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  1. Verblonde

    [EXCERPT] WGFest 2018 - RUBBs and RNCVs

    Presumably, they'll work in the manner of the ballistic missiles on Tirpitz in the opening sequence of Wolfenstein (i.e. vertical launch)...?
  2. Verblonde

    premium ships

    A little late to the party, but here goes: Alabama is a good ship - classic US BB; I mainly play mine in Coop, as I generally suck at BBs so I'm a liability in them to my team against real people (same goes for most of my premium BBs in general). The people advising you not to buy high tier premiums until you've got more experienced are (I'm afraid) right: besides not having the experience to stand against more seasoned players, you'll probably be short of a sufficiently experienced captain to not be at a further disadvantage - most players you meet will have an edge in captain skills over you, which does make a difference. That's for random battles (and any other mode against real people). Coop mode is a different thing though - because very few people care about it much (and it's quite hard to lose, unless you're the only non-bot player on your team), you can essentially play whatever you want there without getting much bother from anyone else. If you ignore people and buy a high tier ship anyway, play it in Coop and you'll be fine. Another plus with Coop - you can run more 'fun' (read - sub-optimal) captain's builds and get away with it e.g. I rather like secondary build BBs, and they're often hopeless against real people; in Coop you can run them to your heart's content... There is another reason to wait (unless you win a high tier premium in an Xmas box): I believe most of the high tier premiums are at full price at the moment; there is a good chance of a sale of some sort over Xmas and NY, which will save you money...
  3. Verblonde

    [EXCERPT] WGFest 2018 - RUBBs and RNCVs

    Oh good, more BBs - just what the game needs. Oh well, at least my Asashio will continue to have things to feast on (unless the Russian BB gimmick turns out to be magical elevated-by-the-will-of-Stalin shallow draft that makes them count as DDs for DWT purposes...)... Reaction to RN CVs will depend on whether the re-work doesn't suck; I really do lack the knowledge for an informed comment on that. I hope it doesn't though - thems is some nice ships. T9 Ranked sounds a slightly eccentric choice, given some of the premiums running around at that tier; presumably, WG's stats show no-one really plays silver T9s beyond bagging the T10, so they're trying to fix that...
  4. Verblonde

    Four codes from Wargaming fest

    Many thanks to those posting codes - much appreciated! (If copy-paste gives anyone trouble, typing them 'longhand' seems to work...)
  5. Verblonde

    Japanese Destroyer Captain -. Rookie Player

    She's my most played ship (<insert comments about depravity here>). You're right, you can only torp BBs and CVs; functionally, that means you're really only after BBs 95% of the time; after the last BB is sunk, your ability to do huge lumps of damage does (of course) evapourate. That said, if her torps could hit cruisers, she would probably be an OP monster (torps are sneaky, and do a lot of damage when they hit), and it's not like you're worthless without further torp damage. As it is, there are a number of factors to consider, both positive and negative: In practice, you rarely do run out of BBs (they're the most popular class), so you'll reliably do lots of damage, and earn plenty of silver etc. as a result. Your guns aren't completely hopeless (especially since the recent buff), so don't discount them entirely - last time I looked, about a third of my kills were from guns (most will have been weakened opponents, of course). You are very stealthy (5.4 km ish) when properly tooled up, so you are an excellent spotter, and general sneak. You are horribly vulnerable to radar, and the vagaries of your team's ability to prioritise targets properly (stealth boat, low hp, and you can't hit cruisers or DDs with your torps) i.e. shoot the bloody radar! She is perhaps not an ideal trainer for the regular IJN DDs - wildly different skills compared to the dakka line, and somewhat different to most of the torp boats (unless you run 20 km torps on your Shima). You aren't great at capping - a key DD job, but you still have to try, else your team is at a disadvantage (unless the enemy has an Asashio too); see remarks about radar though, plus you'll get tonked by gunboat DDs. Basically, your gameplan is usually to try and trigger an avalanche effect by taking out at least one enemy BB (or better yet, more than one), as early as possible - removing their guns/hp from the game, whilst still keeping the enemy lit as much as possible (and hope like hell that your team-mates shoot the radar ships, rather than just clocking up their damage by setting BBs on fire). Essentially, you're utterly dependent on others a lot of the time, and distinctly situational (leave her in port when cruiser events are happening). If you want something fun, Asashio can tick that box; if you want a good IJN DD trainer, that is a good template for the general Tao of DDs, look elsewhere...
  6. Verblonde

    Unique Commanders / Captains - on what ship to use them?

    FWIW: Yamamoto Isoroku - I have him on Musashi, assuming eventually to put him on Yamato, if I ever get that far. Oven Chicken (US) - he's sitting on Kidd at the moment, for use as specialised AA/Guns DD captain (I already had okay captains up to T10 on my US DDs). Oven Chicken (Russian) - currently being used to grind the gunboat DD line, although only on T7 so far. Dunkirk - one of these is on Belfast, as a specialised captain; the other will probably end up on TX RN CL, when I get to it. Honore - just assigned to Terrible (having previously been my 'sensible' captain for Gascogne, until I decided that a manly build was more fun). Can't remember what I've done with the others that I have - probably ought to go and check I haven't done anything excessively stupid with them - thanks for the reminder OP!
  7. Verblonde

    Is there any point to the Bismarck?

    I'd be interested if anyone can recommend a good 'How to Bismark' video/written tutorial - I'm struggling a bit to adjust to the lack of torps (compared to Tirpitz, Scharn/Gneis). I've been having occasional fun against bots in Bismark, but I'm pretty sure I'm a complete liability against real people...
  8. Verblonde

    Russian Battleship Line

    Topical cream might help...?
  9. Verblonde

    A few noob questions...

    I believe Charleston is exclusive to new players at the moment - she's one of the newer premiums in the game. There will probably be bonus seal-clubber points for whatever unscrupulous experienced player is first to bag the hide of one of these! I haven't seen one in game yet - I suspect most are still safe behind protected MM...! The US cruisers are worth a look, but aren't 'easy' mode by any means; there are two branches, as you'll have seen - CAs (heavy cruisers), and CLs (light cruisers); both are very fragile in the teeth of BB fire, and you lack torps after T5. They're worth playing (magnificent AA later on), but I might suggest picking the IJN cruisers to start with - they have good torps, so you aren't as reliant on being able to shoot straight. Doesn't mean you shouldn't have fun with Charleston though - the volume of fire she can put out (assuming she's vaguely like the silver version) is glorious - I'll buy her as soon as grumpy old players have access to her, just for the giggles.
  10. Verblonde

    A few noob questions...

    This section of the wiki includes all the IJN ships in the game: http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Ships_of_Japan Note: several of them are no longer available (the Kamikazes/Fujin notably). As well as the information in the wiki itself, most of the premium ship entries include a link to Little White Mouse's review of said ship (LWM is a Canadian - I think - WOWS player of some note, who does rather good reviews; not everyone agrees with her conclusions 100% of the time, but they're a good starting point) - always read reviews before spending money on a premium! Speaking of premium ships, it looks like you know already about the general inadvisability of buying high tier premiums too soon; if you happen to be buying Xmas boxes and win one though, you can always play it in Coop mode - an option lacking in WOT.
  11. Verblonde

    A few noob questions...

    @WindSplitter1 Welcome! Others have mostly answered your questions admirably already, but I'll add a couple of minor addenda: If you haven't found it already, the wiki that people are referring to is here: http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/World_of_Warships As well as lots of good (and reasonably accurate) ship information, it has good sections explaining the various in-game mechanics; understanding those will make your life a lot easier. Regarding aiming - watch this: (it's not hugely recent, but still relevant). Apropos citadels: others have covered what they are off well, but one thing (I think) that wasn't mentioned: besides doing maximum damage if you penetrate one, it is also worth shooting people's citadels because the damage is mostly not repairable - some ships have a repair party consumable, that allows them to recover lost hp, and whilst things like fire damage are 100% repairable, citadel damage is not. The 'consumables' section of the wiki has more: http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Consumables Related to the pretty coloured tracers thing: if you ever get one of these captains yourself, you have to activate the special skills before they'll show in game - there are a bunch of icons to click on the left-hand side of the captain's skills page that you access from the port. Have fun, and keep asking questions - people that want to learn will nearly always get sensible/helpful answers on here...
  12. Verblonde

    Japanese Destroyer Captain -. Rookie Player

    I believe they apply in sequence, although I'm inferring that. For example, Asashio (and the other Kagero siblings) have a visibility distance of around 5.4 km in game. The 'stock' visibility distance is 6.84 km, and if you've set her up right, you'll have cammo, the concealment mod, and CE (3, 10, and 10 percent reductions, respectively). If you lop 23% off 6.84 km, you get 5.27 km (+ change), whereas applying the reductions in sequence gives you 5.37 km - the latter matching what we see in game.
  13. Verblonde

    10 Guineas for the price of 1

    It certainly was in the online version, as that's where I got mine from (weeks ago), but you did need to be logged in. The offer was a 'one per person' thing, and those are always not visible until you log into the store. For example, last I looked, when I log in a cheapness for Huanghe and Texas pop up, which I can't see before logging in...
  14. Verblonde

    Russian Battleship Line

    But glorious Russian battleship, comrade - is better, da?
  15. Verblonde

    Russian Battleship Line

    I may be mis-reading, but isn't the T5 version post-refit, and the proposal above the original 'as built'?