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  1. Actually i need to slightly correct the OP here. Battle Ensigns were required to be flown in battle from any operational Mast to signify the national identity of the ship in question. In the age of sail at the close quarters range the smoke of the guns would quite frequently obscure ships and the large flags were required. to also surrender it involved the lowing the battle ensign hence the term of striking the colours and also nailing the colours to the mast the advent of iron and steam changed the rules as the masts began to disappear and the prevalence of mixed classes of ships from different countries became rarer. At the end of the day in the two world wars the decision was down to individual captains. Captain Bell of HMS Exeter during the battle of the river plate order the raising of five battle ensigns on Exeter. Top of the Main, Port and Starboard Yard arms, Top of the Mizzen and lower Mizzen. that would have been quite a sight as she steamed along at 30+kts, and Exeter was a graceful looking ship.
  2. The opening statement in this video is wrong. The Royal Navy did indeed realise the importance of naval aviation and was desperate to gain control back of the Fleet air Arm from the Royal Air Force which had had control of the aircraft and men that flew from the Carriers. The Royal navy saw form 1917 on-wards, It as an integral part of the service and they could not preserve nor guarantee efficiency in fleet operations with the aircraft only given to the Navy at the RAF's pleasure. Lord Beatty was desperate to get the Fleet Air Arm back and in 1923 the control of the fleet air arm was almost gotten back by the Navy. It Failed by two votes in Parliament. Who knows what would have happened if the royal navy had gotten the FAA back, especially with commanders such as Admiral Lyster (the brainchild of Taranto Attack) As an aside with these videos and the time Wargaming seem to have spent at Yeovilton recently are we going to see a Royal Navy Carrier (prob Ark Royal) soon?
  3. Kamikaze, Chapeyev, Schors, Fiji, Gallant, Scharnhorst, Svetlana
  4. WOW the HE Spam got intense then
  5. 69 spare captain slots i don't have time to grind up hundreds of captains (only 1 L19 on a Minotaur) i'd rather than port slots
  6. Having watched Notsers video this morning on the train to work i quite like the look of the T10 Pan Asia. however i have concerns not on the ships themselves which to be honest look fun (i want the T7, cause N Class) but its the detection on the deep water torps (0.8km) how long before the BBabies complain and they get nerfed into the same detection as japanese?
  7. Well stop playing battles in the South Pacific and Indians Oceans Also because of this guy
  8. Buff against the pen damage, it changes the armour to a level below that which will activate AP shells
  9. Ah apologies, Although as a counter point it dials back to the Sovereign in that there is consequences in our community in that you can be thrown out of the "tree house" and in general society the govt is finally catching up with the internet trolls.
  10. I thought OP was talking about a game i had the other week where there was 5 Minotaur's on both teams. (also three Neptunes) (i was one of the mino's) The shell spam was glorious 2 Minotaur's and a Neptune (my team) focusing a Conqueror was hilarious to see, the Conqueror was loosing about 2k HP a second or two and eventually had to hide after he had lost about 50k HP in under a minute. However it enabled me to sneak around a couple of times and killed both enemy Mino's and a Neptune and inflicted 40k damage to the other Neptune. We won but the amount of semi AP spam was glorious.
  11. The anonymity of the internet is not as great as people think, a good example that has been brought up in scholorly articles in comparison is the football hooliganism firms of the 1970's to 1990's. With things such as the 6.57 crew, the County lunatic fringe etc they were anonymous in the eyes of the local law enforcement wherever they traveled but known to the local law enforcement which is why many many crimes committed by them were able to be gotten away with many times. To quote a relative who was part of one of these firms in the 70's & 80's (maybe paraphrased a bit but it was 9 years ago and sadly he is no longer with us) "You were not known back then so as long as you out ran the booby you got away with it, until it became national scandal and the govt finally got involved when Thatcher was PM" Although generally agreed as Hobbs States, base human nature as you describes is Nasty, Brutish but mercifully short. We can be nasty individuals if we allow our base instincts to rule our thinking.
  12. Notser is right here, although on a different scale and this is something that affects the whole of the internet. From online forum communities, social media, video games the works. Humans are naturally inquisitive creatures and we flock to things that we find interesting and challenging, we are also social creatures and create communities on social means, but then we also develop those communities to a certain point. This is where the problem lies. Human nature is competitive and we fight each other for resources as our base nature is that of survival, and in the true state of nature is Hobbesian in nature as the internet has become out of the comprehension of the human mind. Our brains are not hard wired to deal with the community of this scale. We can deal with our street and our families, but getting to know towns where there are thousands of people. That is impossible and we build barriers within our Brain. The Warships community has its factions and some of them can be the very definition of unpleasantness as do all online communities. Indeed the very definition of Hobbesian describes online multiplayer games perfectly. Hobbesian: Involving unrestrained, selfish, and uncivilized competition among participants i doubt anyone can say blowing the frack out of each other counts as civilized behavior. The civilized part is that we are doing it in virtual space as opposed to reality. The ability to look beyond this is a challenge to all, and even i know i can loose my patience and resort to my base human nature and as it is impossible to resort to violence over the internet it resorts to name calling, to come back from the brink takes even greater and when i reach that point i will walk away and then go back to it later. If i am in the right i report to the Sovereign as the works of Leviathan are especially relevant for the internet, as there is always a supreme authority on the internet, (usually the person who pays the bills) We have a sovereign that wields supreme power, and that is Wargaming forum team with their management team above them going all the way up to the Board. will they act? If it is laid down in black and white (hell even shades of grey) then they will. Notser has pointed something out that many people do not like to hear and never have done in 15 years of online gaming that this has always existed, but at the same time we do not want to go the full opposite and reach a point where airing a view that is controversial results in censorship (eg safe spaces in universities) We have got another few tens of thousands of years before we evolve past this. and with that Philosophy Jai is out Tip your waitresses, for further reading i suggest Hobbs, Locke, Rousseau, Machiavelli, Aristotle, Plato and Socrates.
  13. Take of my Maass yesterday and match making pulls up this gem 7 Destroyers 14 Cruisers Zero Aircract Carriers Zero Battleships O_o
  14. Suggestion During special events have the national flags (for non China & Taiwan ships) an option to be worn like cosmetic flags if you complete missions during a period with those ships. gives back individual choice i'm from a Royal Navy Family who specialised in surface fleet, i do not take offense at the jolly roger.
  15. the Flag person's Attitude annoys me and i take offence at the implication that everyone is happy and smiling all the time. as an aside, i was waiting for something like this, once again West Wing to the Rescue.