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  1. Signed....out with this hacks skill
  2. Malkyr

    Ship you have grown to like

    For me its the Prinz Eugen. I got her cuz imma history nerd, however I absolutly hated her at the start. At one point I was even tempted to sell her for silver. But after many battles i've come to terms with her and absolutly love the ship.
  3. Malkyr

    Where are the Christmas convoy missions?

    ^Spot on!. Still keeping my wallet closed. Wg haven't proven anything with this answer. The root cause remains still unaddressed and given their track record, I fear it is only a matter of time. *CoughRadio Direction FindingCough*
  4. Malkyr

    Where are the Christmas convoy missions?

    You nailed it there....Thank you for stating our case so...eloquent
  5. Malkyr

    Immediate explanation REQUIRED WG'ing

    I highly doubt they will "get it" anytime soon. However with all that has happend recently and now this xmas disaster....I've lost all faith in WG EU and WG as a whole. So since WG doesn't seem to like EU very much, i will no longer give them a single euro (and not to brag, but ive spend a fair share).
  6. Malkyr

    Where are the Christmas convoy missions?

    Good job WG!!. My wallet stays closed from now on!.
  7. Malkyr

    Keep milking us....

    Great EU gets F*cked again!
  8. Malkyr

    Good Bye From Me

    To OP, I understand where you're comming from. I've played WOT since its closed beta(diff acount)aswell and passsed the 10k battles in that game and ive seen it gone to hell. Now about WOWs.....i'm starting to get the same feeling here. It's not just how WG is treating the EU community no no...they're up to their old tricks....rember how they basically killed off the whole light tanks VS arty meta? yea, any1 seen any high tier CV's lately?...en fin you get my point. OP I hope some time away from this game will respark you interrest, but somehow I doubt it....so take care!.
  9. +1 could not have said it any better!.
  10. Malkyr

    Dutch fleed

  11. Had this desync problem in closed beta and guess what....it's still here. Just started getting this again today. Ping is fine 31ms(no spikes) For anyone even thinking of suggesting it might be my ISP......read all the old treads concerning desync pls
  12. Malkyr

    Atago false advertisement?

    The main selling point of the ship should be : It makes you loads of CASH......but that too is a joke. Yes she makes you more cash and isnt a bad ship at all. The problem is however T5 prems like the Muru can easly make the same amout of profit as the Atago......so pls WG....why the Frack did I spend more money on my T8 prem(rhetorical for you smartasses out there ;p)
  13. Malkyr

    Pls buff income on Atago.

    +1 to OP I think everything has allready been said.....the atago is nowhere near the moneymaking machine it should be. Its not even close to a lowe in WoT. Waste of money atm, not because its a bad ship....but hey let's be honnest...we buy these prem ships to make us loads of MONEEEEEEYYYY!.
  14. Agree with OP...this is just getting silly.