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  1. Moosealoob

    How can one be top BaseXP while doing nothing?

    We won. It was a great match (for a change ;) ) really close. I smoked a Seattle which enabled him to wreck a Yammy that was pushing. Good teamwork throughout and could have gone either way at the end.
  2. Moosealoob

    How can one be top BaseXP while doing nothing?

    He was using a Henry and camping at the back ;) while I was in the Z52. Did the capping, sunk ships, spotted and did more damage than him. He finished top, I was 3rd I think. Big difference in XP though.
  3. Moosealoob

    [SBS] Looking for Clan Members

    *bumpity bump* Looking to add to our number to ensure we always have 2 teams playing in clan battles. Give us a shout if you are looking for a fun clan who don't take themselves too seriously. Well some do, but they get ripped mercilessly. Lots of banter and good friends. Give us a shout on here or in game.
  4. Moosealoob

    looking for a clan (non competitive)

    Marckron, SBS are currently recruiting members. Its a fun clan who are online 24/7 with members around the world, but all English speakers. We are all about the enjoyment of the game first and foremost. We have got 2 teams for clans. You are welcome to join and play as many or as few battles as you like. Drop a message in game or put in a join request. Hope to see you on board. Heres our current thread... Thanks! Moose.
  5. Moosealoob

    [SBS] Looking for Clan Members

    What a wonderful gesture. Bravo sir. o7
  6. Moosealoob

    Upcoming IJN DD "nerfs"

    Are 24 battles enough to call king of the stats? ;)
  7. Moosealoob

    Guide: British Cruisers

    Sorry, realise that....i meant the losing streak not the Edinburgh.
  8. Moosealoob

    Guide: British Cruisers

    AND ANOTHER WTF?!?!? I cant believe it 140k damage, I took on half the team by myself and still capped. The rest of the fleet went to c (we agreed B but only one DD joined me then fled and left me alone). The team on C despite having a 2 to 1 advantage died or sailed to the edge of the map and stayed there. I had 4 BBs 2 Cruiers and 1 DD all to myslef and I took 2 with me...140k damage and finished top of my team by over 1000.....but we still LOST. I dont care mt WTR, I dont care my XP, I dont care where I come in the team...I care about winning and its just not going to happen today I havent even got my daily win bonus on her yet lol. So so so bad.
  9. Moosealoob

    Guide: British Cruisers

    I take all that back, I just lost 5 matches in a row becuase my team were painfully bad...it wasnt fun at all. And its nerfed my win rate in it
  10. Moosealoob

    Driving around in SNIPER MODE

    I've sunk two friendlies in my time playing the game. I'm not proud of either but one of them I definitely put the blame on him....we even spoke in chat and I asked him if he could move forward behind the island so I could get my torps away, he agreed, moved forward, I torped and he just revered into them!!! But....still my fault. The other was 100% my fault and my lack of thinking and experience. I was trying out the 20ks on the Kagero and made my way into the enemy side and torped side on to their BBs. Little realising that the angle was back someway and the 20ks go a loooong way which i didnt even thnk about when shooting a target 7-8 K in front of me and being new to them. I sunk their BB but 2 torps carried on and hit a cruiser on my team. Not my finest moment You have to be very very careful...but mistakes will happen, its the fog of war. Just make sure you apologise. I know how bad I've felt. BTW...ive been hit by friendly torps far more than I've hit others. JPN cruisers like to torp into caps while I'm in there capping...sometimes when the nearest enemy is about 25k away and their 10k torps will not hit anything but me. They are the ones to be careful of
  11. Moosealoob

    Driving around in SNIPER MODE

    Cant they just use the right mouse button?
  12. Moosealoob

    Guide: British Cruisers

    I've been playing the Edinburgh. Absolutely love it!!!! Even the matches we lose I have great fun. You cannot stop thinking for a second. You can deal huge amounts of damage by constantly firing. I'm hovering around the 70% win rate and 60k damage. But that doesn't tell the full story of this ship. Its an area denial boat. DDs dont want to know when you are about and if they do they die very quickly. Mean while BBs see you as an easy target and so concentrate on your while the rest of the team is capping. One match yesterday we were a ship down and 2 caps to 1 down. 4 BBs and a DD decided to follow me north west to take me down. While they did that the rest of my team as a single fleet tore back through the mid cap with little resistance. By the end of the match I was still alive, had killed the DD and 2 BBs and the rest of my team turned up to help with the remaining 2. So although she might not have HUGE numbers, in the right hands she becomes a major player in the match and can turn games just by being in the right place. Oh and the 9km detection I have on her really helps my play style. Once the DDs are dead, I become the teams DD for capping and spotting. Not sure I want or need to head to the Neptune
  13. Moosealoob

    Leanders life goal.....Complete

    Not even joking but I took out a Scharnhorst with my Fiji secondaries today. I've buffed them when I realised how helpful they are when sat in smoke. After the Sharnhorst pushed my smoke and I was doing a good job with guns and a torp my secondaries made 28 hits and sunk him Made my day.
  14. Moosealoob

    IJN DD's in PTS 0.5.15

    Hey all, first post! Im really worried about the new IJN DDs. I LOVE my Buki. Shes my favourite ship and matches my style of play. While I know shes not as good as some others (the Benson has much better stats) I enjoy her style and understand how to get the best out of her. The new stats just look....well awful? Could Tier 8 and 9 IJN DDs drop even further down the stats compared to their counterparts? I honestly wish they were not changing them.