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  1. Yamato_Musashi

    0.5.3 is coming. Public Test confirms WGs changes.

    Personally im sure there are many things going the wrong way... DDs in high tier are already OP (especially due to the few CV-Players) and gets even indirect buffs (like many wrote) The only ships that can hunt them "effectively" with fast firing guns (like mogami), gets nerfed... WHAT? Actually you cant see any Cruiser hunting DDs (they are "unspottable" and there are too many of them, often 4 or 5 and if they "torp together" the cruiser will die fast). The flooding is already "crazy"... i guess its impossible to survive... and now the yamato will get even less HP back?? Will not be surprised if BBs will just snipe the whole game... many already are doing this... I know, i play mainly BBs, but for sure Im for a balanced gameplay. I often defended CVs and have to do it again... Midway was DEFENITELY OP. NO DISCUSSION ABOUT IT. But... only 1TB... seriously?? Thats really crap. Now their main damage should result in bombhits... ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Most players just play the US-CVs for Essex and Midway... now no one will play them for sure. Imho the US-CVs were OP for a much more simple reason then the 2 TB squads. Their counterparts were to weak... especially the fighters are doing nothing. Fighters that should defend a BB are cruising such big circles around the ship that they NEVER got to the attacking planes. This way I saw Hakus with 4 fighter-squads that shot down less planes then BBs or cruisers... THAT was the real problem of US-CVs. They have a enemy CV and that doesnt MATTER for them. Instead of balance the carriers they improve the AA and nerf the CVs. Only idiots or freaks will play CV now... resulting in even more damage for DDs. Because imo CVs are the perfect enemy of DDs. Primary by spotting them (for ships like mogami... , secondary by spotting their torps and third by hitting them. So I guess there are few good things but high tier will get unplayable for other tiers then DDs. It could be such simple... just reduce the amount of DDs in fights WITHOUT carriers to 3 for each side... and no one will get in rage for torp hits... but if you get 3 shimas in enemy team, with 6-7km spotting and now even faster torps... sorry that wont work.
  2. "Handle" can tell you which program is using a determined file - maybe this helps someone https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/bb896655.aspx
  3. Yamato_Musashi

    30,000 ping + Disconnects

    Uhm... if you started another thread i would suggest to close this one...
  4. Yamato_Musashi


    As long it remains playable (around 30 fps), i think all is fine.... But you could try to change some graphic settings - i heard that by changing the right setting you are even able to increase other quality settings! Just check the naval academy for trying out the right settings
  5. Yamato_Musashi

    No sound

    Check your Sound mixer: - start wows - right click on the speaker symbol - change device to see if it is listed (may on wrong device) One time a program was listed on the wrong device (hdmi output - my television) If so, then... i dont remember exactly how i solved it I think i changed the default sound device and then back again....
  6. Yamato_Musashi

    30,000 ping + Disconnects

    Sry but your error description needs to be "buffed"... Do you changed anything on your system (software included)? Do your internet connection working fine? Did you ever were able to play "normally"?
  7. Any recently changes on the hardware? Are you sure it was a clean uninstall (every key in the registry too)? Do you started the worldofwarships.exe (not the launcher!) directly with elevated privileges? Just some ideas...
  8. Yamato_Musashi


    Ty for this information! Yeah its a very weird problem... After your post i paid attention to the "drops starting moment" and though i played only a few fights this days i got drops even from the first fight - sometimes it goes very "well". So i don't encountered any regularity. I tried different things like first go binocular, or shoot, or something else - to check if it starts happen on certain circumstances, but this failed too.. I agree with you: its a software problem, "otherwise something similar would happen in other games", but i wanted to find out why it happens with MY hardware - sadly i wasn't able to It seems we have to play War Thunder, since they don't resolve the problem
  9. Yamato_Musashi


    Hmm i am not sure about this, since i played more than a few battles on a notebook too and i don't encountered any problems.... I optimized my hardware frequencies: i throttled my fx6300 to 3.2 GHz and the north bridge multiplicator to 8x200MHz (my RAM is at 800MHz) - and now its working much better, though i get small drops sometimes... Maybe someone else can confirm this behavior? Im testing, maybe i fount out a problem - but i will report about it later if im right...
  10. Yamato_Musashi

    Mouse does not click where pointing

    First of all i would try out following: - different mouse - set all mouse settings to default Which mouse and operating system are you using?
  11. Yamato_Musashi


    Ok, tried it out: sadly nothing changed - windowed fs or fullscreen.. Now i gave a chance to Windows 10 - sometimes its worse! For the first time i had to finish a battle with 5-15 fps - wasnt simply a drop. Dont encountered this behavior again for now. Though i noticed an interesting thing: in the first battle the game is more fluid, but the longer i play the drops get more frequent... Maybe i should test my components on another system, to check their correct function? @KojusMaximusPL maybe what i tried out and not worked for me, will work for you! Check the temperatures and the cpu/gpu load... It would be interesting if you have the same issues in WoT btw
  12. Yamato_Musashi


    Small update: - memtest about 6 or 7 hours dont showed errors... - deactivating turbo for the cpu dont helped at all if anyone has any idea, i will appreciate it much!
  13. Yamato_Musashi

    Can't update or uninstall WoWS

    Hi, which operating system are you running?
  14. Yamato_Musashi

    Late connecting to a game - was already dead!

    Hi, if you still have problems: - Which graphic settings do you chosed? - What your system looks like? - What fps and ping average do you have in game? Try to chose the most valuable settings for your system: http://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/naval-academy-graphics/
  15. Yamato_Musashi


    Hi, i know its a bit older, but i have exactly the same problem and nearly same configuration! 76fps max; mostly 50-70; but for few seconds it drops to 5-25 (sometimes 0!). What i tried so far: - Setting lower resolution AND low graphic settings - Turned off post processing, v-sync and triple buffer, lowered shadow quality and so on - Cleaned my case - Core Temp states around 60°C for the cpu, around 75°C for my gpu - Unpark all cpu cores - Tried different bios settings (qool'n quit and such) for the cpu - Same issue on WoT: i dont have other "demanding" titles but i dont encountered this problem - Latest drivers for the graphic card - Close all other programs during gaming Only thing i dont tried but will asap is memtest! Dont tried other os for now.. Have no more ideas My system: Fx 6300 (base clock - tried to OC too) Radeon hd 7800 8 gb Ram at 800MHz AsRock 960GM/U3S3 Fx Windows 7 (64) Any hint is highly appreciated!