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  1. No offence intended or taken Just thanking you for doing your roles (i was a tester/contributor back in the day for Games Workshop its a thankless job and done out of your love of the game and you usually get the rough end of stick despite just trying to help)
  2. Thanks for this Kandly, and thanks to the supertesters for doing their roles :-) I am not opposed to change in general and i do think something needs to be done to ease the camping meta somewhat but this seemed to be a sledge hammer to crack a walnut. Surely an easier option as it has to be in the game code is a similar mechanic to stealth firing that has been suggested before. when you fire your guns in smoke your detection bloom still shoots up to max but then drops down again seconds later as you are "in smoke" so you are considered out of line of sight. Is it possible to change code that your detection drops when in smoke to 2.5km (proxy detection range) and then implement a section in the code for detection in smoke that takes gun caliber and divides by let say 50 and that becomes your detection range instead. and if gun caliber is greater than 139mm (as that is a value already used in game for captain skills) So a 152mm armed cruiser in smoke now has a detection range of 3.04KM A 203mm armed cruiser in smoke now has a detection range of 4.06KM A 305mm armed battleship in smoke now has detection range of 6.1KM A 356mm armed battleship in smoke now has detection range of 7.12KM A 406mm armed battleship in smoke now has detection range of 8.12KM And Yamato can be seen from 9.2KM surely something like this would be possible to implement and also encourage destroyers to do one of their primary jobs of fleet screen and fleet scout. I doubt there is anything you can do about the camping nature of the game especially when their are waifu's (islands) in the game unless you choose to make new maps called Ocean 2.0 Sea Gulf Point Nemo
  3. No, he comes with buffed skills so if you take Jack of All Trades rather than a 5% reduction in cool down its a 10% cool down, and Expert Marksman is a 3%/1% degree turn buff instead of 2.5%/.7% so if you put him on the Warspite (standard gun rotation of 3.3 degrees per second, standard expert marksman makes it 4 degrees per second so a 180 turn of the guns is 45 seconds. with this skill at 1% it becomes 4.3 degrees per second so 41.8 seconds to rotate 180. so roughly the same time that an Izumo takes to rotate its guns 180 degrees without any perks.
  4. if they implement this then i hope the following is also implemented All Battleships Sigma dropped by .2 and Horizontal dispersion increases by 10%
  5. ugh i have explained this once The Reason for the difference between the Iron Duke and Revenge is that Iron duke was the last of the coal fired battleships for the Royal Navy (bar war purchases) Revenge and the Queen Elizabeth started the oil revolution thanks to Churchill's insistence when he was first lord. The Use of Coal mandates two funnels in an 18 boiler arrangement due to the greater amount of smoke generated by burning. a theoretical late 1920's refit of the Iron dukes to convert them to oil fired boilers rather than coal fired would use the boilers of the Nelson class in terms of age and design which means they would have been able to cut down the 18 boilers to 8 and gain some 11,000 shp and would have been pushing 23.5kts but more importantly it would have been feasible to install a new single funnel as on the Nelson and Revenge Classes. so the design of a single funnel iron duke is completely feasible. the only reason why the Iron Duke's were kept was until the Nelson class was finished and then they were sacrificed in the name of the cherry tree treaty. (bar iron duke her self who became a training ship)
  6. I don't think anyone truly knows who hit the Scharnhorst that took out the forward radar. The Cruisers and Destroyers could not get ahead of her due to the weather themselves, the Scharnhorst could still manage pushing 30kts in the heavy seas, Belfast, Sheffield and Norfolk could just do about 25kts and rather than pursue the Scharnhorst they did their job, they protected the convoy. Admiral Bey turned the Scharnhorst north to try and flank the cruisers and get to the convoy as he still had his aft radar and his ship was still battle worthy. It was only after the second engagement where he found the cruisers that he broke off and ran south, heading straight towards where the distance cover force with the Duke of York was. That's when the cruisers pursued and only Belfast could keep up and with Belfast alone if the Scharnhorst's radar had worked Belfast would have had to break off. Yes Admiral Bey was not prepared to engaged the DoY when she opened fire at about 11km and got hits on first salvo taking out the forward turrets on the Scharnhorst and the Scharnhorst would have possibly escaped the DoY if the DoY had not while firing on optics only landed a 14" shell that went straight through the belt and destroyed a boiler room robbing the Scharnhorst of her only advantage over every british ship present in those conditions. Her Speed From that moment on she was doomed as the DoY was able to repair her radar and begin the pummeling.
  7. Second try and got 5* great work from the team and i was in the Gallant. Don't bother with her for the mission her AA is really bad the only thing i was good for was speed to pick up stragglers, the smoke and gunning down the s-boats. Killed only 5 planes. I did manage to go sail into the minefield and through pure skill (luck) i managed to dodge the mines and get myself out. Gallant really is nimble.
  8. The smoke changes if true are just....wow British Cruisers need the smoke as they need to be in the right location to do any damage without HE and do not have the range to be outside of citadel deletion range. i can understand the logic on BB caliber guns as the over pressure from them would dissipate smoke a little but not calibers under 6" it would take alot to dissipate that lot.
  9. Working for a Security company that uses abbreviations up the wazoo my brain is not translating SSE event to get the Dunkirk containers. to me SSE stands for Senior Software Engineer or Scottish and Southern Electric. anyone want to translate into Common English and prove that they are a VCATIAAOF
  10. Actually no they wouldn't have. as outlined in one of my previous posts the total weight of the turrets and 14" guns of the King George V was around 4800 tons. If they copied the Nelsons class turrets and threw in the Mark 1 15" guns (the Mark 2 would have been even lighter than the 100 tons) the total weight would have been around 4200 tons. the difference in barbette weight would have been limited due to the reduction in size correspondingly on the two quad turrets. the only real weight increase would have been the shells
  11. One thing is bothering me with the Monarch (name works just not 100% fan of it i'd prefer something like HMS Swiftsure or HMS Centurion) is those lattice 1950's era masts, and yet the catapult facilities remain. Any upgrade to those masts would have removed the catapult facilities mounted the boats there and then covered the entire ship with enough AA to make the Atlanta blush. personally i'd have preferred KGV at T8 with the option to upgrade to 15" guns with a mythical refit i would have accepted that without comment. Not opposed just, I don't know with family having served in the RN for 4 generations from WW1 all the way up to the 1st Gulf War it leaves a slight bad taste.
  12. Further thinking here/story writing here If HMS Monarch is the paper T8 based on the theoretical plans to arm the KGV with 15" guns prior to the London Naval treaty limiting the caliber of guns which when Japan reneged on the treaty i could imagine the provisional plans for the 9x3 15" guns being dusted off if the escalation clause was triggered. Using the Turret designs for the Nelson and Rodney with new 15" Guns would have a commissioning date of 1943 roughly. And here idea if i Was Sir Stanley Goodall head of naval construction in May 1936 Parliament has just approved the construction of a new Squadron of Battleships which are to become the King George V Class as per the request with three approved Ordered in FY 36/37 and the second pair ordered in FY 37/38. However, it is increasingly apparent that both Italy and Japan are not going to sign the second London Naval Treaty and that the escalator clause was going to come into effect. This would enable the construction of the Lion class but the design of the turrets and construction of the turrets would take years whereas construction of the 14" guns and turrets for the King George V class is well advanced. Conscious of this the original plans for the KGV armed with nine 15" guns are dusted off and ideas are circulated including one of using the designs of the Nelson Class turrets and commissioning new 15" Mark 1 guns using the existing designs rather than commission new Mark 2 Guns. Advances in construction result in the turret theoretically being 1100 tons with three guns of 100 tons each. The Weight to implement the nine 15" guns was therefore 4200 tons compared to the 4800 tons for the 10 gun KGV design, the additional weight would be taken up with the larger turret ring of the B turret but it was possible to do while remaining within the Treaty Limits. Taking the Design to the Third Sea Lord the following plan was proposed. Order four new King George V Class Battleships armed with the current 14" guns to be laid down in 1937 and use the funding for the 5th and the first planned funding for the post Treaty ship to be used to fund a pair of 15" improved King George V Class as a stop gap measure if the escalation clause is enabled. Following the Abdication crisis that raged throughout the latter half of 1936 the proposal to save money by investing in proven technology and reusing several old designs passes through parliament with little comment. HMS' King George V & Prince of Wales were laid down on 1st January 1937 HMS Duke of York was laid down on 5th May 1937 HMS Anson was laid down on 1st June 1937 HMS Monarch & HMS Thunderer were ordered 1st August 1937 and were laid down 1st January 1938. They were commissioned into the Royal navy in 1943 respectively and saw extensive service in the Indian & Pacific theaters.
  13. Someone at Wargaming has read "The Whale has Wings"
  14. Ditto on the Fletcher and now the hull upgrade the the torps i am loving her and i doubt i'll buy the gearing just for the sake of having a T10. T9 just seems a tad more fun
  15. Clemson gun upgrade Congratulations you have just joined the ranks of potential seal clubbers. Seriously Wargaming +1` artillery rating? when your number of guns goes from 4 to 8....