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  1. JaiFoh

    RN CV's in testing

    Yeah they were not the best hence why only a couple of hundred were built part of me just thinks that the Wyven would be too powerfu, because a 300mph torpedo bomber may be a tad over the top
  2. JaiFoh

    CV Rework Beta Test - Feedback thread

    I have played my first few games in the new carrier rework. To be frank, I enjoy the concept and general gameplay. It is engaging, different and something that I would enjoy playing every so often, much like how I will drop into a battleship every half a dozen battles or so. The difference between T6 and T10 are chalk and cheese. At T6 you are struggling to do damage with slow clunky planes and limited damage whereas at T10 in the Midway I could inflict massive damage but the Anti-Aircraft meant that it was a real challenge to punch through. Graphically it is beautiful and little work needing to be done there. Rocket planes currently feel useless at T6 and T10 currently, although fast and nimble the damage they inflict is so low it makes them pointless, landing 1 High Explosive bomb does more damage to a DD than half a dozen rocket hits. Dive Bombers although tricky to use do feel right the diving down feels good although the lack of controls in the dive initially feels odd, I do want to use my mouse more often. Torpedo bombers feel fine although in regards to flooding I think the flooding duration for air dropped torpedoes needs to be reduced, as the ability to pound and pound a single ship seems overpowered. Would a 15/30 second flood time be more fitting? Out of all the planes Torpedo Bombers feel the most comfortable at the moment, Dive Bombers and Strike Planes feel clunky. However, some depth/altitude control (Low, Mid, High) with capabilities of reducing/increasing time to get into attack position would be interesting. I also do think that fighters do need to come back in some form, the “escorting fighters” do work quite well for the attack waves. However, the ability to directly engage planes does remove some skill aspect although if you have Depth/Altitude control the ability to dodge fighters comes back, as once in attack run you are “locked” at that altitude until you unleash your guns. The lack of manual control for the Carrier just feels wrong, please bring this back, any planes currently in the air would continue to fly in a straight line on last heading for 20 seconds? Then begin to circle, if not controlled for 1 minute they return to carrier? Therefore, that gives 1min 20 leeway. Also with CV sniping such a powerful factor now I think having a “fighter” consumable tied to the carrier as well as the ability to have a fighter squadron would be better. As for AA, the sector changes seem ok but I was still desperately trying to click on individual planes, I almost wonder if it would be better to instead give players manual control of their Long Range AA guns and leave the mid and close range as the automatic ones, perhaps the 4 key becomes that control. overall the bones of the concept are sound but there is work still to be done on the flesh, but I would play this mode considerably more than I do the current RTS mode, which is the whole point.
  3. JaiFoh

    RN CV's in testing

    anyone else puzzled by the lack of odd numbered tier carriers? Also why not Malta at T10? also anyone think that those aircraft on the Audacious are Blackburn Firebrands? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blackburn_Firebrand
  4. JaiFoh

    Objection against participant choice of CV "Beta Test"

    i was chosen i have at max 100 games in CV across Randoms, CO-OP and Scenario's
  5. JaiFoh

    British Heavy Cruiser Line

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BL_9.2-inch_Mk_IX–X_naval_gun Yes they did have it lying around
  6. *hmmm, how to persuade she who must be obeyed*
  7. JaiFoh

    CV Rework Discussion

    So why did you apply?
  8. JaiFoh

    Request: Commonwealth and RN Skippers

    With the release of the Royal Navy Destroyers the vast majority of Destroyer models for the Commonwealth, Pan European & Pan American lines are now in the game. (Pan European has a few extra "native" ships needed to be added) there is indeed the capacity for silver lines of Destroyers to T10 for all of those 3 lines, T8 for the Cruisers (with T9 & 10 being fictional) and possibly T8 for Battleships
  9. JaiFoh

    Request: Commonwealth and RN Skippers

    Personally on the Cruisers i'd put the HMIS Delhi in there at T6, i'm also not sure how the Heavy Cruisers would play but Tier wise i do agree. For the Destroyers i would put in HMIS Rajput in at T6 instead of Quadrant or Ottawa and possibly for T7 maybe one of the South African W Class.
  10. JaiFoh

    "North" map remade... do you like it?

    I like the new one i just want one more thing to make it perfect
  11. JaiFoh

    Roadsigns - How does this help gameplay?

    Timed Mine Field There is a Deep Water Mine Field around that area that does not deactivate until 10 minutes into the battle
  12. JaiFoh

    British Destroyers Tiers 5 to 7

    Agreed the other factor to consider is that even if Gadjah gets off the first shot, in terms of accuracy her guns are inferior to Jervis So even if Gadjah is hitting 3 out of 6 shells on a salvo on "average" Jervis is managing 4 shells out of 6. And to completely disregard the torpedoes and hydro is a gross over simplification, even if the ships were steaming at the same speed in a straight line broadside to broadside at 6km, even if Gadjah gets off first salvo odds favour Jervis just due to how much more accurate her guns are in terms of dispersion, so yeah money still on Jervis as well, although it will be close. as for Haida, she really sucks in standard battle, but against other DD's she is deadly. A straight up fight between Haida, Jervis and Gadjah the odds favour Haida due to her harder hitting guns and she has the same accuracy as the Jervis does.
  13. JaiFoh

    CV Rework Discussion

    CV Rework latest participation in the "Battle on the Seas" abandoned instead CV players will load into the game and begin to play NHL Hockey from the Sega Mega Drive while other ships fight. This keeps the top down view CV's love
  14. JaiFoh

    What's the most Karma you've had?

    Prime Example of How to Farm Karma Don't be a Battleship Main Play DD's and CV's, if good CV and DD player the Compliments outweigh the reports. i'm sitting on about 130 myself
  15. JaiFoh

    British Destroyers Tiers 5 to 7

    I am Utterly baffled by this statement, because it is wrong on so many levels. Guns: RPM: Same Damage per Shell: Same AP & HE Rotation: Same Fire Chance: Same Shell Velocity: Same Range: Jervis has 200 Meters advantage Dispersion: Jervis Wins as H&V Dispersion considerably tighter than Gadjah (50x110 compared to 112x316) Gun Angles: Jervis has better Rear Arcs by Far, Gadjah slightly better bow Arcs, but the ability to fire the guns more at all angles wins. Hull: HP: Same Speed: Same (Advantage Gadjah in Straight Line with Speed Boost, Advantage Jervis in Turning) Turning Circle: Same AA Defence: Gadhjah has a Better AA Defence by 7 DPM Torpedoes: Type: Deep Water Vs Regular, Gadjah Cannot Hit Destoyers, Jervis Can Reload: Same Range: Gadjah has 1km Advantage but Cannot Strike Destroyers Speed: Gadjah 2kts faster Damage: Gadjah by 133hp Concealment: Gadjah by 180 meters Consumables: Cool Down Between Smoke: Same Length of Smoke: Gadjah by 200 seconds Hydro vs Engine Boost: Cool down: Same Combined Duration: Jervis of 9 Minutes compared to Gadjah 6 Minutes By This we can see that Jervis has better Guns than the Gadjah but Worse Torpedoes when targeting anything other than Destroyers To Call Jervis a Nerfed Gadjah is just plain wrong as they are similar in so many areas because they are more or less sister ships. They both have their own special quirks that make them different but the same at the same time. I view them as equals simply, neither has a real advantage on the battlefield But in a 1v1 fight, Jervis has the advantage as her Guns are Better, the angles are superior and her Torpedoes can hit the Gadjah. Gadjah Jervis