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  1. fnord_disc

    Armor Penetration Curves

    The work in this thread is based on this thread and this reddit thread. Both those threads explain how the curves are obtained, so please keep that discussion out of this thread. If you still have questions after reading those two, please ask me via PM. Here is a little bit about overpenetrations. If you want to do these calculations yourself, here is the source code. The linked source code is an updated version of the one used to generate the curves in this thread. The results are not identical, but the linked source is more accurate. I will start this thread off by reposting all curves already generated by me in the past, but now that we have moved out of the experimentation stage, I feel like more curves do not need experiments. Therefore: Request a ship and I will edit this post with the penetration curve over distance! To show you what this looks like, I will add the German ships at the bottom. Arizona / New York / Texas Budyonny / Kutuzov / Chapayev / Shchors Cleveland Kongo / Fuso Moskva Furutaka / Aoba / Myoko / Mogami / Ibuki New Orleans / Pensacola / Indianapolis USN 12.7 (higher tiers) Zao Hatsuharu / Fubuki / Kagero / Shimakaze
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