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  1. JaiFoh

    Buff british cruisers allready!

    Personally i think Leander and Fiji are in a decent place I also agree on Neptune and Minotaur's Citadels, get rid of the ruddy funnel bulge and there would be zero complaints from players of the ships (Battleship players would complain though) but the talk about improving mid ship plating to prevent those angled citadels in Cruisers might help and then push leander and fiji potentially into OP territory.
  2. JaiFoh

    British Heavy Cruiser Line ***UPDATED***

    Very Good points, i was also considering what we have in game now and if there are changes to the High Explosive calculations then the British Heavy Cruisers could be designed for that from the start rather than having to adjust it. I would just prefer to not have island camping cruisers again, the French and the Soviets are fun to play as is the Des Moines as it can open fire in the water better than all her fellow american cruisers at T6 and up.
  3. JaiFoh

    British Heavy Cruiser Line ***UPDATED***

    I agree with the line being T5 = Hawkins Class T6= York Class (Exeter Premium) T7= County Class (Kent Sub class) T8 = County Class (London Refit) T9= Early War Heavy Cruiser Design T10= Late War Heavy Cruiser Design as for how i feel that they should play, i like the thinking of a style of player similar to the Kutuzov, sit at range and smoke and rain fire down at mid range, so give them similar range to the American Heavy Cruisers.
  4. JaiFoh


    yep happens to me every few months when it strikes i mess around in CO-OP to see if it is a 1 off, if not its a delete the game files and install again
  5. JaiFoh

    Santa's gifts are here! Please, share your loot.

    I bought 20 Mega's and 20 Big plus the Two Free My Mega's were Disappointingly Average i got 6k Doubloons 140 NY Camo Abbruzzi + 10pt Captain Murmansk + 10pt Captain 180 Dragon Flags couple of the insane camo I made a small profit of about £5-10 The Big Boxes 15000 coal 2000 Doubloons Ashitaka + 10pt Captain Krasney Kreme (why did i ever sell the fecking thing) Arizona + 10pt Captain 100 NY Camo 45 Dragon Flags About a £30 Profit Free Boxes Hung Meh + 10pt 100 Free XP Flags Then to cap it all off i got two Super Containers for Stage 4 of Halsey 100 Free XP Flags Kii + 10pts
  6. i thought this was a semi sensible post about asking wargaming to put Coal in the premium shop
  7. JaiFoh

    Mighty Jingles is a winner of the Ring Contest

    *uses his cyber spy abilities to hack the webcam* Yes it is
  8. JaiFoh

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    I want to join the lottery i was planning to donate but sadly buying a new house limits funds :(.
  9. JaiFoh

    Timing of Clan Battle Seasons

    RADAR PLANES with Defensive AA
  10. JaiFoh

    BB AP on DD's not working as intended

    Thank you, made my week :) Also when posting a screen shot of this a 98% BB player already started complaining about game balance.
  11. JaiFoh

    Wg, isn't cossack a bit too much?

    Exact opposite of what they did to the Yue Yang, too heavy handed with the nerfs. Almost at the Cossack but in the hands of an above average player the Cossack is insane, i only engage it in the Jutland if i know if i have a unfair fight in advantage to me.
  12. JaiFoh

    Bourgogne 88k steel

    Personally part of me would like to see Gremy, Nikoli, Belfast & Kutuzov for sale in the arsenal for steel. yes these ships are overpowered but putting them behind steel gives people more options on what they can get for Steel, it also increases the amount of potential rewards for Clan Wars and Ranked. with Two Tier 10's 1 Tier 9 (Black) 1 Tier 8 (Kutuzov) 2 Tier 7's (Flint & Belfast) (Someone Make HMS Rodney as a T6 Overpowered Premium :P) 1 Tier 5, Gremy 1 Tier 4, Nikoli I know it is unlikely but it is an easy way for Wargaming to expand the use for Steel and actually give players a choice, either a really long grind, or a shorter grind for a lesser tier ship.
  13. JaiFoh

    Witch ship is better, (fletcher or jutland)

    I have fallen in Love with the Jutland with a love affair that i have not experienced since from when i first got to the Fletcher. But then again i enjoyed the Acasta, Icarus and Loved Jervis & Lightning so it is not surprising. As for whom is better, it is close actually, but on personal preference i prefer Jutland. Torpedoes i would rate the Fletcher having better Torpedoes due to their greater damage and reload Guns the Jutland wins due to the superior guns and shells (inc IFHE) and the ability to inflct hugely damaging salvo's on a Fletcher with the AP like i did last night cannot be understated. Hull & Handling goes to Jutland (just) due to that power in the turn but also that Heal. Overall, if we had a T9 Clan Wars or Ranked Season i do not know whom i would pick, Jutland or Fletcher.
  14. JaiFoh

    Some interesting info around the world

    https://www.facebook.com/wowsdevblog/?__tn__=kC-R&eid=ARCWLiIwOiM0NL592MMcxRPucKCoqsHBnUlpg2Lvlz1kREZkNgOiA_9bb_gcv1thnbKZdJkpjd5H7_3_&hc_ref=ARQHytOtv7frS2aJvRGWz3lbpZkojhfKTaDAj_xQ3OKqZRHI4IE0QspTFcoRnynBRFo&fref=nf&__xts__[0]=68.ARDO0fU61sHzBpJtPraBs6bx56Qc2-RkyZgGajUciT5OM6M26DiDjs1K5b-s5SK0b9Xi3-NQDt3Py0mo5yJ0BZ8AdjavyRM6QwhJxGQy9PSbjdgNQLMzG23V2pv-8cF5gT2Sd3l5xERL_ofEvj8vBisCCZ8-AHH4oxXhF-vZMqufhOxQSnIFVAzCRQfV5zUf4O6Lz48m6KWrYqmONIzisJk ST. British battleship Vanguard. Main battery reload time reduced from 28 to 25 s; Main Battery guns receive an increase in the accuracy, similar to the accuracy of the battleship Warspite; Increased damage from HE shells from 5300 to 6300; Main Battery rotation speed has been increased from 4 to 5 g/s. Previous changes have led to the desired level of survivability of the battleship, but the possibility of damage remained relatively weak and did not allow the ship to realize her full potential. The latest changes increase the combat effectiveness of Vanguard and make it more competitive at her tier. Increasing the damage of shells to the level of Monarch will allow the battleship to choose between types of shells depending on the situation and equally effectively use each of them.
  15. JaiFoh

    [Nerf Bat] Yueyang being slaughtered

    Still Grinding towards mine but even i can see this is a massive Nerf Half a Second on Guns and 10 more seconds on Torpedoes i could live with, this just seems over the top completely. These guns are not Hard Hitting like the Khaba or the Z52, nor does she have quick reloading torpedoes either. Or just the torp reload This is a massive nerf and smells like complaints from Battleships