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  1. Verblonde

    Is WG pandering to DD players?

    I approve this message...
  2. Verblonde

    Why everyone hates CVs?

    How on earth has self-evident trolling produced 3+ pages of discussion?! Isn't there anything more interesting happening on the other side of the Atlantic...?
  3. I would urge running the two lines in parallel; from my perspective (and assuming there are few CVs around, which is unlikely if you're facing T4s), IJN is more fun for a newbie, but makes you lazy, whilst the US forces you to learn stuff that is absolutely necessary at higher tiers i.e. anything to do with guns. Your IJN torp DDs give you some satisfying damage games (although not necessarily influential damage), whereas the US are the equivalent of 'eating your greens' which is more useful in the long run, but more frustrating in the short-term. You know those idiots you see tooling round in Shimas (especially at the weekend), spamming torps from 20 km? That's what happens if you don't eat your greens. The terrifying (minority of) Shimas are the ones that operate much closer in, giving you very little chance to detect/evade their launches, and finish off the maimed with their guns (knowing when to fire without getting annihilated because they broke stealth at the wrong moment); that sort of skill-set is much easier to acquire at lower tiers, playing things like the Americans. A slightly different 'eating your greens' perspective is that IJN torp boats are - at lower tiers especially - almost entirely defenceless against CVs; if you want 'hard mode' learning to deal with CVs, play the IJN. The Americans have much less bad AA, and that at least gives you options against average CVs that the IJN simply don't have (and are balanced around weaker concealment, so lose less when perma-spotted).
  4. Quite true, but what the Americans teach you (which is essential) is when/how to use guns as well. It's very easy to sit back and launch torps from range with the Japanese; the trouble with this is that it reduces the pressure you're applying to the opposition (you have more time to spot/dodge their very visible fish, and you know their guns are less threat from a distance). The Japanese are easy 'passive' mode if you aren't careful; the more active and influential plays are a lot easier to learn with the US. It's not a case of one or the other, but both - playing the IJN DDs will make you a better US DD driver, and vice versa. To reiterate, I hated the US DDs the first time around, mainly because they required skills that I didn't have yet, and the IJN DDs were simply easier to do something with; forcing myself to play the short-range torp DDs (mainly the US to start with) made me a much less bad DD player, and - more importantly - gave me the ability to influence a battle (by my standards) because I wasn't reliant on the 'torp truck' style of play, that is far too easy to counter.
  5. I struggled with these ships too (Mahan less so, as you get a stealth launch window with the upgraded torps); the reason they're so good for learning is precisely because of the characteristics you highlight i.e. it's simply not possible to stand off and spam torps - this forces you to learn how to operate at closer quarters, which is essential in learning how to DD. Whilst I'm a long way from being a good player; I'm a lot less bad with DDs than I would be otherwise because the US DDs (and Russians, to a lesser extent) forced me to stop relying too heavily on torps. (Of course, you generally want to launch IJN torps from closer range too, to get hits, but that's a lot easier when you're sneaky)
  6. Verblonde

    Stop Nerf CV's

    Good point, well made. Okay, edited version: Surely, we all know that the correct theological approach in these circumstances is to chuck someone into the nearest active volcano...? Extreme heat prevents any untidy leftovers.
  7. Verblonde

    3 part question regarding the Friesland and upcoming changes

    If you're going to make heavy use of her, perhaps the coal mods might be worth considering? I don't think I've got them on mine (well, maybe just hydro), but I would do if I was using her for PvP a lot. Thinking about it, I probably should go and check after work...
  8. Verblonde

    Stop Nerf CV's

    Of course not - that would be barbaric. Surely, we all know that the correct theological approach in these circumstances is to chuck someone into the nearest volcano...?
  9. I have all those enabled anyway. I was mainly commenting on whether you need your AA toggled off, or whether it doesn't make any difference. For instance, not all the Kagero sisters are the same: some have AA/detection the same, and at least one has a 0.1 km difference; doesn't usually make a difference, but just once in a while... BTW OP: if you can, it's worth mapping the 'reinforce sector' button to an alternative mouse button; clicking that also activates AA at the same time (assuming the sector thing isn't on cooldown), and can be easier/faster to do if you're trying to manage both air and surface threats at the same time...
  10. Additional (and slightly at a tangent): whatever you choose, don't forget your 'p' key - if your AA range is longer than your air detection range, keep your AA off until it's actually needed - it's an easy way to blow stealth when planes come calling (and I don't think you need to do it on any other class). If you can't remember your AA range and air detection distance (I usually can't); press and hold 'h' in-game...
  11. As others have said, the IJN and American lines are probably your best bet for learning to DD, although neither fits your 'ideal exactly', at least not at all tiers. Americans are 'good enough' at everything, but not usually awesome at anything (unless you count their smoke). IJN are mostly about the torps, until T8, where you get the first 'dakka' option (Aki) on the alternative line. The Americans will teach you about gunnery with floaty arcs, and about how to ambush people (you don't get a stealth torp window until T7); making use of smoke is another skill-set that you'll develop (bonus points for not blinding your own side). The Japanese will teach you about abusing vision mechanics (you will come to love the number 5.4) and how to torp; don't disregard their guns though - used judiciously, they can ruin people's day. Minor note: the US get access to DefAA (can't remember from which tier - 6?) and can have sufficient AA to keep mediocre CVs at bay (don't rely on it though, or waste time building into it). After the IJN/US lines, perhaps look at the original Germans (the new ones are meh, with the T7 being bloody awful) and/or the British (lower tiers can be frustrating, but T8+ are glorious)...
  12. Verblonde

    3 part question regarding the Friesland and upcoming changes

    Nah - anyone with Friesland will keep her; she's just being removed from 'sale'... Edit: ignore me - I misread; you obviously do lose Friesland if you swap her out for the Dutch replacement.
  13. Verblonde

    Stop Nerf CV's

    For some reason, this old Monty Python thing came to mind:
  14. Verblonde

    3 part question regarding the Friesland and upcoming changes

    Entirely true, although presumably WG would hide behind the (rather pitiful) figleaf of 'global changes'. (Don't mind me though, I'm just grumpy because I joined the game too late to stealth fire at people in my DDs.)