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  1. Verblonde

    Azure Lane (questions)

    If you're a weeb of some description, then they might be (personal choice thing and all that); if you aren't, they probably aren't. It's easy to get hold of 10 point captains for money (and sometimes for free as well). Recall that a lot of the 'interesting' captains, whether weeb, historical or whatever may well not come specialised for the silver ship you want them for (the default - outside things like AL - is for the T1 ship of the relevant nation. For example: This matters, as you have to spend resources to assign them to anything that isn't a premium/special ship. Of course, you can partially train them, and then finish the job with premium ships - if you have them available. If you're going to buy captains with doubloons it's often more efficient to do it through the ship's interface: ...then... That'll give you a 10 pointer assigned to whatever ship you did this with (note: note you can change the name and portrait, if you like); we're talking doing this with silver ships, of course - you can do the same with premiums too, but that's foolish, as you can use any captain (of the right nation) on a premium ship without retraining. In contrast, going through the Armory [sic] will cost you an extra 300 doubloons (or other resources) for conversion to the desired silver ship. For example: As with the cat above, he's specialised for the IJN T1. At time of writing, 1,500 doubloons costs a little over 4.2 UKP. Meanwhile, the huge bundles of AL captains costs 31,250 doubloons for 26 captains (and 50 x cammo, to make calculations like this harder) ; that's about 1,206 doubloons per captain. If you have to convert any with doubloons, that's another 300 a pop, bringing the average in at about the same as a captain bought through the ship interface (and you have to buy all 26 in one go, and may not need all of them). So, all in all, the value of the bundle is borderline, unless you are an enthusiastic weeb, in which case fill yer boots...
  2. Verblonde

    Summer Sale

    I think my first Wolfenstein was 'return to' quite a lot of years ago (I went straight to the original Doom way back). I tried The New Order recently, and that was pretty awesome, so getting a few more of a similar vintage seemed rather better value than any further dabbling with ruckus...!
  3. Verblonde

    Summer Sale

    Likewise - since there isn't much going on with WOWS at the moment, I've just nabbed some Wolfenstein games that I'd been meaning to have a go at for years...
  4. Verblonde

    Public Test permacamo prices...

    I agree. WG missed an opportunity to expand a revenue stream here. For example, I have several ships with permaflage that I dislike (mostly Xmas and Soggy Mad Max ones, plus one or two halloween ones); if new aesthetics had become available for modest amounts of doubloons, I would have replaced the lot. As it is, not so much - I dislike them, but not several thousand doubloons dislike! I'll just use filters instead, or some spare one-use aesthetics (assuming I've understood the mechanics correctly). That's before you even get started on adding pretties to lower tier ships, had they been available, and replacing less pretty but not offensive permaflages on ships that already have them...
  5. Verblonde

    Kobayashi Bonuses gone? (picture included)

    It's weird - I can't image that it would be much work to create permanent options for all the temporary cammos; the skins already exist for pretty much every ship in the game - just add an option to make 'em permanent and charge x doubloons (presumably, scaled with tier) for the privilege. I'd probably plonk at least one on almost every T5 I have (premiums and the few silvers with a permaflage already excepted, and maybe even some of them where the existing was dull), assuming the price was sensible.
  6. Verblonde

    Kobayashi Bonuses gone? (picture included)

    WG missed a trick there then - I would have thought that a bunch of aesthetic options for not much money might encourage people to open their wallets?
  7. Verblonde

    DDs modules being broken all the time

    I've mentioned this story before, I think: when I was a very new player, I lobbed a bunch of shells into the vague vicinity of a full-health Atlanta (who I guess was also a newer player); most of them weren't remotely close, but one clipped his stern as I recall - Detonation! We were both stunned, and a brief "what the hell just happened?!" conversation occurred in cross-team chat. I don't think either of us were familiar with the Detonation mechanic at that point. Whilst this was an Atlanta, at least that sort of thing doesn't happen to DDs any more...
  8. Verblonde

    Ruckus - Rollbacks and refunds

    I rather enjoyed "The launch of the Ruckus in the Depot event was not as smooth as we wanted it to be"; that's like describing the North Atlantic as 'a trifle damp'... With any luck, this whole rat-fornication will discourage WG from doing this sort of promotion again.
  9. Verblonde

    Kobayashi Bonuses gone? (picture included)

    I thought I read somewhere that 'extra' permaflage aesthetics would cost rather less than the 'full set' (i.e. aesthetics and bonus)? That said, I don't recall seeing any firm pricing. We can take a guess (and/or see - after the changes - if WG are taking the pi$$ or not): This is - probably obviously - Yamato. I'm guessing the 'basic aesthetic plus bonuses' package will remain at 5K doubloons. The Kobayashi aesthetic will - probably - be a couple of thousand doubloons on top, and the 3D thing 3K doubloons. One question will be: can you still buy 'poncey aesthetic plus bonuses' packages without buying the basic aesthetic first (as you can now)? Another will be - if there is more than one bonus package available (HSF in this case) - can you buy the bonus package part without the aesthetic?
  10. Verblonde

    Kobayashi Bonuses gone? (picture included)

    I think I got Harekaze on her initial release (or possibly the second); certainly it was more years ago than my semi-senile memory can cope with, so I can't recall. If I did pay doubloons for it, I certainly got decent use from it - more than any other of the 'special' permaflages, I think...
  11. Whilst I trust WG about as far as I could comfortably spit a rat, they have said that - in general - all the ludicrous 'stacked' bonuses will still be available after the changes (assuming you have the necessary signals and cammo in stock), so you won't suddenly have to play a shed-load more games to earn the same, at least until you run out of bonuses. The acid test will be what sort of availability (and/or cost) will there be on the higher level bonuses after we all run out of our existing stocks. I'm expecting the ludicrously high bonuses to more or less vanish (or become prohibitively expensive) - a bit like superships, I strongly suspect a large part of the aim of this exercise is to reduce the silver in the game. I don't think WG are stupid enough to lie about the economics with existing stocks, but these changes do give them scope to take a lot of the 'heat' out of the game's economy without breaking their word. Edit: for the love of the gods, please do something about the formatting of the OP!
  12. Verblonde

    Kobayashi Bonuses gone? (picture included)

    This is excellent advice: of all the 'bonus earnings' permaflages I have, I've probably only really got excellent value from Graf Spee (thanks to Ops), and Shinonome (Ranked, when it's T6), and maybe Warspite (Ops again) and Ashitaka (Narai). I do play Roma and Kii quite a lot, not to mention Prinz Eugen, but these three tend to be mostly in Coop, so a lot of folk may find the value proposition in that sort of context less compelling. Do we count the 'cat' permaflage on Harekaze? I have a vague feeling that was free with the ship though. That's probably the 'bonus' permaflage I've got most use from...
  13. Verblonde

    Kobayashi Bonuses gone? (picture included)

    I think so, although most of the time I'm using these things in Ops (Shinonome excepted), so it may be more noticeable there, perhaps? These are the bonuses: That extra xp might be useful too after the update, assuming that translates across to free xp and captain xp...
  14. Verblonde

    Kobayashi Bonuses gone? (picture included)

    The other ones that might be worth a look are the National permaflages for things like Graf Spee, Warspite, and Shinonome - they dramatically improve the profitability of those ships (albeit they're T6s).
  15. Verblonde

    Kobayashi Bonuses gone? (picture included)

    The Yamato one gives the same bonuses as a regular T10 permaflage, so not worth getting over a regular (cheaper) one, unless you like the aesthetic. Ashitaka is worth having if you make use of her in Narai, but she's (obviously) a T7. FWIW I have them all, apart from Yamato.