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  1. Palle67

    Open Beta resets?

    Why can´t we who asking for an beta key get one? I have done then subscibe and finnish it. We can´t ask and we can´t tell about impovements untill we playing wows.
  2. Palle67

    Requirements for playing World of Warship

    Hi Jengkins What is The American Q&A? :-) You know as an old man like me 1967 i don´t get it.
  3. What is the minimum requirements for playing World of Warship? I have played World of Tanks since 2010 whitout any problems. But not as Palle67.
  4. Palle67

    Closed Beta Gameplay Videos - Compilation Thread

    Very nice gameplays :-) Its only eye candy for me so far. I can´t wait for the release day.
  5. The vessels of the Three Crowns class was 180.2 meters long, 16.7 meters wide. They had a displacement of 7650 tons, a maximum of 9238 tonnes. The ship's main armament consisted of seven 15.2 cm M / 42 Bofors guns. The main artillery was placed in a triple tower at the bow and two twin towers in the stern. The guns could fire 10 rounds per minute and barrel, the maximum shot length is 22 000 meters.