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  1. slingshot82

    Newbie Question on how to spend/use my Credits

    Hi Mediaman, They've covered most stuff above but also - you need to progress down the ranks to unlock some of these features first. For example you must progress to rank two to enable PVP fights, I can't remember the specific ranks to open up ship upgrades but I think it's either 3 or 4. In the meantime get to rank 2 to get some PVP fights in (more xp and credits earned), start earning some experience and unlock more ships - you need to use credits to buy new ships as you progress down the tree anyway.
  2. slingshot82

    0.3.1 update - First Impressions

    Only played a few games so not got to test all my ships but this - not a fan of the new sounds!
  3. slingshot82

    Good for a gift?

    Just bear in mind you can't buy on your account and gift it to them - you'd have to set up a new account for them and buy it directly there...
  4. slingshot82

    Ship in Battle

    Yup I'm fine with waiting for the battle to finish for me to play that ship again. Normally if I've had a bad game a died quickly I will rage (at my screen, not in chat) at how lucky the other guy is, how much the ship I'm in sucks and it's totally not my fault then quit and play a different ship (because obviously that piece of garbage I was sailing was to blame for me dying early, not me sailing off on my own...) If I've had a good game and played well I like to watch the rest of the battle play out/chat with the other people still there. Perfectly happy with how the system currently works.
  5. slingshot82

    Warships closed beta.

    Goodness me. I'm sure there are lots of people in a similar situation to you who didn't get in. The access windows were very limited (literally it was open for 10 minutes when I got in) so it was tricky to get into. It's not WG picking on you. But good news! If you really are desperate to play you can buy one of the premium ships and get access that way - go here for info
  6. slingshot82

    If i buy into the closed beta, will I keep my ship?

    Start with the Captain's Academy - good starter info and general guidance videos as well
  7. slingshot82

    question about CBT and premium ships

    There will be a wipe between CBT and OBT but you will keep premium ships that you have bought (for £$) - you will just lose all experience and progress in it. You also get gold as part of the premium buy in - whatever you spend these on won't carry over to the wipe - but you will get your gold refunded.
  8. slingshot82

    Cruisers seem more fun?

    True - but that is basically the job of the BB - killing cruisers and taking on other BBs. If you're a cruiser against a BB you've got to dodge, weave and, frankly, hope for the best - one good shot and you're gone. But that's the nature of the beast - the BB is the hard counter to the cruiser. It does feel a bit pronounced at the moment but we're in beta - we're helping to gather the data to balance this out. Agree with your idea for battlecruiser/heavy cruiser line. I'd love to play in that middleground between cruisers and BBs - but also feel like they would then be a bit OP - taking the strengths of both and countering some of the weaknesses....
  9. slingshot82

    Royal Navy

    This - I'm a Brit and would love to see the British ships but they are Russian developers and will want to see their ships as well as will a huge portion of the playerbase. I hope they bring all the nations out in relatively short order but understand that's a bit of a pipedream!
  10. slingshot82

    Cruisers seem more fun?

    I prefer cruisers so far as well - currently at T6 and struggling with the Aoba (though getting better) a bit but the Cleveland is a brilliant gunboat. You do need to pick your targets carefully, and work in conjunction with your team mates but the rate of fire on cruisers makes them more enjoyable for me than BBs (though I'm up to the Kongo and it is an absolute rockstar of a ship). I wish I was better with DDs and am putting a bit more time into getting the hang of them - my ambush tactics need a lot of work! Basically I think all the ships play better to a specific play style - just experiment and see what you like
  11. slingshot82

    class of ship over the enemy ship

    Alt is a brilliant tool - gives the distance to your cursor is currently at (to line up perfectly with the targets waterline) and the flight time of your shells - brilliant aid for any long-range shooting!
  12. slingshot82

    Aiming MOD Exposed!

    Absolutely - when the BB guy nails me from 20km I want to either salute a great shot or joke with them about how lucky they are - not suspect he's hit me because of a mod - I actually don't think that many players are using it - but the suspicion that they might be is further damaging chat that wasn't the world's friendliest in the first place...
  13. slingshot82

    Aiming MOD Exposed!

    For me the most annoying thing since the emergence of aiming mods is being accused of using one every time you land a decent hit
  14. slingshot82

    I would like to play WoW but I dont know how I can play it

    To save anyone from the temptation of watching Battleship just watch this instead - a condensed 5 minute version set to the awesomeness that is AC/DC's Thunderstruck. You literally miss nothing from the film here:
  15. slingshot82

    Are you enjoying the CBT?

    Really enjoying it - the gameplay is already solid, there feels like a good mix of ships (with the allowance that some seem to be overpowered at their tier, and others underpowered) and the roles of those ships feel distinct. Happily I've also seen at least as much positive teamplay and chat in-game as I have negative. Generally speaking if you are nice to people people are nice back (who'd have thought it!?)