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  1. ...time for some Clan Wars!!
  2. Yo Sub_Octavian, Firstly thx heaps for taking the time to respond in this forum, it's much appreciated :) Now a couple more for yas… 1. Ability to swap Special Upgrades ingame? Many of us have Special Upgrades that don't suit the class of ships we play. Perhaps for some ingame currency (Credits, Free XP, Commander XP, etc) players could swap one of these modules (1 per mth?) to a more relevant Upgrade? 2. Radar length and its effect on cap contesting With the recent change to the slot available for Special Upgrades it is common to see Des Moine and Moskva running the Radar Special Upgrade. When attempting to do the team thing and contest a cap I see a lot of DDs getting nuked very early in Matches. 56secs (111 secs reload) of Radar can make contesting caps rather difficult. Added to this is matchmaking doesn't seem to take into account the number of Radar capable ships on each team. The result in Domination games is Radar providing a strong cap blocking mechanism. I agree with Radar being in the game as a DD counter but is this ‘cap prevention’ intentional or a side effect? My solution would be to reduce the ‘%’ effect of the Radar Special Upgrade (not the base Radar length) or to reduce the number of charges by 1 or 2. 3. Battleship gun range. Previously the Shima 20km torpedo was nerfed to force IJN DDs in closer to do dmg and I feel it was a positive change for the game. I would love to see something similar for Battleships. I am not much of a BB player but it seems to me that Kurfurst gun range would be ideal. If a Battleship is forced to take even a small amount of risk by coming closer to the battle they have tools (Heal, going back into stealth etc) to manage this risk. Sadly on EU server it is common to see BBs at the back of the map having little to no impact on the game. Edit: As was pointed out to me this would have to be a hard cap on range across all ship classes (exl. CV ofc). 4. CV rework/improvements Is it possible to include in the development process some CV players who have previously demonstrated an interest in CV game balance. With the recent Graf Zeppelin drama I was very happy to see WG mention some ideas that came from the CV community (Farazelleth). Quite a few CV players have some great ideas and for them to have a way to channel those to WG would be a great step forward for this part of the Wows community.
  3. Mate... 1. You were already salty/annoyed/paranoid etc at the two AAO guys well before the Farragut rushed the Fuso ("those noobs were talking all time") 2. Farragut has detection of 6.6km and torpedoe range of 6.4km. - Farragut was in smoke (you were looking otherside of map) shooting the Fuso - Fuso turns away and runs - Game is nearly over so the Farragut rushes in to get torps off on the Fuso (I'd do the same in that situation) - The Fuso hits him hard he decides against it and turns away... 3. Unless you simply can't afford it Premium consumables can save your life (and your teams win) in Ranked (maybe it's a replay bug...) Premium Repair is worth considering especially in the high tiers of Ranked.
  4. Hey BigMassiveKiwi I stopped by BW other day but you were afk...Hope your doing well mate...catch yas
  5. Do you have Kutuzov? Its pretty easy to get over 200 in her...I just repeated that mission a few times as I was training a captain anyways
  6. if it bothers you then just take a Kutuzov...makes no difference if at 8 or have AA, smoke plus Moskva range...
  7. ...on a Anshan with prem, first win, papa flags etc maybe like 1.2 - 1.5k ??
  8. hey mate, a hearty welcome to Against All Odds we need Soapy to join up
  9. To my knowledge, the organizers you are referring to have volunteered a very significant amount of their own time (unpaid) over past weeks organizing this tournament... That there is a limit on the number of teams able to participate is I believe a product of the size of the prize pool allocated to the tournament (I may be wrong on this). Being disappointed at not being one of the first 32 teams to sign up for the tournament is understandable.
  10. Nice games OM, wp and congrates on the win Hopefully tomorrows game will be epic, very interested to see which tactics ALN bring against the TTT boys Also...big shout out to the organizers, much appreciated
  11. Seems Training room was just removed via a we still need training room mod *sadface
  12. Mr. Conway do we have an update on when the 2.5x Commander XP will be...? Knowing if it will be for this coming weekend will help some of us with organising rl stuff etc...
  13. ...same, I made this weekend free once the GNB battles were announced...not sure I can do that for another weekend... disappointed, sad face etc...
  14. Comrade, mount your 10 +20% camo's and feel joy in your heart
  15. No x2.5 commander XP