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  1. Yagami_Crewman

    alt_naval and other never were pics

    The next batch comes with permission from Khyron 2000 at Deviantart for an alternate history (Nordpakt) German Fleet. Heavy Cruiser Bluecher with 2 quadruple 203mm main turrets. And Her Sister August von Gneisenau A Counterpart to the British 'Magnificent' created by Admiral U. Furashita is this 35,000 ton battleship with 12 350mm guns in three quadruple turrets. Seydlitz (Sister Goeben not shown) Heavily armed with 9 x 203 mm main guns and 6 x 150 mm secondaries is this Heavy Cruiser design Admiral von Stahlen Next is the Odin class battleship: 35,000 tons and basically an evolved 'Baden' class Heimdall The Skagerrak Class battleship armed with 8 main guns in 2 quad turrets (1 fore, 1 aft) Koenigraetz And a sister ship: Derfflinger Flagship of the Nordpakt NPS Friedrich der Grosse with 6 x 20" (508mm) guns. Another view: Friedrich der Grosse 1944 The Greater Prussian Fleet sorties, Summer 1942 Friedrich der Grosse and her sister ship Wilhelm II. Also visible are destroyers Z-54 and Z-62 Destroyer Z-1 NPS Tannhaueser Aviation ships: Prototype Flightdeckcruiser CLV Seeadler Next, a pair of Large Flightdeckcruisers with 280mm guns: CAV Clausewitz And her sister: CAV Hardenberg A True CV Built on the unfinished hull of a battleship, NPS Otto Lilienthal carried some 80 aircraft.
  2. Yagami_Crewman

    alt_naval and other never were pics

    This one is the Battlecruiser Amagi:
  3. Yagami_Crewman

    alt_naval and other never were pics

    A long time but today I've found a nice image of a G-3 Class Battlecruiser: Very Nice, This was by 'Woody' over at the Secret Projects forum.
  4. Yagami_Crewman

    alt_naval and other never were pics

    So here is my painstakingly assembled collection of never were photos, Many are the work of alt_naval, Wherever known, the originator is credited and identified. Due to the large number of pics involved, I will need to break this down in batches. First up: alt_naval's Not Finished page. Francesco Caracciolo Class Battleship Furious class Light Battlecruiser Lexington Class Battlecruiser The original 7 funnel design with 10x14" guns Modified Hood Class Battlecruiser HMS Hood and a sister ship. Close up detail Improved Hood. Normandie Class Battleship Ersatz Yorck Class Battlecruiser U.S.S Washington BB-47