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  1. Verblonde

    Ban premium ships in ranked.

    Hence 'flaky'; I've lost count of the number of smoke camping DDs I've caught this way even so. True, 3 km, but *much* longer lasting; it's possible to make Loyang regret his life choices with the superior dakka that the RN DDs get (after that, as you allude to, the rest of each respective team matter hugely too), and timing one's attack for later in Loyang's hydro run time. Orkan (not so much PA) is a better idea than you might expect; there's so much radar about that smoke is less useful than it used to be, and you get a heal to make up for it. I found the two to be extremely effective. I suspect your last point may explain our differing views: I stopped at R10 (and am not a good player), so was mainly facing 'typical' players, whereas going higher, a larger proportion of those you're facing will be competent Loyang drivers, and that makes a significant difference.
  2. I'm not actually 100% sure - I think it may be five; four goes through the Shima line, and once through the artist-formerly-known-as-the-Moskva line (the latter as a semi-efficient thing to do with Moskva and the 'necessary' selling of for the semi-premium transition). I could be mis-remembering though. Bought Colbert (which is a giggle, but I almost never play due to being rubbish in her), and I'm about half a reset away from Siegfried, which I'll tick off with the next bonus in a week or so. After that, I think I'll leave it alone for a bit (Slava and Ohio don't strike me as 'must haves', and the LUs that I don't have - besides still being changed - aren't essential IMO either).
  3. Verblonde

    Newbie here 😁

    There are a few elements in here: Playing against real people requires that you unlock Randoms (and Clans, if you join one, plus Ranked/Sprint, and occasional special events); playing against real people - besides being a more interesting challenge - tends to net you better rewards. Don't discount PvE entirely though - Ops can be fun, and Coop mode is often the most efficient pick for doing some missions. As far as I know, you can only use the in-game voice chat with people you are in a division with (which is probably just as well, all things considered!); most folk who use voice comms as standard usually make use of Discord or TS, usually the former, it seems. Besides participating in forum discussions, the most effective way to get to know new people is probably via joining a clan (you'll probably get economic bonuses too); note that clan choice isn't a 'forever' thing - you can switch clans, albeit with a 48 hour (I think) cooling off period between. If you're very new, suggest trying to join a clan with members who are willing/happy to teach.
  4. Verblonde

    How to get trained captain after purchase

    Easy: Click on the empty captain panel, like so: Click on 'recruit' if you don't have a commander in reserve etc. that you want to use: Select which commander you want to recruit: You basically have the same options as when you get a captain at the same time as buying the ship initially. BTW don't forget to think ahead when dealing with your captains - you'll want at least a 10 pointer when you get to T5 (that's where +2 MM starts)...
  5. I fear we may all be misunderstanding: this is clearly a complaint about WG's genetically-modified newt breeding program, which risks the purity of the existing natural newts! Our OP is simply a distraught follower of the teachings of Gussie Fink-Nottle. Be kind, chaps!
  6. Verblonde

    How to get the snowflake bonus in 0.9.8

    Ouch! Assuming it's a similar sketch to last time, I'll probably start at T10, and work downwards from there (although one season I recall that the T9 rewards were better than T10; I think it was because coal was more useful to me than SCs with their inevitable ramming flags) and see how much playing time I have available. Hopefully, that sterling chap who did the 'Steelwhaling' site will repeat the feat this time - it made keeping track a bit easier...
  7. Verblonde

    Ban premium ships in ranked.

    Perhaps the 'anti-Loyang' skill-set has got rusty amongst the players? Leaving aside the fact that a smoked up ship is blind (beyond 5.5 km, for 132 secs with a coal mod, in Loyang's case), there are a number of options for countering Loyang: Torps into the smoke is the perennial favourite, albeit flaky, if the Loyang driver is any good. Another hydro equipped DD is highly effective if they know their business, and there are quite a few options these days. Orkan (countering Loyangs, and anything else keen on smoke was one reason I took her into Ranked so often) - as far as Loyang is concerned, she's basically a Lightning that makes smoke almost irrelevant. You could also take the PA T8 with a radar build, but no-one does. I'm not disputing that Loyang is very good (see my posts on the subject of 'why on earth would you buy a Z-35 when Loyang exists'), but I don't believe she's an instant 'I win' button; to be lethal, she's needs a more experienced player that knows how to leverage her abilities. So, good - yes; OP - no. IMO, of course.
  8. Verblonde

    How to get the snowflake bonus in 0.9.8

    This. I think having a 'win' requirement is (unusually) a good thing for snowflakes; by their very nature, assuming a fairly diverse ship collection, the pressure is to cycle as many games as quickly as possible. If one doesn't have to win, then the most efficient thing is to drop into a battle, get killed, return to port, and repeat; the mode doesn't really matter. The danger with this is that it would probably make Randoms (as well as Coop) largely unplayable for the duration. With a 'win' requirement, only Coop gets rinsed (sorry, PvE mains!), and even then you at least have to vaguely play properly (although it is pretty hard to lose at Coop, unless you're playing at spectacularly weird hours when there are very few real people about). Full disclosure: I personally currently have 290 ships in port (plus rather fewer on my alt), a significant majority of which qualify for snowflakes (assuming T5+), so anything that makes it easier to knock of snowflakes would help me significantly...
  9. Verblonde

    Ban premium ships in ranked.

    I'm not sure how good an example Loyang is for this discussion, for a number of reasons: Personally, I would rate Lightning as a superior DD - assuming a competent player and similar captain - as her dakka is better, the torps are superior (especially if you're any good with single-fire), and you have the RN smoke which is more versatile than Loyang's (particularly against CVs). Loyang does get the cruiser hydro, which is magnificent, but Lightning's 'self-defence' hydro is good enough, and runs for an awful lot longer. Also, recall that Lightning gets almost class-leading concealment (5.5 km). I suggest that people with Loyang are most commonly either old lags who have her (and the associated skill-set and captains) from way back - she did used to be the undisputed master of T8 competitive - or are at least vaguely dedicated players who are taking the game moderately seriously (the less serious will pick Tirpitz or similar); on the other hand, anyone can get a Lightning, and she'll be a high priority for anyone with an enthusiasm for tea, so lots of players - regardless of skill - could have her. In that sort of context, one would expect Loyang to do better than Lightning, overall, but not because of the ship itself necessarily, but rather because of the demographics of the people who are more likely to play each ship. Incidentally, someone with a 54% WR is a lot better than average; on the forum, I suspect we occasionally forget that the bulk of the players in the general population are a lot worse than typical forumites (excluding me - I suck!)...
  10. Verblonde

    time to maybe talk about the Halland?

    This. There are - all things being equal - broadly two ways a Halland-CV game can go: You get a typical CV player (much more likely), and his first attempt to get you will probably make you a no-fly zone for most of the battle. You get a good CV player, and they'll take you to the cleaners anyway, but at least you'll probably get some rewards for a few plane kills. Compare that with almost every other DD, and you have to work a lot harder, and often for far less return; is anyone surprised a lot of folk play Halland? That's not to say non-AA DDs are entirely impossible (I've been playing Yuki a lot lately - yay, +200% xp mission - for instance), but that you have to try a lot harder and it does get frustrating at times when your entire battle is experienced through the lens of having to play around a CV.
  11. Verblonde

    Ban premium ships in ranked.

    There's your answer right there. Plus, as @Khaba_Gandalf points out, it would be an unfortunate inconvenience to players to remove them; whilst I know there are a *few* notoriously OP ones, the bulk of premium ships are - IMO - fine, and a lot of players use them because they lack a suitable captain on many of the relevant tiered silver ships. Also, some of the premiums do interesting things that silver ones don't e.g. I played most of the recent Ranked and Sprint seasons in Orkan, because a) she's fun, b) I could put my Halland captain on her, and c) the radar provides something interesting/different. Despite the radar, I don't think I've seen anyone having conniptions about Orkan being OP...
  12. Verblonde

    How to get the snowflake bonus in 0.9.8

    I don't mind Detonation flags; when the mockers gods hate me, I get ramming flags....!
  13. Verblonde

    How to get the snowflake bonus in 0.9.8

    One would hope so, but I would sound a note of caution: the first snowflake event was pretty generous, whereas the rewards were somewhat reduced the next time around. It's probably worth us trying to keep our expectations moderate, so whatever (inevitable?) way that WG find to disappoint us isn't too gloom-inducing...
  14. Well, that'll probably be me missing my next few targets as I check it out...!
  15. Yup - I rather like her so far, *but* I've only been playing PvE, with the vast majority of games being Ops. She isn't just a premium Weser; some initial thoughts: You get one of the +200% xp missions, that lasts for ages (mine's showing another 53 days to go, I think); this is pretty valuable, especially for captain training. Rocket planes are good - as people have mentioned elsewhere, they're the stock ones from the T8 silver ship; you get three lots of two planes. Torps are rather meh: they're slow (mine are going at roughly Furious speeds with TA captain etc.), don't do much damage, and the flood chance is lousy - they aren't the zippy things the silver line gets. Dive bombers are HE, not AP; in their favour, the damage is pretty good, if you pen, and their fire chance is excellent. The aiming circle is small enough that you can even hit DDs, with a bit of luck/lack of dodging by the target. You're not so good at dealing with DDs, but everything else is reasonably fair game (although you're rather reliant on fires for doing lots of damage to BBs); sticking rockets in cruiser's citadels never gets old (provided you can get the hang of the aiming reticle). Nothing's been silly enough to get close to mine yet, so no idea how good, or otherwise, the secondaries actually are. Finally - Stukas! I'm liking her a lot more than I thought I might, but she does take a bit of getting used to, and what works with Weser doesn't coincide much with EL...