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  1. Blazed_Pandii

    Game crashing

    I'm having kind of the same issue. Only when loading 'Land of Fire' no matter what ship class. I have a fresh install of the game and windows. All drivers up to date. Starting to get annoying. Much premium time wasted = much money wasted. Please fix.
  2. Blazed_Pandii

    Most amount of XP in a round?

    Nice man! You've made me seem inadequate o7
  3. Blazed_Pandii

    Anyone else with bad lag? AGAIN

    Yupp I have 40up 40down and the DL client took 2 hours to DL the update now I'm getting horrendous lag spikes...
  4. Blazed_Pandii

    Most amount of XP in a round?

    Authenticating... Processing... Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled. Several functions may not work. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. Cookies are disabledYour browser's cookies are disabled. The system cannot operate. For the correct operation of the system, enable cookies. I just received in excess of 14k XP from one round! I had the Halloween camo active and completed some missions/ challenges! Just interested to see if anyone else has had the same?
  5. Blazed_Pandii

    Fog Horns?

    This might sound a little bit 'out there' or even dumb, but, I wanna know if anyone shares this thought. Since I started playing at the beginning of CBT I've wanted the addition or Fog Horns for situational awareness. This is because on too many occasions I have had a player (who is tunnel visioned) slam into the side of me. I can imagine this has happened to many of you also. I'm unsure what would be the best way to implement this and doubt it would ever be implemented. This is more just me looking for peoples opinion on this idea!
  6. Blazed_Pandii

    "Server busy - please try again later"?

    Its Sunday i've been at work all day. I just want to shoot some ships
  7. Blazed_Pandii

    EU server down?

    Well, I was playing without any issues up until half an hour ago now I cant log in D=
  8. Blazed_Pandii

    So this happened to me today....

    Same as although my ships was sailing in the opposite direction to my camera angle. Pretty frustrating.
  9. Blazed_Pandii

    Complete loss of control bug

    Just had this bug where I have no control over my ship. The camera was in a fixed position and I couldn't even access the map to flee using auto-pilot. Hadn't had this issue until now so I thought id post. Also, tabbing out of the game and access the in game menu didn't work!
  10. Blazed_Pandii


    I seem to be getting stuttering also but I don't think this is a Latency issue (ping of 32), for me at least. It seems more as if I'm dropping frames more than anything which has started ever since the most recent patch. I doubt I have a bottleneck in my system as my specs are: 4690k clocked at 4.1 GTX 980 16GB Ram Anyone know of a performance fix? Although maybe I'm wrong and this is a latency issue for me!