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  1. Gameplay Suggestion : Fuel System

    I approve and i offer my services to the academy of professional trolls
  2. British CL Cruiser ... we did it all wrong

    yep this is the stats from the wiki: 533 mm Mk IX** 0.6 96 7.2 15,533 62 10 0 1,200,000 533 mm Mk IXM 0.6 96 7.2 16,766 62 10 20,000 1,800,000 no reload buff, no speed increase, no range increase, only 1.2k damage increase and about 5% flood increase chance
  3. British CL Cruiser ... we did it all wrong

    Agreed some of them are questionable. I just bought back the Neptune and i forgot i skipped the torp upgrade the upgrade really is a bit MEH especially if you are low on credits as the credit costs is alot for what it is. but 10km torps, they are bloody useful and if you don't get within 10km you are doing it wrong :P
  4. Gameplay Suggestion : Fuel System

    Fantastic idea let us have fuel management in this game. My Fletcher class destroyer has a range of about 2000 nautical miles at full speed, that is enough for me to do the high speed run from Gibraltar to Alexandria through the Mediterranean. on average i travel about 50km per full length game, so about 27 nautical miles. that means i would need to refuel every 75 games in my Fletcher on average. i can live with having to refuel a ship once every 75 games.
  5. A Lemming Train of the entire team does not work (unless it is ocean) A Lemming Train where about 7/8 players push one side and the other 4 hold works very well. Last Night on Two Brothers me and my Div mate in 2 KGV's with the support of a Gallant & a Sims held off the push of (and occasional CV support) a Mutsu, New Mexico, La Gallisonaire, Aoba, Belfast, Sharnhorst, Z-39 & a Gallant. The Sims and Gallant Spotted for us and Torpedoed the odd capital ship before they were rolled over. Me and my Division mate were just kiting away firing HE at their Bows and an occasional AP salvo when we got a broadside. By the time they got into our cap, our own lemming had pushed through and i was the only ship left alive so i pushed back into our Cap and took out the Gallant trying to cap and the Scharnhorst at which point the New Mex, Belfast and Z-23 had broken off to defeat our own lemming train (which they did) so i then got some great flanking fire on their ships leaving only the Z-39 left. i did feel incredibly dirty getting an Arsonist, Witherer and High Caliber by shooting 75% HE.
  6. Is a Pan-European tech tree wanted?

    surely cannot be as bad as China being grouped with Taiwan
  7. Is a Pan-European tech tree wanted?

    oh this is a very big yes however, is it theoretically possible to have a northern and southern european set of lines? ie (the Baltic's, Nordic's and Dutch) with the Austro Hungarian, Spanish, Greek & Turkish for the south? You could certainly move the Blys into the Northern line, but for the Southern European nations choice is kinda limited. (i could work out to T10 for DD's & T8 for Cruisers for the North, the South only manage about T8 for both)
  8. bumped into @piritskenyer in a Salt Lake City and @MightyNorse in the Dallas last night after i got sick of awful BB play last night so decided that in order for it to be done right, you've got to do it yourself. Summary, Dallas doesn't like Battleship Guns, AP Bomb's Hurt the Fuso like hell, being a T6 BB against a T8 CV still sucks and my tactic of driving a battleship like a Drunk helps dodge Torp's.
  9. Limited ammo

    you forgot about fires spreading throughout the ship
  10. Limited ammo

    No, just no A Battleship carried enough ammunition for hours of continuous fire. The Minotaur enough ammunition to sustain 19 minutes of continuous fire. Besides you are dramatically underestimating the amount of ammunition that a Japanese Destroyer Carried in its magazines, you have given. a single turret magazine carried about 300 rounds of ammunition so that is 900 per ship. (like the Kagero Class) So if you had 600 rounds of High Explosive, and 300 rounds of AP i would accept that. that is enough for 100 full broadsides of High Explosive, that is about 11 minutes of continuous fire with just HE and about 17 minutes to empty the magazines. People dramatically under estimate the amount of ammunition a warship carries and with games of twenty minutes even the lightest destroyer would struggle to empty the magazines in this game. limiting consumables like is done now makes much more sense as there is a limit to how many planes, chunks of wood for repair, additional fuel oil for higher speed you can carry on a ship.
  11. Ultimate frontier ruined

    Happened last night to me in my Belfast We were doing really well the only ship left on the bots was the Alabama on about half health and we were in the process of deleting him with less than 2 mins left Our battleship moved behind an island and wasn't spotted, me and another Belfast in a smoke cloud and our DD had just taken out the Ranger. Alabama fires at the Aerodrome as he had no other targets (and ignored the two surviving forts in front of him) Destroys it in one salvo. Boy were we pissed off I like a challenge but basically having a "Just delete me" button due to circumstances is a little over the top.
  12. working as intended then his own fault for not being patient simple code equation being done here. Leave Battle Y/N? if Yes check ship HP is ship HP >or= 0? If Yes Punish If No exit.
  13. This crops up every now and again for me as well, although it only never loaded to game once and no idea what caused it. I Run Vanilla (Best Flavour) so when this crops up and a re-start and loading into Co-Op doesn't fix it then i do a complete re-install and that fixes the issue. It appears to be a memory leak somewhere no idea if it is unique to my system or if it just one corrupt file during a patch/update. Bloody annoying when it crops up though (happens about once every 6 months on average) But if a re-install doesn't fix it then there is something more serious going on.
  14. Worcester - broken promise?

    Having played some 200+ games in the Minotaur, she depends on alot of factors to excel, what didn't help me in the early days (and not running det flags on her -.-) was i rushed forward to support my DD's and then ate citadel's and/or suffered from the smoke bug where i only ever got one puff (who remembers those days) Now i'll average 65k and a kill or two every game more or less which isn't great but i am at least carrying my weight and the longer you can survive into a game with high health the more impact you have. The Worcester seems very much the same here, and given the flighty nature of the shells i think giving more range will not help here, i very rarely engage targets at 14+km in the Minotaur due to those floating shells, we know that she has a slightly better armour than the Minotaur (although not by much), her handling and speed is pretty much the same but she will prob not have the insane horsepower of the British Cruisers and her turning circle is bigger. We will have to see if she plays but here is a theoretical question to everyone would The Worcester (shire sauce) seem more viable on paper if she was given an improved heal, EG take the heal back .75% hp per second and give it the 50% citadel damage repair like the existing British cruiser Heal and keep at 28 seconds and make it a shorter cool down perhaps? (eg 60 secs instead of 80 for premium) So max that the Worcester could heal back would be around 9300 HP per heal compared to 6200 for a standard TX Cruiser Heal. (Minotaur can heal 17,000HP) Thoughts, does that make the Worcester seem less squishy?