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  1. JaiFoh

    HMS Furious and her planes

    Furious's issue right now is the fact that she has 1 aircraft that drops six bombs over a wide area. So a perfect drop will quite often land one or zero hits, which is incredible frustrating. Meanwhile seeing has HMS Implacable has the same sized aiming circle but drops 16 bombs from 2 aircraft, you get 3 or more hits that inflict 5K+ damage per run they feel so much better. Furious just needs a smaller aiming circle as opposed to a larger one, if that happens she will feel alot better.
  2. JaiFoh

    This new "Whoosh" sound!

    i honestly thought this was a comment about deadlines for a moment.
  3. JaiFoh

    Carriers 0.8.0-3 Please WG stop punish us!

    Actually almost 14km it's 6.9km on both sides of the ship, that is an almost 14km Diameter Circle that is aprox 25% the size of the entire map on Ocean
  4. JaiFoh

    British CV`s - Im soooo excited !

  5. JaiFoh

    Daring legendary module?

    Daring Legendary Module 1/4 Pen on High Explosive Shells and Torpedoes become Deep Water
  6. I was exceptionally bored on a conference call so i quickly put this together with an assumption that cruisers needed a 10% increase in their Air Detection British and American Light Cruisers Retain the ability to ambush by AA but they are not drawing them in anywhere near as far before they would have to execute the ambush
  7. ..... Ok i was concerned by Mino and Worcester but this is ducking bonkers i cannot believe i am saying this but 10% increase to Cruiser AA NOW please
  8. JaiFoh

    CV- We are in for a world of hurt

    Which is completely wrong because good players will keep their AA off, lure planes in and ambush them. AA cruisers having Air detection close to their AA (like stealth of 1-300 meters) that i feel is acceptable, but nearing 1 KM in the Minotaur's case is completely wrong.
  9. JaiFoh

    Tier VIII CV in tier X game

    Pretty much spot on CV's are Hyenas when they are bottom tier, they attack the weak and exposed and those with low health.
  10. JaiFoh


    All pretty good changes to be honest. But is it really a good idea to reduce the AA detection of the Worcester and Minotaur to BELOW their AA Range. (quick calculation puts their Air Detection at sub 6km) and their AA Range is 6.9km. Ambush Anti Aircraft fire is fine if it is blocked by smoke or an island, but the ability to suddenly appear at 6km just by turning AA on seems excessive for these already powerful AA cruisers. Minotaur did not need an AA buff
  11. JaiFoh

    Player Numbers. How much are they actually down?

    I was about to post a long reply agreeing and then saw your edit and deleted the long post. I completely agree, there is one piece of data that i would love to get my hands on. the number of players who have grinded up and are grinding up lines of ships, that would be the key content and to find that date is a real challenge WG has it but i doubt will share. The key question is, let us assume the average player logs on three times a week and plays 15 games. What are those 15 games before and after the rework? and how are they going up the lines? If they are before 7 BB, 5 Cruiser, 3 DD before. and 6 BB, 5 Cruiser, 2 DD, 2 CV now then you could argue that the rework is a success. It is that average player and their 15 odd battles a week and the make up of those battles that is the key on whether or not the CV rework is a success or not, because to be frank the vast majority of us who post on the forums do not fall into the average player category.
  12. JaiFoh

    Player Numbers. How much are they actually down?

    Wow that is the most in depth analysis i have seen in a long time, something i wish i had the time to do myself now and again. what i have taken from this is, 1. Generally more players are coming to the game. 2. There is a drop off in Low Tier so perhaps focus on lower tier is needed moving forward and less emphasis on T8+ (Personally as it is healthier for the game) 3. DD's seemingly need some love (esp with Radar changes coming)
  13. JaiFoh

    Player Numbers. How much are they actually down?

    not quite that accurate i am afraid, it will give you a rough idea but the bulk of games by the majority of players with lives outside the PC are played over the weekend. There is also some weekend variation (some parts of the EU server (north africa and middle east parts) the work week starts on a Sunday rather than Monday) Saturday in terms of games played is prob the same as Monday and Tuesday combined for example. (possibly even Wednesday)