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  1. [Suggestion]Spotted Icons (+Poll)

    The way I'd do it, in an ideal world, would be with a sort of 'traffic light' sort of thing: Four boxes (say), one above the other, so you have a vertical panel (that you could move around and scale, and not show if you don't want it). Each box a different colour, with a suitable icon on each. The boxes represent detected by radar, hydro, planes, and finally everything else (hard spot, whether LOS or proximity). Whichever ones are relevant light up, for as long as you are detected via those means. By having it mobile, you could place it wherever on your screen was of most use; with practice, the mere colours should tell you all you need, so you wouldn't need to spend too much time staring right at it. Anyway, something like that. Definitely QoL stuff, though, not critical...
  2. [GO NAVY!] Resource Tactics (team-switching)

    I think I'll read all this stuff again nearer the time (it goes live the end of next week, right?) - at the moment, my forlorn brain cells are rather struggling to understand it all. Probably a mixture of tiredness, and advancing years...
  3. Shima "Unique" upgrade

    @ThinderChief Good points. What I was mainly getting at is that with the upgrade, torpedo spamming is just about the only thing you can do; it's not that without it, the situation will magically improve vis-a-vis radar etc., but rather that you have more options, if an opportunity presents itself. I'm hardly an expert though - I only got my Shima recently. Given what I'm seeing at T10 (much of which you elucidate), I'm sorely tempted to mount the 20 km torps, and switch my Asashio captain (with TA) over to her, and see how it goes...
  4. Summer Sale 2018: Day 7 Atago/-30%

    Whilst, very obviously, most BBs smell (and their mothers dress them funny), I would venture that Shinyhorse is a noble, and ludicrously fun exception - As It Is Written: don't pi$$ about, buy her (if you don't have her already, obviously)!
  5. Shima "Unique" upgrade

    You're quite safe - if I wanted to play boring static ships, I'd play a lot more BBs...! :)
  6. Summer Sale 2018: Day 7 Atago/-30%

    I really must be the only person in the game who struggles with BBs...! I must get round to making an effort - as you say, this class has most of the game's iconic ships.
  7. Ultimate frontier ruined

    It's back again? Oh well, definitely no Ops for me until a sensible one waddles into rotation...
  8. Summer Sale 2018: Day 7 Atago/-30%

    As an aside, if WG want to make a bit more extra filthy lucre (coke and hookers don't buy themselves, I imagine), they could release the 'extra silver' (Kobayashi) camos for things like Kii, as a stand-alone purchase - in the manner of things like the space camo. I can't be the only one who could be persuaded to part with some dosh to make ships like Kii better silver earners (but didn't get the Kii etc. in the relevant bundles)?
  9. Summer Sale 2018: Day 7 Atago/-30%

    I got Kii in one of the Xmas box things; I probably wouldn't have bothered otherwise - BB's are mostly not my thing, really (ludicrous brawlers excepted). That said, I love playing Kii in coop mode, where getting up close and personal isn't the death sentence it is against real people (assuming they're even remotely competent). At some point, I'll have to learn to play BBs properly, but I keep putting it off - hiding on the map borders and sniping is the equivalent to me of of having to eat my greens...
  10. Summer Sale 2018: Day 7 Atago/-30%

    As far as I can tell, Ashitaka is pretty poor (LWM's review is fairly scathing too, for what that's worth); half price is tempting, but not *that* tempting, even with possible buffs incoming. Besides, I have Kii already, and she strikes me as rather more fun...
  11. Sharks VS Eagles, not going to go for Eagles.

    Glorious choices, both! I think I'd go with Capybara, mainly because of all the excitement the escaped pair caused here (Toronto) a couple of summers ago...
  12. Sharks VS Eagles, not going to go for Eagles.

    Almost none: Glyphis sp. do, plus the Bull shark is notorious for swimming up rivers. Sorry, couldn't resist some minor zoological pedantry. I'll show myself out...
  13. Shima "Unique" upgrade

    I wasn't intending to fit mine, as and when I get it - like the majority of the equivalent upgrades, the down-side appears to more than counter the advantages. In the specific case of the Shima, it *might* be useful with the 20 km torps, if you want to play as a stand-off torpedo spammer - that sounds rather dull to me though (plus, I imagine it would make you very unpopular with your team-mates who would expect a DD to be doing its job)...?
  14. That's interesting - thanks for sharing. According to Wikipedia, the ship had sails and a ram - old school!
  15. Summer Sale 2018: Day 7 Atago/-30%

    Not necessarily: you can blaze an entertaining thirty-second path to glory, slinging torps and general dakka in all directions - it's just that it generally doesn't go terribly well if you do (speaking from personal experience). BTW Atlanta is a hoot in coop if you play like this, as the bots are just as dumb (as I am)...