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  1. Is there a way to check if you received the golden achievements rewards? I recall getting only 2 notifications. I suspect the whole reward giving script is bugged... again.
  2. The prize for golden queue jumper is 10 type5 camo indeed.
  3. On the wows page it says: Along with earning these exclusive achievements, if enough people earn them the icon will turn gold. If you log in to the game once the achievement turns gold, you can expect great rewards! It looks to me that queue jumper turned gold but there are no rewards?
  4. I can sympathize with your feelings regarding lemming trains. WG should really do something about it because it affects everyone in a negative way.

    [] Wyvern's Historical Skin Workshop

    Hi zFireWyvern, Will you include the deck swastika on the bismarck?


    This game is literally eating space on my hard drive!! 23,9GB on the released game and 38,5GB on PT!! WTF!!

    Epicenter maps

    A penalty for those who aren't in the circle sounds good.

    Epicenter maps

    What this game needs in not new game mods, but mechanics that PUNISH selfish gameplay and lemming trains

    General Feedback

    Apparently they need us to test IJN battleships so that's why there's a ton of them in each game... why all this whining? The primary purpose of PT is for WG to gather statistic data about certain ships, not for you playing around in ships you dont have on the main account

    Overall stability

    The ships in the port behave laggy, torpedoes in water are lagging too. I have no such problems in the released version

    0.5.7 is postponed until 23/06/2016

    Domination mode is the cancer of this game. What happens is that most of the time the whole team goes full r****d and everybody goes for 1 cap only and lets the enemy team capture the other caps

    0.5.7 is postponed until 23/06/2016

    There needs to be some clarification here: in the announcement it says "Artillery Plotting Room Modification 1" will be removed from second upgrade slot. But there is no such module in game. The range buff module is in the third upgrade slot and is called "Gun Fire Control System Modification 1" so what exactly are you removing? Also, why would you remove the most useful third slot mod for virtually all tier 9-10 cruisers and some destroyers and make it available only to US BB that don't need it anyway?
  13. So what happened? We reached 12 mil diamonds and they changed the agreement?! Now we get some crap camo instead of the "secret" thing, which was probably even more disappointing..
  14. Can the same supply crates be bought multiple times? For example if you have 1000 diamonds, can you buy 6x 7 premium days?
  15. Tuccy, why some crates cant be purchased, like 7 days of premium for example?