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  1. BB AP full penetrations on DDs

    Yes, 3 weeks ago i even took a screen shot of it Will have to find it when i return from my business trip to the states
  2. BB AP full penetrations on DDs

    I have a feeling this is the same problem in the code as the overpens causing citadels on cruisers ages ago. But when a single AP shell causes 7k of damage to a dd there is an issue. (I assume it caused 3 over pens (Bow, superstructure, midships) before detonating in the stern there is an issue ( i was the battleship) That is what i want fixed.
  3. Supertest FAQ

    when do the testing sessions take place roughly time and day wise as due to my work and some other stuff i am working on such as classified for classified in order so that when it goes to classified it will be in a classified state. That and with a wife and daughter together with my job in classified Security time is of the essence but i would like to give something back to wargaming.
  4. Adding H.M.S Repulse?

    I Agree HMS Tiger for a mainline Silver Battlecruiser at T5 HMS Renown for mainline Silver Battlecruiser at T6 HMS Repulse for premium T5 Battlecruiser, Hell Repulse will not be as overpowered as the Ceaser at T5
  5. Radar Discussion Megathread

    or if within 8km of the target iirc
  6. Balance and compromise If Wargaming want to to try and balance these ships by making them slightly "worse" than others due to the power of single spread launch then just make the standard normal spread slightly worse seems to be a reasonable compromise in my head and also easy to code. as for 1/5 rather than 1/4, again trying to balance and it also gives a choice, 1/4 will give a pen of 28.5mm which is an important threshold where as 1/5 means a pen of 22.72mm which then leads to a choice for the player. Do you go RPF or IFHE, do you want to hunt destroyers or punish battleships and cruisers with rapid firing guns? I feel that offering players a choice seems to be a better option and can make these destroyers ships that can be tailored more to individual players rather than the min/max approach which i do with my other DD's. Also on a personal factor, i play this game to relax and unwind, i do not have time to devote to grinding up captains to 19pts (as such only have two in two years of playing) so i want ships to be open to everyone form the start rather than limiting people to needing high skilled captains to even make ships playable i would rather see open access to the ship from day one rather than day 90.
  7. Give them a "Narrower" Spread (ie a 5 torp spread for 4 torp launchers) and 75 second Speed Boost and i suspect most people would be happy. Maybe 1/5th Pen on the 114mm Guns
  8. World of Warships Cinema Tour

    https://www.no6cinema.co.uk/venue *Cough Cough* Hint Hint Could you get any more warships than that Cinema?
  9. I must be in a minority then who think's popularity contests are always a bad thing and that the formula is needed, because otherwise Jingles would run away with it. By implementing a formula then it brings a balancing equation and further highlights smaller channels and other mediums of content into the forefront. i find that out of all of them the Podcast's was the best in round 1 because it thought outside the box. Also i would have wanted LWM too

    Also because any good Destroyer player would join sharks because when we go out hunting battleships we are humming this
  11. Having reflected over the weekend (and enough alcohol to sink the Conqueror with fires, hooray for end of Financial years and over target) the issue with the Royal Navy Destroyers is this "defensive" mentality which i get but doesn't fit with the mentality of most Destroyer players, unless wargaming wants to introduce submarines and RN DD's are the only counter It also doesn't fit with the mentality of RN DD captains of that Era either who had the aggressive tendencies of a wolverine with toothache. (See HMS' Glowworm, Ardent & Acasta) I can understand wargaming's thinking but not the rational personally. of the videos released, i think Notser spoke for the Destroyer community and those waiting for the RN Destroyers in particular and the disappointment they are feeling, where as Flamu's was alot more objective and did not make a final opinion of her at this point. The line just doesn't seem fun to play at the moment. Right now i think Jutland and Daring have issues with their guns and penetrations (113.6mm cannot pen 19mm) and their speed. and the Wide Torpedoes i just do not understand. The T5-8 do not have as many issues with the guns TBH as the Gadjah's/Haida guns work fine and that game play style is fine. My suggestions; Universally add back in Speed Boost but only for about 60-75 seconds rather than the full 120 seconds everyone else gets. Reduce the Spread of the torpedoes to something between wide and Narrow, maybe the five tube launchers have the spread of a japanese six tube, four tube = five tube etc. Give the Daring and Jutland's guns 1/5 Penetration and reduce fire chance by 1-2% (i think 1/4 is too much) Maybe increase Torp acquisition for the hydro.
  12. RN DD announced

    Watching notser stream the t9 and t10 earlier before i had to catch a train. Insultingly underwhelming. Poor handling Guns cannot match 19mm Average torps Terrible arcs (single or wide) It is as if these destroyers were created by battleship players Cannot torp Cannot gun boat Cannot run
  13. Radar Discussion Megathread

    Agreed i was in a Division on Notser's Steam testing out the new Raptor Rescue on the PTS, decided to test the new dot on a charging fubuki in the Normandy 5k of damage
  14. Radar Discussion Megathread

    I more or less agree with that and this is how i would change it to be honest. With 0.7.7 we have the infamous x marks the spot properly on the mini map so if we just highlight on the map it is possible to hit ship using that mechanism.