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    The "Royal Navy Cruiser Smoke Bug" - Myth or Reality?

    Thank you Tuccy for acknowledging there is an issue here and letting us know it is being investigated. I don't expect it to be fixed overnight, but knowing that the devs acknowledge there is an issue and are investigating is all I wanted to hear. After 3 smokes glitched out on me in my Neptune yesterday (survived the first two, the third one there was a Yamato waiting for me to glide out of the single puff...) I think I'm going to have to park her for now and come back to her once this is fixed.
  2. RambunctiousRat

    The "Royal Navy Cruiser Smoke Bug" - Myth or Reality?

    From my experiences, particularly with the Neptune, anything less than 17knots and you very rarely get the 2nd puff. For the Neptune the window seems to be 21knots - 17knots. This might be due to the ship decelerating faster than other RN Cruisers, I don't know. What I do know is that you have to be very careful to be decelerating and for your speed to be in a very narrow window when you deploy smoke to get both puffs. Hopefully this is addressed soon as playing RN cruiser is just a very frustrating experience at the moment. With the AP only and how fragile they are they are already difficult ships to consistently do well in (but you can have monster games in them, don't get me wrong, I don't consider them bad ships overall), the smoke issue / bug adds an unnecessary extra complication to playing them.
  3. RambunctiousRat

    Feed back from the Facebook debacle today

    Unfortunately I haven't had a chance to watch the whole replay as yet so I may not have got to it, but from what I have seen nothing was asked about the smoke issue with RN Cruisers. Can someone just confirm if this was raised or not please? I understand and appreciate that it's not such a burning issue as RL, but for anyone trying to grind the RN line it is a fairly major source of frustration. Cheers Rat
  4. RambunctiousRat

    Developer Q&A - 20/01 16:00 CET

    I'd love to get an answer on when we are going to see the smoke issue with Royal Navy cruisers fixed. This has been highlight in multiple forum threads and by at least one Community contributor in a video (Flamu). At best the way smoke is deployed is inconsistent and at worst completely bugged. When decelerating there is a definite window of ship speed (something like 17 knots - 13 knots) that sees only one puff of smoke deployed, which your ship then glides gracefully out of leaving you virtually stationary in a ship made out of paper and citadels. Would really appreciate an answer on this. If the answer is "working as intended" please explain why this is considered to be acceptable and the logic behind it.
  5. RambunctiousRat

    last day of playing wows 18/1, enyone else ?

    Just like the Royal Navy cruisers smoke. no bug there, working as intended.... </sarcasm>
  6. I'm sick and tired of slowing down, hitting smoke at 16knots and gliding straight out of the single puff I am left with in my Neptune. Seems to be ok at between 20 and 18 knots, but if you are not watching your speed like a hawk and it gets to under 17 knots when you hit smoke you are going to be sitting stationary out in the open with every ship on the enemy team going "MINE, MINE, MINE". Has anyone checked this out on the public test server? I'm specifically wondering if the enlarged smoke cloud commander skill has any impact on this. I don't think we should be having to use commander skills to get round this situation, but there doesn't seem to be any acknowledgement from Wargaming that this issue even exists, so workarounds are the only solution sadly. I cant get on the test server myself at the moment as I'm at work.
  7. RambunctiousRat

    Battle of the River Plate

    Managed stage 5 this morning with the Edinburgh. For once was top tier (Main reason why I thought the Fiji or Belfast were the more likely ships to do this in was you are top tier far more) and on a map that suits the British cruisers (Neighbors). Thank god "win the battle" wasn't one of the criteria though... 7 kills, 170k damage and 2250 base xp on a loss. In a British cruiser you do need a very specific set of circumstances to do this (not too many Battleships on the teams, lots of cruisers sailing broadside to your smoke at < 10km range and careless DD's who get spotted at 6km and carry on sailing in a straight line) but it is definitely doable. Even though I managed it in the tier 8 I still think either of the tier 7's offer a better chance as you are far more likely to be top tier. Cheers Rat
  8. RambunctiousRat

    DD Deaths?

    For me Islands have a lot to answer for... Always jumping in front of me at a key moment
  9. RambunctiousRat

    Amazing Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    I've been back through the patch notes to see if there is any reference to changes to the chance of a Super container from TYL, but there is nothing. Immediately after they were introduced (Patch 0.5.13) I was averaging one SC from every 15 TYL, recently I'm up to 48 TYL with no SC. I think it's probably since patch 0.5.14, but I'm not sure. I would have hoped a change like that should be mentioned in the patch notes, but I guess that's just me being naïve!
  10. I have premium, but on working days my game time is limited to between 3 and 6 battles normally, but with the premium camo + xp flag on my Fletcher and Edinburgh and xp flag and any xp bonus camo that I have got from the campaign missions on the Gneisenau (Edinburgh and Gneisenau are my current grinds) I can normal pull in at least one and usually two containers on a week day. Weekends its usually three per day, unless real life gets in the way.
  11. RambunctiousRat

    Pearl harbor mission , so how to make things even more retarded

    Bit disappointed to see mission three forces you into a carrier (but given that CV's played such a key role in Pearl harbour it's understandable), this mission string will end there for me, I don't have and have no interest in having a T6+ carrier, nor would I want to burden a team with myself trying to play in a CV! Not to worry though, there are still the fantastic campaign missions that I can focus on until next weeks mission string. So far I'm really enjoying the campaigns and the new missions, even if I don't manage to get them all done.
  12. RambunctiousRat

    North Carolina & Iowa

    Interesting reading for me. I'm playing through the NC at the moment and just don't get on with it at all. I thought I would really get on well with it but find the accuracy and tortoise slow shell velocity frustrating. It's certainly not a bad ship, it's just one of those ships that for whatever reason I just don't get on with. I was wondering whether to carry on with the grind to get the Iowa or whether it would just be more of the same. As people are saying the accuracy and the shell velocity of the Iowa seem a bit better than the NC I guess I'll keep grinding, or maybe even throw so free xp at it! Cheers
  13. RambunctiousRat

    Bug Reports

    Not sure if this is a bug or working as intended, but it certainly confused me. Playing ranked battles over the weekend, after a couple of losses in the Myoko I was back in port (with the Myoko selected and ranked battles picked from the drop down next to the battle button) when I decided to just check my progress on the ARP missions. Having seen I need a couple of hundred more hits to complete stage two I hit the continue button at the bottom of the missions page assuming it would launch me into another ranked battle with the Myoko as those were the selections I had made in the port. I was somewhat surprised to find myself launched into a random battle rather than a ranked battle. Once the random battle finished and I returned to port, ranked battle was still the selected mode in the drop down. Is this working as intended? (in which case perhaps it should be made clear the continue button will launch a random battle regardless of what you have selected in port). Cheers Rat
  14. RambunctiousRat

    HMS Warspite Review :)

    Warspite is by far my favourite ship in the game at the moment. I can often only play one or two battles a day and I will always take her out first. She certainly has her flaws (slow, limited range, turret traverse) but she also has some great plus points (secondaries, the amount of heal, rudder shift and turning circle, those main guns). I think maybe that's one of the things some people struggle with, the low points of Warspite are lower than normal ships, but the high points are higher, she is a ship of extremes in some respects. With the secondary range and accuracy module equipped, Basic and Advanced firing training and the secondary improving flag (cant remember what it is off hand) my secondaries have a range of 7.6km and an insane rate of fire and if a DD is silly enough to stay close to me and spotted the secondaries WILL take care of it on their own. Always take Expert marksman as the 2nd tier captain skill for Warspite given that Fire prevention skill gives a much lower than advertised reduction to fire chance. As other people have said she makes a lot of credits and yes, she does tend to catch fire even if one of the crew goes on deck and lights a cigarette, never mind getting hit by HE shells, but the amount of money she makes you can easily afford to run the premium damage control and repair parties and pay for them with silver and these really help with managing fires and recovering lost health from fires. I have noticed she tends to see tier 7 battles a lot (not so many tier 8's luckily for me) but stay angled and you can take on Colorados and even Nagatos. The rudder shift and turning circle let you stay angled and once they have fired you can open out, fire and swing back again before they reload. I can understand why some people don't like her, she definitely has a distinctive play style (of all the BB's I've played I find the Nagato to be closest in terms of style) and she is very unforgiving if you get it wrong, but get it right and she is great fun and can turn some huge profits as well. Cheers Rat
  15. RambunctiousRat

    Team killer discussion thread

    I was just wondering is there a reason there is no specific "damages friendly team mates" or something similar in the reporting options? I was in a game earlier in the week in my Cleveland and when we loaded in we had a pink DD on our team. Sure enough he went straight after one of our carriers and sank it and then chased down the other one and torped that, the reflected damage finally killing him. The 2nd carrier could see it coming as could several of us watching what he was doing on the minimap, but what could we do? I could have tried to fire on him at extreme range, but a) the chances of hitting a DD at14km+ in a Cleveland is very low and b) if I had fired on him and damaged him that would have made me no better than him. Obviously I used the "plays poorly" report function and asked others to do the same, but plays poorly doesn't begin to cover such a malicious and deliberate act for me, I just wonder why there is nothing more specific? Cheers Rat