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  1. boothegoo

    WOWS (and WOT) Unplayable Using Windows 10 64

    Thanks for all your input guys. I do use 2X 980 SLI on 3 screens so my guess is that's the problem. Its so hard to go back to 1 screen once you have tasted 3. Just a word of warning - I played a PvP game of WOWS yesterday with a flickering screen........ It broke my screen Some kind of screen burn I thought I had fixed the game with some Visual C++ updates so I jumped in to a match and straight away it flickered. I was in a T5 match in a T3 Jap Cruiser so guessed it would be over quickly enough and played on. Big mistake.
  2. This is not a moan its just a - when are you hoping to get things working on Win 10? I'm starting to think Nvidia need to get their act together on this issue. For me ALL DX9 games are unplayable broken and all DX11 seem to be working just fine. All Wargaming titles suffer from a flickering screen while in game and what appears to be artefacts. I managed to get a few DX9 games playable by using windowed mode but didn't seem to work for WOWS and WOT. Is everyone else getting the same problems as me or am I alone on this 1?
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    me also
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    What is wrong with you? (dont cap guys)

    I say cap, win and move on to the next match. Maybe 1 or 2 people will benefit for getting the last kill's. All will suffer a defeat. You're right in capping, grab the win and bank the XP.
  5. boothegoo

    Is 3 screen support going to be added?

    No correction needed No correction needed Dorsen. My setup has been built around an Formula 1 cockpit so I'm pretty limited as to what fits where. I found no real issue looking slightly right for mini map and no issue at all looking left for health. For me personally the benefits of using 5760 far outweighs moving my eyes a bit. However the distance and angle of each screen will differ person to person. Mine wrap around me so I guess I need to move my head more than most. I find 90% of the time i'm in sniper zoom mode trying to shoot so I can quite easily say for me it works very well. No harm in giving it a try?
  6. boothegoo

    Is 3 screen support going to be added?

    I had a PM yesterday from a member that fixed my 3 screen issue, massive thanks to him. I'm guessing as they didn't post here they are one of them silent saints that take pity on stupid people (me) and stay anonymous. Here is a copy/paste from his message. edit the Perferences.xml ( make a backup ) set...<aspectRatio> 5.340000 </aspectRatio><fullscreenWidth> 5760 </fullscreenWidth><fullscreenHeight> 1080 </fullscreenHeight>then safe and turn on Write-protect for the file. I can say it worked perfectly and completely transformed WOWS for me. Again a huge thankyou to you.
  7. boothegoo

    Is 3 screen support going to be added?

    Sorry to say it didn't work for me. This is what I see when I have 3 screens running - https://mega.co.nz/#!4JgGUQBC!2ucuAbjaH_SLvK97q39G5leYN7OFXz17p3tXzoVD7qY All options are empty
  8. boothegoo

    Is 3 screen support going to be added?

    Thanks very much. I'll give it a go today and report back.
  9. It appears I can not get 3 screens to run in game. When surround is enabled all I get is the middle screen displaying less than 1920 X 1080. All the GFX dropdown options are empty when using surround 5760 X 1080. However, using DSR on 1 screen I can crank the res up to 4K with no issues at all. I have tried NV control panel options with no success. Happy to test any updates before they get released if needed. Cheers Alex
  10. boothegoo

    Reporting intentional team killing

    I have been a victim of team killing/damage on more than 1 occasion. Seriously, how sad, empty and pathetic these peoples lives must be to team kill on a closed beta of 6k people when other titles have 100k playing.