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  1. Moosealoob

    Shorten cap times Domination Random Battles

    I agree that this is a good idea based on the current CV meta. However, I still believe the CVs should be changed first and therefore the meta, before we reduce capping times. Or put it another way, would the time need to be reduced in matches without CVs? No. So I would prefer them to fix CVs first and if they cant then yes, great idea to reduce capping times.
  2. Moosealoob

    Neustrashimy price (+46% steel)

    I already had the Black as a ranked reward. I agree that between the two it's a no brainer, but I had steel burning a hole in my pocket ;)
  3. Moosealoob

    Neustrashimy price (+46% steel)

    That's why I spec'd as a torp build. The guns are back up for me. Getting in close to torp and then running and healing when spotted , radared, seems to work well.
  4. Moosealoob

    Neustrashimy price (+46% steel)

    I will just add....please, for the love of god WG, let us choose our consumable keys. It's the most infuriating part of the game. Speed boost? I? Damn already pressed smoke....oops now I have Def AA running... Why!?!? It's far worse on a DD with 5 consumables. And relax....
  5. Moosealoob

    Neustrashimy price (+46% steel)

    I bought it, I like it. There I said it. My type of ship that works with my play style.
  6. Yes because good players can always ensure they are out of radar range ;) Im very sure when we check the stats at the end of the season, the Black will have the highest win rate.
  7. If you are a DD player main then the Black is still the best DD in the game. Its a capping beast and thats exactly what you need for ranked.
  8. If you are a DD main then get the Black. Shes worth it.
  9. Moosealoob

    Ships for T9 ranked

    Not everyone has the Musashi or Missouri but everyone are mentioning them. Doesn't take away from the fact shes the best DD for a tier 9 ranked.
  10. Moosealoob

    Ships for T9 ranked

    The Black is better than both.
  11. Moosealoob

    [SBS] Looking for Clan Members

    BUMP If anyone is looking for an EU Clan to take part in Clan battles or simply to join a great bunch of guys sailing boats 24/7 :)
  12. Moosealoob

    Ships for T9 ranked

    My USS Black has waited for this day her whole life. Ive got all the other tier 9 DDs too but she will tick all the bases and should be an easy rank out.
  13. Moosealoob

    How can one be top BaseXP while doing nothing?

    We won. It was a great match (for a change ;) ) really close. I smoked a Seattle which enabled him to wreck a Yammy that was pushing. Good teamwork throughout and could have gone either way at the end.
  14. Moosealoob

    How can one be top BaseXP while doing nothing?

    He was using a Henry and camping at the back ;) while I was in the Z52. Did the capping, sunk ships, spotted and did more damage than him. He finished top, I was 3rd I think. Big difference in XP though.