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  1. WarthogABZ

    0.8.11 - General feedback

    Rolling on the floor... laughing my arse off........
  2. WarthogABZ

    0.8.11 - General feedback

    Nope - looks like another successful "improvement"........
  3. WarthogABZ

    In the current meta - even a Kraken cannot get a win

    Never intended as a "right to win", was meant as a comment on the overall standard of gameplay (or lack thereof)
  4. WarthogABZ

    In the current meta - even a Kraken cannot get a win

    Benden - ph how very true - thanks for the reality check Sir - appreciate it
  5. Totally speechless....... On top of the new MM, AA changes, the mindless game play - then this....... Thank you Devs & Architects, I hope you are extremely happy with the quality of your work In the new Meta.doc
  6. WarthogABZ

    PT - Research Bureau

    Oh you mean like that we are currently seeing in game? @Tanatoy - Honestly & from the heart, all you guys have done is removed the compulsory aspect of the same pile of B.S. that really got this player base united..... I will not say with respect, I cannot honestly support this with my clan mates & friends, hell I can't even get my head around why y'all would want to go back down this pathway...... Frankly I am beyond the stage of caring anymore. No matter how much of a positive spin is put on this, it is a repackaged version of "horse droppings" that caused the uproar in the first place. You people have had all the "positive feedback" for game improvement & player retention, none of which are involved in this roll out...... Why do I even bother.....
  7. WarthogABZ

    Research Bureau: New Rewards for Leveling Up

    Actually @Tanatoy, respect is earned.......... Respect is NOT a right, not a given..... you have to earn respect, especially with WG's track record. Just have fun when the income stream dries up as even the new players in their "Premium Ships" realise what the actual F is going on.......
  8. WarthogABZ

    Research Bureau: New Rewards for Leveling Up

  9. WarthogABZ

    Research Bureau: New Rewards for Leveling Up

    I just don't get it...... WG, you just dont listed to feedback or player base..... repackage & reshuffle the same B.S that cost you a lot of support & seriously eroded your credibility..... What is it with you people? Loss of Face? Executives with photo's of the alledged deleoper(S) with small furry animals?
  10. WarthogABZ

    ST - Submarines

    No - yet again you missed the point the O.P. makes..... testing..... Quality assurance...... Wait, what am I thinking, this is WG here............
  11. That actually appeals ...... Freeze current state of the game Finish ALL the W.i.P / Bug resolution / previously stated or promised fix's As Jeremy Clarkeson was fond of saying "How hard could it be"?
  12. This whole thing got me thinking on points that Nihilan raised (over the last 4 days of this NTC thing) & I wonder how many other players are in the same "boat" - bad pun I know...... I wount go into exact amounts however, I was astounded to find out that the cost in GBP / Euro's to convert all my earned XP into free XP (purchase Gold then convert) is well in excess of GBP 1,000.......... Well over 15m in XP to be converted to free xp...... And my partner is in a similar state of "asst rich / Cash poor" within the game economy So thats not happening (I don't have that many free "fun vouchers") for a start...... with the ships I have available (Trump wagon / Grozo / T-61) I can earn credits and service my account needs Nothing new appeals to me or my play style (I am just an average player!) Even if I did have that sort of spare cash available, given the "commercial decisions" taken by W.G. over the last 12 months, certainly since 0.8.0 I refuse to do so, there are far better things in life in general (Scotch in particular) that have a higher priority... ..) So how do WG get players similar to my situation to "convert" such XP and get us to buy Gold? Certainly nothing in the current marketing plan (if you can call it that) appeals to me. Further ven the points raised on the "gambling containers" / purchase on a global basis (incl. E.U. member states, the UK in particular) will make the sale of such highly questionable at one end to no longer legal at the other. WG is a commercial entity - I get it, they are there to make money & give investor's / shareholders an attractive R.o.I..... Good business practice, however when your perceived revenue streams are coming under the microscope (Gaming Industry as a whole), then in that context I get the need for the soak (and alternative revenue streams generated by the N.T.C. concept. I chose only to grind certain countries for ships that interested me & yes in the early days I had the ability to "free XP" my way through certain ships (yes Pensacola, I paid to get the hell out of you!). My personal circumstances have changed...... Anyhoo brain dump over, this question I would offer is not unique to WG but the industry as a whole..... Change is a constant & I can see the changes coming sooner than later....... I would welcome other input or do I get the tin foil helmet ready???
  13. @Crysantos - Thank you, there is hope yet......
  14. It's called SOAP mate - try it...... you may like it....... just don't drop it in here (hot tip)!