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  1. Verblonde

    Graf Spee For OPs. A Sound Investment?

    I think this may be good advice; not so much because she's awful in Ops (I would argue the reverse), but we don't know what WG have in store for Ops - many of us fear they're going to kill them off entirely - and there are lots of rather better ships for randoms at T6. If you're going to buy something specifically for Ops, be mindful that Ops may well not be around for the long term - will you enjoy the ship in other modes? I actually do like Graf Spee but don't play her very often outside Ops, as I have a lot of other premiums that I enjoy more for that mode. All personal opinion, of course.
  2. Verblonde

    Graf Spee For OPs. A Sound Investment?

    Sub-average player's perspective - she's very good for Ops (although I don't have enough data to comment on Newport): She's a lot like a stumpy BB that occupies a cruiser slot. Has a heal, which I view as extremely useful in Ops. The guns are worthwhile, although she doesn't have the volume of fire that other cruisers do, but shells can do a lot of damage if/when they hit (they're basically modest BB guns, including the flaky accuracy). Torps are very handy now and again, and the secondaries are a giggle with the right captain build (I don't give her any secondary upgrades - I run a pretty standard upgrade set) - I usually take a semi-manly BB captain from Fat Freddy, although a more conservative one is probably optimal. Can mount hydro, which is very helpful for the 'torp soup' bits of some Ops (or DefAA, which is less useful). Optional 'National' permaflage available for money, but does improve the earnings noticeably (but can't be mounted on the HSF version, should you get that) - see below. Overall, Graf Spee is perhaps my main 'go to' for T6 Ops; make of that what you will - it's fun, but I'm not a very good player.
  3. Verblonde

    Money for Early Acess

    Apparently not (as per other permaflages):
  4. Verblonde

    Port Slots

    Every time you buy a new ship (except premiums and other things that include one) the number of free slots you have decreases by one.
  5. Verblonde

    What is RNG?

  6. Verblonde


    As to the 'Is Smol OP' thing, I don't believe it is, although it has some nasty traits to be aware of when facing them. As a DD main, I'd rather see multiple Smols on the other side than almost any other Russian or American cruiser of the same tier; unicums apart, they're usually straightforward(ish) to deal with, and - most importantly - they lack radar.
  7. Verblonde


    Smol consumables confirmation: Alternatively, you can take DefAA in place of Hydro...
  8. Verblonde

    How can you get Atago (Premium or not premium?)

    Not with a high chance of success; the least unlikely route is via one of the Christmas gambling boxes: first you have to get one (usually via some mission or other), and then you have to luck out that it drops a premium (rather than flags/cammo etc.), and then you have to luck out further and have it drop the specific premium you want (T8s and up being much less likely than the lower tier ones, it seems). If you *really* want Atago (and she is very good), you'll probably have to pay real money for her; that said, there are periodic ways to get them (there are three versions, I think) for a reduced price e.g. occasional discount vouchers; the Black Friday variant was about a third off, I think; occasional sales and so on.
  9. Verblonde

    Why Does The IZMAIL Get Shafted?

    As others have said, you want the T7+ KM BBs, MA, GA, or I've found the higher tier French quite worthwhile in that regard. I basically did it with the Tirpitz, two US premiums and Jean Bart... (bonus points for Graf Zep)
  10. Verblonde


    I need free beer and cakes until a vaccine is found! (Well, you never know...)
  11. Verblonde


    I'm not actually certain that I've ever had Corona beer; being based near Toronto, Steam Whistle is my preference at the moment...
  12. Verblonde

    093, Moskwa researched but not yet re-aquired

    As far as I know, it isn't the next patch where the switch over happens, but rather (probably) the one after. Next patch is largely dedicated to the second part of the Pan EU launch - full release for the Ikea DDs.
  13. Verblonde

    Good bye, it's been fun.

    Au revoir, @Blixies - good luck!
  14. Verblonde

    Money for Early Acess

    I've spent enough, and ground enough to - just - unlock the T9; although this is clearly rather stupid, there are some (kind of) mitigating factors: I actually really like the ships so far, and (as I mentioned elsewhere) playing to get the cammo seems to generally call for about as much play time - with signals mounted - as would be required to unlock each subsequent tier, so I don't feel like I'm missing out too much, apart from on the stock configurations (which I'm quite happy to skip) and the 'experience' of dealing with swarms of T4 CVs at the lower tiers (which I'm *delighted* to skip). Although the token elements are shameless RNG - I would much rather have 'spend x, and get y tokens' than gambling - the other stuff you get is reasonably worthwhile - dragon signals and coal, notably. The permaflages that you get through just playing (if you play enough) cancel out rather a lot of the doubloons you need to spend to get the ships; of course, this only matters/works if you would have bought permaflages anyway. That's not to say it isn't daft to buy into this early access stuff, but I do feel it isn't *completely* stupid...
  15. Verblonde


    Aw, I was hoping this thread was going to be about the fizzy drinks from when I was a kid (or beer; beer would also be good)...