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    In what way are you related to (Navy) ships?

    Grandfather served in US Navy. Go 'Murica!!!!
  2. American_Admiralty

    The Person Below me (GAME)

    Not sure what that means so I will go with false. TPBM is extremely active on any of the WoWS Forums.
  3. American_Admiralty

    The ban the person above you game remade

    The Ban Hammer has been brought on the person above.
  4. American_Admiralty

    I was wondering...

    Bexause he always gives news in Mingles with Jingles, and being able to show some footage is BIG news.
  5. American_Admiralty

    I was wondering...

    I posted on the NA forums (am an Alpha Tester there but don't have correct recording software...yet) that for next week's Mingles with. Jingles, I wanted to ask you a how do you feel question about iChase being the first to have permission... Oh well, that 300,000 people instantly happy xD.
  6. American_Admiralty

    Epic Battles Series with iChase [Latest: Episode 2 - DD/Cruisers]

    I gave you a +1 on the NA Forums, time to give you a +1 on the EU forums xD.