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  1. quttu

    Server Problems

    I can log into the game, but it freezes if try to go into battle
  2. Worthless Santa gifts this year, last year was better esp with the Premium time in them, not buying a single one this year..... and ive usually bought 60 mega's each year...
  3. quttu

    English speaking Commanders

    I have 2 Alexander OVechkin , one for Russian and one for US/American ships, and its the Russian one im referring to!!
  4. quttu

    English speaking Commanders

    So is there any way to have Alexander Ovechin speaking english instead of Russian which i dont UNDERSTAND... and English instead? Just to clarify, its the Russian Alexander Ovechkin for RUSSIAN ships, not the US/American ships one im talking about!!!
  5. Advantages of British destroyers allow players to choose the best tactics depending on the situation. Whether it’s using a smoke screen to hold an important strategic area and detect enemy torpedoes with Hydroacoustic Search; or using Hydroacoustic Search to clear an area of an enemy destroyer and to cover an allied ship with a smoke screen, saving her under the close watch of the entire enemy forces—choose, modify and enter battle. So does this mean that Hydro will actually have range beyond detection range, cause else u cant use it "clear an area of an enemy destroyer" unless he is stupid sitting still in smokescreen
  6. quttu

    Chat server

    I get it all the time, and restart doesnt fix it,
  7. quttu

    Chat server

    I keep getting Chat Server unvailble ... all the time.. is there any way to fix this? Tried following Running game integrity test Reinstalling the game tried different drives aswell Cant be real that this cant get fixed
  8. quttu

    Chat Server Unavailble

    So i keep getting Chat Server Unavailble?? goes away after about 10secs, but makes it impossible for me to write to people or seeing there Replies in game!!!! is there anyway to fix this?? Ive tried running Ipconfig /flushdns as i read it somewhere it could fix it, but it hasnt. also tried following things 1. Removing Addons 2. Reinstalling game 3. Even tried setting my computer DMZ in router incase it was some port that was getting blocked... All of the above had 0 effect.
  9. quttu

    Ranked battle and AFK'ers

    I really dont understand why, there isnt a report AFK function in Ranked battles, have had 4 battles with AFK'ers, 2 of the battles was same guy.. There should be penalty system for this... or make a button that has to be clicked when battle is ready, spawning random locations, so that u cant have a bot program doing it
  10. So the Yorck got an buff, better Traverse speed wuhoo it needed it, but but but Why the biip, is the Trajectory so [edited]awful on the AP.. and the HE Trajectory is way better... i know there has to be ship that are hard to master, but the yorck is awfull still.. crapdmg with HE, yes the dmg on AP is good if u get into 8-9 km range.. but if you get there, ur dead in a matter of seconds! Maybe its just you Wargaming, that put in ships, that piss off ppl so much, that they spend money on FreeXP...
  11. now where is the balance in this game.... WG, please do something about DD's when Matchmaking... been seeing this alot lately where there is uneven split of Shimakaze's this last game being the worst ever, with 4 Shim +1 fubuki on one side, and on the other just 1 Gearing....
  12. quttu

    Critical error, unable to extract update

    i have the same error, what to do ?
  13. quttu

    Phantoms and Witches

    14games played in murmansk and t4 rusian dd, no Ghost ships spotted....
  14. quttu

    Nurnberg HE dmg

    Plunge fire, hitting the deck
  15. quttu

    Nurnberg HE dmg

    So, i've sailed the Nurnberg for some games now... and ive noticed HE shells must be bugged... as soon as i fire on a BB (Fuso,kongo,Tirpitz,New Mexico) i do 0 dmg with HE shells, but as soon as i change to AP, i can do some dmg! Atm on tirpitz i fired 45HE shell, 0 dmg,0fire.. took out some secondaries and AA, changed to AP and 9hits 6k dmg 14-17km range New Mexico fired HE 39hits 0 dmg, 21 hits with AP 17k dmg, range 13-15km Fuso did over 50hits with HE 2 fires 0 dmg, AP on bad angle 17hits 9,5k dmg... Am i the only that has problems with HE on BB's?