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  1. Moving Commander and Commander Skills

    I must admit myself disappointed at how quickly this thread went down hill. The times i wish i was a mod or an admin like in my days working for gamesworkshop to deal with unnecessary crud like this. But wargaming couldn't afford my salary.
  2. on the Rare occasions i spawn near C in a DD i will lurk in the channel and wait for the D cap to flip, and the run out at full speed. Most Damage was when i found a Bismarck and Izumo in D and because they were distracted by a Missouri from our team that had also gone D i was able to sink both of them in my Shimakaze. Of course the Missouri reported me for taking his "kills"
  3. Moving Commander and Commander Skills

    @Strappster Snap :-P, on location and pretty similar in games too @The_Wallet_Warrior i would definitely take advantage of the T6 Scenario missions as they give you a 10pt captain for Japan, Germany, Russia and the USA which are very useful, especially if you want to try going down a Destroyer line, and the German one is prob the best one as they are pretty balanced overall between guns and torpedoes and prob the best starting DD line due to that balance in the game at the moment (until maybe the Brits come out as TBH i think HMS Gallant is the best all round destroyer in the game at the moment, and i really like my T6 Destroyers, as i have the Farragut, Gaede, Gallant, Shinonome, Fushan, Anshan in my port right now (the T6 Japanese silver line i didn't like after the split so they got sold when i went to T7)) But you need a specialized captain for Destroyers as Last Stand is a must as is Concealment (unless your Russian)
  4. The question is what is the limitation of the system here now we know that mission/campaign based ones would be the easiest to implement as that is "get a dreadnought, x torpedo hits" etc So the logical one is for it to be a Mission and potentially to create/re-skin some existing ships for the "corgi captains" and have them be temp available like the clan wars for a week or two and have them be the target for a set of missions, so lets say a re-skinned Fiji, Bismarck, Fletcher, Budyonny. So thats four chips across T6-9 so everyone from T5 and up can see them. "Inflict 100,000 damage to Corgi Ships" (one time only, Container) "Score 10 Torpedo Hits to Corgi Battleships" (one time only, Container) "Score 10 Fires to Corgi Ships" (one time only, Container) "Score 10 citadel's to Corgi Ships" (One time only Container) "Sink a Corgi Ship" (Repeatable, 10x signal Flags)
  5. BBabies disapprove of this change as they can no longer go around the islands at the former D location personally i love the look of this change, i just sign so much when it just turns into a camping match at the old A cap and the other half of the team goes to D while the enemy sweeps through B and A as they outnumber the allies 2-1 due to the lemming train through the old D
  6. Some interesting info around the world

    ST, "Northern lights" map The side control areas in domination mode are moved to the left and are now controlled by the teams from the get-go. Amount of points received for holding an area is changed to 4/9 seconds from 3/6 seconds. ... These changes make gameplay on the map more unique compared to that of "North".

    Completed stage one of the second wave of French Missions last night. Only got three Collectibles left to get with 10 boxes left to "earn" so i will have enough to complete the collection even if it is all duplicates. still only gotten the mission for Bretagne though so it truly is in the hands of RNG
  8. I'd do it, hell i'd even volunteer to be a captain, but the way to try and maximise availability and potential would be to limit to to "prime time" on weekends and any time on the weekends so from like 3pm to 10pm UK time (that should cover most of the time zones?) and all day Saturday and Sundays
  9. Mission impossible ... aka "having fun"

    Fun was killed years ago in video games It is the thing that we are not allowed to have anymore it was killed in the name of W/R Statistics K/D ratio's and the colours Grey and Brown
  10. I prefer France to Republique This would have been the equivalent of calling HMS Conqueror, HMS Campbletown instead IMHO. Famous warship names, but in terms of impact...it just doesn't have the same impact.
  11. You need to accept the Narcissism of the French Nation
  12. Segal's departing

    Well John Doe is what an unknown person is called in the USA My head cannon is that the executive officer of what ever ship Segal was captaining got sick of his voice, and threw him overboard. Due to his trauma in the seas he has lost his memory and the salt water ruined his vocal cords After Recovery in Captain B.Advice's home for wayward/lost/drunk/insane captains he has returned to command as Cpt J.Doe to cause havoc on the High Seas to get back his lost memories.
  13. Moving Commander and Commander Skills

    Completely uncalled for Someone did the same when i started my NA account and had won a Molotov in a Super Container so i had to School him in the Art of the Molotov and came top of the Team with a Confederate and High Caliber. NEVER judge a book by its cover @The_Wallet_Warrior that being said you do have an ideal opportunity to almost go Seal Clubbing in the Low Tier German BB's by putting your Tirpitz Captain into the Low Tier Ships and Grinding through them. This will not only help you understand the pinciples of armour angling, and driving like your drunk (all Battleships should be driven by a drunk as it throws off torpedoes) but by the time you reach the Bismarck at T8 your Tirpitz Captain will have reached Level 19 which means the grind through to the Kurfurst will be extremely fun.
  14. So missed opportunity then :-P I blame your past self for not understanding the potential of future self to have disposable income for model and digital ships.