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  1. scousersuk

    Where are the Christmas convoy missions?

    Yeah it seems pretty hard to "activate" the mission we can all see in game
  2. scousersuk

    Where are the Christmas convoy missions?

    You added the premium camos into the game "to allow more players access to them" get a grip dude this is for money only what a stupid answer
  3. The amount of games I have been in today watching my team ALL try to play sniper and sit back so worried about dying and so focused on "sniping" kills for missions makes me want to just quit. I am not a pro player I am an average joe 50% guy but the way this game has changed with these new campaigns and these terrible pearl harbor missions is just a joke
  4. scousersuk

    ?% chance for getting super-container

    exactly the same for me buddy after they nerfed the chance
  5. scousersuk

    ?% chance for getting super-container

    I can promise you this for anybody saying 10% chance or close to it for the luck roll you talk sh+t I have rolled a lot of those since patch 5.14 and I have not got a single super container after the first major patch came after they gave us the containers they nerfed it
  6. scousersuk

    Got 3 perma camos for free

    I dont have any free perm camos on the hatsu and akatsuki
  7. scousersuk

    Black Friday HYPE!

    I am sitting this morning thinking "my premium will run out soon let me grab a month on the black Friday sales" and after coming to see whats on the sale I think I will take my money and time to another game beginning with W that has 50% discounts on a lot of stuff once my premium runs out I will stop playing for a bit I think
  8. How interesting WG that you make economy at higher tiers especially at T10 worse and then you offer 5000 gold camouflages that reduce the cost of repair. You made us pay more EVEN when we do not take much damage and to compensate for this you give us a MAXIMUM 4% more credits for the damage we do I am lucky that I have about 5 premium ships (which cost a fortune) so I can keep my balance but you clearly are just getting more and more greedy you are just low balling us now and treating us like crap.
  9. scousersuk

    Brit CL - failed concept, failed execution

    The truth is simple they decided to be as historically acccurate as possible with the Rn cruisers like they say they do with all lines but look at all the cherry picked Russian paper ships that were chosen to be added into the game one minute you want to be historical and the next you just throw in the best paper ships possible
  10. https://clips.twitch.tv/iearlgrey/EncouragingChinchillaPMSTwin
  11. scousersuk

    Advice to all new players

    Do you do any youtube or anything can I have your IGN I want to learn how to shoot better and would love to see your stats so I can improve
  12. scousersuk

    Advice to all new players

    If anyone has a good video fo them playing a BB and hitting good salvos a lot at high tier I would happily watch it and like to learn
  13. scousersuk

    Advice to all new players

    I would of asked you to help me learn to play BB better man but after seeing your stats it seems you play the spam bots kaba and des moines so you never need to learn how to aim
  14. scousersuk

    Advice to all new players

    Yeah sorry guys about the way I typed it out I just gave my opinion if you do not agree with me it's cool have a nice evening anyway I hope I can watch @159Hunter one day to show me how to hit good damage every game in a battleship in this current game
  15. scousersuk

    Advice to all new players

    DO NOT PLAY BB's this is what you will see "full salvo out on a broadside cruiser..........overpen 2k dmg cruisers are so weak and when we show broadside we get blown up the cry babies said so wargaming said hey lets make it so most of a BB's salvo just overpen the cruisers now and they can get another go in 20s+ BUT WAIT it gets better lets now give them a module to rudder shift even faster so if they are crapplayers they can use this to turn so fast you will think its a dog chasing its tail and if that was not good enough lets make the HE spam such a powerful thing that most T8+ BB captains spend most of their time as a flaming beacon for enemies why should a BB captain not be rewarded for shooting a full salvo with accuracy at a broadside cruiser? and yeah I know guys the grammar and stuff is bad on this rant but my salt meter has broken it got so high