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  1. messershmitwarrior

    Update 0.8.4: Soviet Battleships!

    Will we be able to obtain these after 0.8.4?
  2. messershmitwarrior

    Update 0.8.4: Soviet Battleships!

    Can you still get the Lazo for tokens? I worked pretty hard to try and get it and I don't want Murmansk.
  3. messershmitwarrior

    CV Rework Beta Test - Feedback thread

    For some reason when I tried to instal the test client there was no TST thing. Can someone tell me if I have made any mistake or something?
  4. messershmitwarrior

    New Operation

    I think its a bit too hard. Unlike how many players say that the Raptor (which we had to save in the other campaign ) does actually spawn. It just camps in the left bottom corner of the map, surrounded be islands and other ships. It is impossible to sink when using a carrier because it has TWO fighter squadrons (despite the change). If you try to attack it with either a Hiryu or another Ranger, your planes get instantly deleted. Also it has two US DDs and a Cleveland nearby! I once tryed to sneak near it with a Shira but somehow it knew I was there and suddenly attacked me with planes. The dds and Clevy soon followed. I think that it needs to spawn in like the centre of the map. Another, bigger problem is just the sheer ammount of destroyers that attack you. If my calculations are right, they should be over 9000. Just kidding. They are like 10. Still thats too much. Even if the entire team focuses on these, it would still be pretty hard. If it was only the destroyers tho... besides the dds, like 5 battlesips and 7 cruisers also spawn. Thats TOO much. Of course, your team is only made up of Flamus, Aerroons and Eurobeats, you may be able to make it with 5 stars. The problem is, 90% of the teams arent like that. If you want to make it, you'll have to kill ALL the bots and then travel to the Raptor and somehow sink it. Now I know that WG wants to make something a bit more difficult but they shouldnt get carried away. What I would suggest is to lower that ammount of enemy ships that rush into you, especially the destroyers and move the Raptor a bit closer to the base. EDIT: That is for the bad things. Now the good points: The map looks quite good and it feels like a breath of fresh air when compared to all the other stuff. Also, if you look closely, you'd see that the torpedo bombers are not some copy-pasted cv planes but ground- based bombers. I could add more but I dont have time...
  5. messershmitwarrior

    How to fix detectability bloom time for destroyers and cruisers

    Im not talking about smokefiring (tho it is controversial as well) but for firing from open water, without smokes or islands.
  6. Hi you cheeky sea dogs I think there is a big problem with dds(and some cruisers), not counting BBs. They are OK So the last battle(but certainly not the only one) I was playing with my trusty Fletcher on the Hotspot map. I was camping in smoke and shooting enemies when my smoke ended and I had to move on. The problem was my spotting range was blooming to 11.8km and there were now 5 ships shooting at me. It was blooming for about 20 seconds and that was enough for my hp to go from 10k down to 600.... I survived but the battle was pretty much over for me. What I am trying to say is that its just not fair to have your spotting range blooming for the same amount of time for all guns and ships. I think that it should be 20 seconds only for battleships but for destroyers and cruisers with 2 or 3 times smaller guns it should be much less. For example, for 203mm guns it may be like 10 seconds or less depending on the reload as well. For dd guns it may be like 2 to 5 or 6 seconds. The first ideas thatI came up with were the following: 1 The blooming time will be smaller than the reload for all guns( so that you can dissaper for just a little) 2 It will be based solelly on the caliber of the boomstick. Both ideas have their cons tho. Because Murican guns reload faster than IJN, French, German, etc guns, if you try to escape after shooting, the americans will have an advantage as they will dissapear after 5 or 6 seconds while the germans and the other nations will have to wait like 10 seconds. The second idea has a problem too because if you want to get undetected and still fire constantly with a US cruiser or destroyer, you will have to wait for your spotting range to get smaller, meaning your rate of fire will be closer to that of an IJN ship which has an advantage in shell damage and fire chance. Because of this, the best idea may be to make something in between. For example, the blooming time for all nations will be smaller than US and UK ships reload so that these two nations' ships can dissapear after firing for a little and also the other nations' ships will not wait longer to escape concentrated fire. I hope WG listens to this and balances the blooming time for CAs and DDs Feel free to comment, criticize and suggest ideas! Good luck and fair seas!
  7. messershmitwarrior

    [AAO] Against All Odds now recruiting!

    Forgot to mention I am only 14.
  8. messershmitwarrior

    [AAO] Against All Odds now recruiting!

    This sounds very interesting and this is a very well-written advertisment! Too bad I dont meet the requirements... Only one T10 and OKish stats(I guess)...
  9. messershmitwarrior

    The Fighting 13th community is recruiting for World of Warships!

    Holy crab, why most clans want their players to be at least 17 or 18 years old? What about those who are younger but still love this game? I am 14 for example but this is my favourite game and I guess my stats are OKish...
  10. messershmitwarrior

    British Battleship line for 2017?

    Cant wait for it! I will enjoy sinking these with my beloved battleships (all german BBs from Nassau to Gneisenau, Tirpitz, Fuso and Yamato). Long ago someone said they will give them HE only because "unique" Lets face it, the brits may have invented many naval things but what was their navy in WW2? Tell me about anything special. Yanks had speed and AA, Germans had technology, endurance, accuracy and speed, Italians had made a battleship class that was 2 times cheaper than Bismark, japanese had traditions, good shells (yup, they had) and size. What did the british have? Not the biggest guns, not the best accuracy, not the best speed, not the best technology, not the best AA, etc(maybe traditions but by the time of WW2 everyone had learned from them so this doesnt apply). The only good thing they had when it comes to battleships was quantity. Oh wait, the americans outclassed them even in that. Perhaps WG will buff and make them OP to at least make players happy. Sorry to all british here who may read this as an insult but this is the sad reality and you can do nothing about it. Greeting from Bulgaria, Messer
  11. messershmitwarrior

    Event Calendar for October

    yeah and i bought Sharnhorst for a crabload of doublouns about a week earlier... tnx for not telling anyone!
  12. messershmitwarrior

    New "Bastion" Mode

    Well i want to try it but there is aways an error in the client The idea is awesome however even better that ciclones. And this is a bad for DDs. And i have a question: can a player who had lost his ship continue taking action in the battle, controling a shore battery? That will be cool. Another question: how can a team capture a shore intalation? Is there something like a base circle arroind the island with the battery?
  13. messershmitwarrior

    Tips on playing Amagi?

    I got the same problems. My tip is always to go where the most alied ship are and to turn, avoyding ANY shel coming to you.
  14. messershmitwarrior

    Project R Results

    I got 233 pearls. I will be good if i win kamikaze from those 2000. Wish me luck!