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  1. JaiFoh

    CV Rework Discussion

    You are!!! But you are not wrong, i have had to take a mandated break due to a House move and my gaming laptop exploding but when i steal the PC back from the wife i get a few games. and in-spite of being rusty as all heck i took Enterprise out, managed to do 95K damage, two kills and topped the leaderboard in a T10 game. in 5 games of taking Enterprise out she feels like when i am taking out Kamikaze. Enterprise has Joined the Kamikaze sisters, Kutuzov, Nikoli, Ceaser and Belfast as the OP ships (don't get me started on Smolensk)
  2. JaiFoh

    What do you guys think of the Exeter?

    I did hear Rumours that the British Heavy Cruiser Line is coming, and given how Exeter Plays and how she tops the leader-boards, i think we can conclude she was the prototype, good AP and Hard Hitting HE. Renown as the British Super Cruiser? *ducks*
  3. JaiFoh

    What do you guys think of the Exeter?

    the feeling you get when you double citadel a Graf Spee and knock out his Engines
  4. Principle of the idea is sound. To offer people something for playing through the lines again, but selling and starting again? i disagree with that. The Rewards as proposed what on earth was in the vodka tap? To me as someone who works, has a family and a social life what this is saying to me is You are not wanted here, go away and find some other game to play. I could say alot more, but as this is the first copy i have managed to write without any swearing in it. I am taking an break from the game at the moment due to BT being idiots and moving house, but this in it's own has left such a sour taste in my mouth i am not 100% sure i want to come back as things stand. Utterly disgusted with the rewards, the concept is a good idea The Rewards What was in the vodka tap?
  5. JaiFoh

    Wargaming snuck carriers into clan brawl.

    i am inclined to agree so much for looking forward to clan wars for the first time in ages
  6. JaiFoh

    Wargaming snuck carriers into clan brawl.

    now removed https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/general-news/clan-brawl/ again What is going on?