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  1. This asashio is working against its purpose as all already have predicted inn div youtube and twitch channels. You got like 2 sec reaction time and boom.... and with rudde shift like 15-25 sec do the math
  2. sgtstav3

    Why aint ranked counted in campaign missions?

    See the point, i dont play like for the mission goal but take it like a bonus. but then again maybee many people just goes for the mission objective. crap now im arguing against my self. world peace :)
  3. Kinda lousy that ranked battles dont count in the campaign missions. trying too finish some missions there but when playing ranked they dont count..
  4. sgtstav3

    Campaign "The Gold of France"

    part 2 of the campaign , 1800 ribbons. 1200 ribbons and 1000 ribbons. Seriusly 1800 ribbons? That insane ammount dont make any sense, compared too part 1 and 3 of the campaign. maybe typo? someone ment 180? and entered 1800 ribbons? Kinda took the fun out of the whole campaign. (but well grind on)
  5. sgtstav3

    slow Match Maker after patch?

  6. sgtstav3

    slow Match Maker after patch?

    After last patch the waiting time in the looking for players scrren seems so slow. Ewen the number of ships is huge.
  7. sgtstav3

    Was BB AP ninja-nerfed?

    No offence no one care too read that f wall of text
  8. sgtstav3

    No more Ranked games after rank 1 ?

    Also getting enogh players too start ranked takes forever sometimes. Not strange if you think about it. Some have reached rank 1 and cant play anymoore, some are at differnt lvls in ranked then you, When ranked are spli upp in so many different "levels, there are less and less playerbase who you can play with.... Now we got pve matches we got regular matches and we got 2 or 3 different ranked brackets, and those who are locked out on rank 1.
  9. sgtstav3

    state of game

    all my freinds stop playing , cash flow is down exp is down, hits are down, dispersion is UP. All is going wrong way
  10. sgtstav3


  11. sgtstav3

    Dispersion / Penetration in 0.5.1.

    bb as now is broken, logg off next game
  12. sgtstav3

    Dispersion / Penetration in 0.5.1.

    at long rang i get good hits and some citadels, but 10km and closer something is strage. full salvos all miss and 1000 damage hits and so on in broadsides .... maybee just rng but..
  13. sgtstav3

    Dispersion / Penetration in 0.5.1.

    BB rng is crap now, misses full salvos from 4 km
  14. sgtstav3

    GJ WG

    is it one mission per 24h? took 1 round and all missions was gone... loved the missions but moore of it plz