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    [ALL] ModStation

    When does the clan icons update in the package? It is uploaded and visible in the eu.Zip file
  2. LukePlebwalker

    [ALL] ModStation

    Where can you upload clan icons on this modpack?
  3. LukePlebwalker

    The World of Warships ModStation!

    Does uploading clan logos work on this mod? I see alot of clan logos with the adjustable pannels but dont see where to upload.
  4. About us: We are a newly founded clan. All of us are used to playing wows in a competitive setting and decided that we wanted to start something up together. We don't have 1 clear leader and everyone gets a vote, the clan is leb by a council of 7 people, who are experienced in the game. We have all reached Hurricane in previous season of Clan Battles. We also have experience in tournaments such as KOTS. We aim for the highest league Hurricane, nothing lower. We enjoy playing with eachother in randoms and in a competitive setting. We are looking for new enthusiastic players who want to play with the same minded people who are willing to improve constantly in a coordinated manner. to join our clan and help us grow to a greater lvl. We don't want internal elitism nor a specific group to take pride of place over a new member. Our goals: Reach the high stages of clan wars Play tournaments such as Kots Develop our team and maintain a good playerbase We want to stay small and give everyone the chance to grow Most importantly we want to keep things fun and interesting for everyone What we can offer: The chance to grow in the team and develop skills Training versus other clans We want everyone to recieve the awards from clan wars, activity is key! Requirements: Fluent in English and have a microphone Be active on Discord Have good game knowledge and understand the mechanics A minimum of 55% winrate &1500+PR, we will look at your stats in depth Have multiple t10 ships Attend trainings and be active, activity is most important for us! 18 years of age How to apply: You must apply via our discord: https://discord.gg/GtaAbJ2 We do have a trial period which can be different for every player with a minimum of 2 weeks. Just applying via the game will not be enough for us
  5. LukePlebwalker