_Warships
  7. New player - Progress report

    That can be reduced, at least a bit, with modules etc (and made worse with camo); things like battleships will always have wonky dispersion though, especially at range - imagine how depressing it would be to be on the other side if something like Yamato always shot with 100% accuracy. As I understand it, RNG is (allegedly) also set the way it is, so as to make the better players not automatically be all-conquering (it does something similar in WOT too). It also has the merit of being, at least a bit, semi-historical - BBs, for example, were famously inaccurate. Doesn't make it any less annoying when RNGeezus fails to favour you though...!
  8. HMS Cossack

    I feel you may be being over-sensitive; if the joke were aimed at the actual Cossacks themselves, you would have a good point, but making an almost-pun on the name of the ship isn't particularly malevolent, surely?
  9. HMS Cossack

    By the sounds of it, WG would have to significantly tinker with some of Cossack's numbers for the idea to be remotely feasible...
  10. New player - Progress report

    Apropos captains: you can get a few free 10 point ones for completing some of the weekly challenge missions (PvE) - on several of them, the first time you complete it with four (out of five) stars, you get a 10 point captain. Apropos RNG: are you referring to gun accuracy, chance of being detonated etc? If so, there is a flag that reduces your detonation chance by 100%; as to the former, there are various modules that can help with that, although a lot of them only start becoming available at mid-high tiers...
  11. HMS Cossack

    I'm not au fait with the detailed stats of Cossack, but it does strike me that she could easily be a sort of T7 Kidd - single torp launcher, decent AA, and needing to rely on the guns. Give her a heal, along with smoke, and maybe optional DefAA (although the CV folk might be upset). One of Kidd's nice features is that she forces you to learn (or try and learn, in my case) to be a better support player; this could perhaps be viewed as a Good Thing, and might be viewed similarly for an appropriately configured Cossack? Sadly, I am almost certainly never going to be able to get the alternative 'Ballsack' name out of my head - thank you for that YouTube.
  12. HMS Cossack

    Here you go; not great art, alas...
  13. Question about clan oil

    Ah - that makes sense! Thinking about it, you are absolutely right: when I bought some of the Christmas crates, I got the message about receiving oil (en mass) before I'd opened any of them...
  14. HMS Cossack

    At the time, I was running a D7000; recently upgraded to a D500. I think the shots I took back then are a bit vanilla; need to go back and do a better job...!
  15. Question about clan oil

    You get ten per crate opened (that seems to include reward crates, and Christmas ones too); if you're getting the first one or two per day, plus a few missions, it starts to mount up...