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  1. Karrick

    desaster of matchmaking

    Red crayon is coming your way mate. Emergency submerge if I were you...
  2. Detonations are worth it just to farm salt, and judging by this thread, I have enough salt to set myself up as some kind of king! Also, battles ARE random. Shells DO fly at random angles and hit random things. Look at HMS Hood. Why don't you ask the 1415 men who died instantly what they think about detonations?
  3. Karrick

    why is wargaming cheating vs players?

    So you suck, and somehow thats WG's fault? Hmmm...
  4. Karrick

    Mixed firing of HE and AP.

    Should have perm banned him then!
  5. Karrick

    Mixed firing of HE and AP.

    Oh FFS. Time to install WOWS. I remember this... ahem from the Company Of Hero's Online forums. He used to spam the forums with the same mindless rubbish there too. Urgh. (PS: I'll happily acknowledge my warning points now admin and get it out of the way. Kind regards)
  6. Karrick

    dont even bother with playing t8+ cruisers now...

    Must be using that WASD hax that only pros use...
  7. Karrick

    König Albert in the EU Shop

    Basically, you brought this to ruthlessly seal club new players, but MM didn't have enough lower tiers to allow you to do this, so its entirely WG's fault and NOTHING to do with [edited], driving them out of the game? Riiiiight.
  8. Karrick

    It doesn't make any sense Admiral.

  9. Karrick

    House Boats or misplaced scenery?

    Bloody global warming!
  10. Karrick

    [Suggestion] BB fire each barrel individually

    awesome find! So THATS whats going on during those long 30 second reload times!
  11. Karrick

    locking turret direction

    this is actually amazing. You implemented my requests so soon. THANKS ;)
  12. Karrick

    The great ESC.

  13. Karrick

    locking turret direction

    Hello apologies if this is in the wrong place etc etc etc... Is there a way of locking the turret angle whilst travelling? Its not a major thing, but would really help the battleships and the heavier crusiers. Ive attached some pretty pictures showing you kinda what I mean, but if Im traveling at an angle, it would be really good to lock the turrets in place, or get them starting to turn to that place before I get there, which would allow me to use the mouse to look around without the guns stopping, then having to return 180 degrees... Cause aint nobody got time for that! so map 1 shows my intended travel. Im going that way, but at an angle so that i dont rush headfirst into torp alley. I kinda know where the ships are gonna pop up, and so it would be really nice to be able to lock the turret pointing my dakkka that way whilst using the mouse to check out bitching hills or clouds or whatever else it is than battleship drivers do to kill the 40 seconds or so we have to wait before we can unleash the dakka. Thoughts?