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    10 Point captain with a ship & Q and about the Kidd

    Thanks for the help, at the moment I'm trying not to kill myself with the team RNG I'm getting. 5/5 loss with a 4 kill CV game against a 3-1-2 Hiryu.
  2. wolfverine28

    10 Point captain with a ship & Q and about the Kidd

    I would do that anyway but that was my main problem with getting just the Atlanta without the captain is that without IFHE its performance would be a lot less. Do you also know the minimum people you need in a division to do an out of date scenario? Its just sitting there taunting me and I cant do anything about it lol.
  3. So my mate got the Atlanta a while back and I think (after watching some videos on it and the price dropping) that it would be a nice ship to own however, after doin some 'research' the store only sells the ship (From what I can see) and it does not include a 10 point captain. I don't have any other captain then the one on my Ranger (That is decent anyways) and I cant do the mission to get the 10 point captain either. Is it possible to get it (I have seen it before) or is it only for special occasions or from a ship container. For the second question, I have been paying a lot of attention to the USS Kidd and have not been able to find it in the premium store, or have I found anything about it leaving the premium store. So have I missed it or am I just dumb. Thanks in advance!
  4. wolfverine28

    Have to be in a Division to play scenarios??

    Thanks for the help, I guess I should read more often :/
  5. Just spotted the 10k Free XP for doing the scenario 'The Ultimate Frontier' and decided to give it a spin to get some more free XP to help the grind to the Lex. So I select my Ranger (This is a T7 mission FYI) and I cant queue, so I switch to my Saipan.... still cant queue. So I hover over the 'Battle' button and it sais I have to be in a Division to play. So I hop into a Random Battle and create a division, die and then try to re queue and it deleted my division. So a very confused me runs all over the internet to see if people are talking about the same things I'm experiencing and I found nothing. First off, WTF! Second off, If anyone wants to queue let me know ;)