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  1. Kii came out today :-) and all the ARP/Dragon ships now
  2. I just don't want her to be a Clan Reward ship as some of us are more casual players and do not have the time to assist and take part in clans.
  3. So it looks like Musashi might be coming to the game. Is this the T10 premium with a purchase price of 1.5 Million free XP?
  4. .....isn't that faster than some TX torpedoes? iirc the Khaba's torpedo's are around that speed, we cannot have something that can beat russia? apart from the english women's football team
  5. Well Aware of that But we have in the Game code somewhere or coming soon T3 HMAS Vampire (former HMS Vampire a V Class Destroyer) T4 Nothing that i recall T5 HMS Anthony & Jian Wei (Thornycroft Leader modified) T6 HMS Gallant T7 Gadjah Mada (N Class Destroyer) & Błyskawica (technically) Also i am not sure but i do not recall any instance of where Vampire off loaded a set of Torpedo tubes in exchange for more AA i know that HMAS Voyager did but not so sure on vampire. also as a leader didn't she have quad torp sets fitted after a mid 20's refit?
  6. ohhh HMS Vampire is this our new Halloween ship as without a doubt one of the best named ship in the game for Halloween British Destroyers coming next year as we now have alot of British DD's appearing in the game code from T3 to T7?
  7. Gona have to pull up the screen shot later Had a shocking game in my Kamikaze as RNG was just saying "Nope" on every torpedo i fired pretty much , but i managed to stay concealed and do some sheep herding. 2 hits out of like 60 torps I also managed to when it eventually turned to 3v3 (2 BB's & 1 CL vs Me, a BB and a badly damaged (4k hp) CL) I sneaked into the cap to prevent them from gaining points and eventually when they moved to hunt me down i began to run, the BB told the cruiser to hide and he began to threaten their flanks. at which point when i left the cap we were 6 pts ahead having been 60pts down. enemy BB taunted me for not being able to torp I don't care, i like winning and by staying alive and delaying Cap Points we won.
  8. Only got 1 TX the minotaur Got 100 speed flags Could have been worse i could have got the spotting aircraft mod would have been overjoyed for a ship or the hydro mod
  9. I'd only support radar on destroyers if it had 2 charges (premium) and around a 3 minute+ cool down Range and distance seem reasonable but if deep water torps will only hit BB's and some cruisers then they may need some anti DD capability.
  10. anyone considered an underwater penetration? not tried it in a training room myself but i have detonated before in my Minotaur when one shell entered the water and the rest splashed around me and that was all it took to detonate me. (my minotaur now has anti det flag on it when i realised i have detonated one in every 8 games played in the bloody thing)
  11. I propose this, it will stop all BB complaints as BB's will only play other BB's But Cruisers will still complain about deletion
  12. i didn't even know that part of the map got rendered......never been there
  13. Nah just grind through normally, only about 40k XP from the Gearing for example.
  14. got 2 T9's and 1 T10 so might be able to get three
  15. I took a few games on the PTS and specifically grinded up to the Neptune to test it, and i will say. The sky is not falling as much as people thinks, yes the detection bloom for the Nep is the worst of the British Cruisers and personally i think the concealment should go down by 5% so rather than the 10km odd detection a 9.5km would be a tad more manageable. I did not have any issues with the detection bloom and engaged at 8-9km range ideally using islands to get position, in short i did not change my game style of always having a bolt hole. one of the few times i got spotted was a DD slipped out behind an island and i deleted him in 4 salvos, and when a Bismarck pushed.....straight into myself in the Neptune, a Minotaur and a Gearing. He had over 30 torps fired at him from three different directions, he didn't torp beat well together with 10-12 seconds every 4 seconds. We melted 80k of HP in under a minute.