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  1. Jagdpants_666

    some questions and advice needed

    My 2 cents: Don't abandon the game just because you have had bad experience with co-ops. Granted, a lot of new ships are pretty disappointing when you've just unlocked them and take them out in their stock configuration, make sure to upgrade your ship before you write it off as junk. At low to mid tiers the grind for the hull, gun, torpedo, fire control etc. upgrades usually isn't too bad.
  2. Jagdpants_666

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Finally enabling my replays and finally getting around to getting a forum avatar. That'll be about as much achieving as I can handle for today, I think.
  3. Jagdpants_666

    Enabling Replays in World of Warships

    D'oh! Spent far too long fiddling with the html and apparently in the meantime got it into my head the guide said to use the launcher. As you can probably tell I'm not good at following instructions. By the way, am I correct in assuming the second line of the html controls framerate? I inserted the code as is and the playback(particularly ship animation) seem very jolty. *edit:* In other words, can I improve the quality by setting a higher number(say, 50) or would that break something?
  4. Jagdpants_666

    Enabling Replays in World of Warships

    Is this guide still valid or have there been some changes not covered here? I have followed the steps meticulously and the html seems to be working correctly, the replays folder was created and replays get saved. I can however not seem to get the replay files themselves to actually work(there have been no game updates while I've been fiddling with this). Whether I drag/drop the file onto wowslauncher.exe or right click->open with->*selects wowslauncher.exe* all it does is launch the client and from there the game opens normally, load, login, and goes straight to my port. No replay in sight.
  5. It just strikes me as sort of arbitrary how you get a 15% accuracy buff through the tiers up to and including T6 and then it suddenly booms to 60% once you hit T7. If there was some sort of gradual progression of so and so many percent per tier or something like that it'd make more sense.
  6. Jagdpants_666

    Gun Reload on Battleships and Range

    Probably trollbait, but just in case not: Like many, you a) make the assumptions that this game is a military simulator, and b) apparently fail to realise that what it presents is a compressed battlefield. Yes, ships would fire on one another at 30-40km or more, but unless you want a battle to last for hours and a hit rate of around 1,5%, that's how it has to be. It's an historically inspired arcade game, and never pretended otherwise. And yes, a ROF in the general range of 2-ish per minute(25 to 35+ second reload) for large-caliber battleship guns is historically accurate.
  7. Jagdpants_666

    How to chat to friends while being ingame?

    If you join a division together, you can send division-only chat messages to one another in-game, though.
  8. Jagdpants_666

    Insults Insults Insults

    People rambling about their team is one thing, that's essentially white noise. What's worse when they single out and start abusing specific players, some even going as far as PMing people to continue berating them post-battle(granted, I haven't personally experienced this in WoWs, only WoT, but I'm pretty sure it happens here as well). But yeah, I love being yelled at in Hungarian.
  9. Jagdpants_666

    Insults Insults Insults

    Lamentably, it can be hard to find the time to lambast your evil-doers in a more eloquent fashion whilst occupied with naval acts of derring-do.
  10. That must lose them quite a few sales. I think someone at WG didn't really think this through.
  11. Jagdpants_666

    German Battleship Line,

    I can really only judge this line by the T3 through 5 ones so far, but they're very solid. Viktor_Slanski, on 13 November 2016 - 07:17 AM, said: Do not overextend and become the single focus target, but being a target is 50% of the mission. I feel like too many BB players ignore that one, tanking damage is actually quite a major part of your tactical role. Of course that doesn't mean it's a good idea to just charge blindly into the frontline without support, but part of what the BB game is about is being the damage sponge so that other classes get the opportunity to cause serious damage in return.
  12. Jagdpants_666

    Vår Ære og Vår Vannmakt!

    Mtp. at WoWs så langt eg kan sjå fortsatt ikkje har eit etablert klan-system, er det liksom berre å slenge seg med? Mine stats er ikkje noko å gå i taket over(Battles: 1891, WR: 49,6, AvXP: 779, AvDmg: 24.115(mao. relativt kleint), K/D: 0,80), men ikkje fullstendig krise heller. Speler hovudsakleg slagskip og kryssarar.
  13. Can't log in either. Decided to check the forum before contacting support, and it appears I'm not alone. Dear WG, could you please make the error message a bit more specific than "technical issues were found"? It sort of implies it could be a problem on my end(broken client, account issues, whatever), while judging by this thread it is apparently a server issue. "We are currently having problems with our servers, sorry for the inconvenience" would do nicely.
  14. Jagdpants_666

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Not technically "today" as it was a day-ish or more ago, but a new personal best in "struggling Matchmaker". Guess those quick messages will get handy indeed: http://i.imgur.com/su3gn4C.png