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  1. Do you love World of Warships at the weekend ? Do you enjoy losing games before you've even had time to sip your Eggnog? Well dont worry !!!! Christmas is here and you can have that same Saturday morning experience throughout the Yule Tide holiday !!!!! Why not join Santa's little helpers on the festive lemming train and see how many games you can lose ? It's great fun and anyone can do it , even my dearly deceased grandma is throwing games in her Yamato ... we just cellotaped her finger to the left mouse button and now she's even beating me ! As a special tinsel infested incentive ..... Wargaming is offering a years premium account, a special premium Tier 10 RMS Titanic and a lifetime supply of potatoes to the first ten new players who don't reach 10% win rate by New Year's Eve. Merry Christmas ho ho ho
  2. I've played four top tier games this morning, three of which were lost due to CV players not having a clue. One numbskull in a Taiho even sailed straight into an enemy cap circle and was gunned down by a Tirpitz who was about 5 k away ... and no this wasn't a connection failure as I watched him sail around islands to achieve this. Whilst I can understand and maybe even laugh at new carrier captains doing silly things at tier 4, my sense of humour evaporates when the same thing happens at tier 10. I'm not a fan of Carriers and don't enjoy games when they are present. In my opinion these ships are too powerful to be put into the hands of one player and can dominate or lose a game all on their own. I dread to think what Wargaming has in store for us with the coming update ... but if the 'carrier content' continues to overide good gameplay and fun I can imagine a lot of players walking away from an already troubled game.
  3. Dirty_Dunc

    Restrict CV's to one per team.

    Regardless of the upcomIng carrier update, I'd like to say that I think two CV's per side is too many and should be restricted to one carrier per team. In my opinion these games are not fun, occur far too frequently and even when your on the winning side it leaves a bad taste in your mouth. These games currently occur mostly at low tier where most ships are world war 1 vintage and have no AA guns to speak of. The whole situation is compounded when flawed matchmaking puts a novice against a veteran CV captain with thousands of games under their belt and a 19 point captain to boot. I've currently gotten to the point where by if I see more than two CV's in the player queue I just cancel and wait until the number drops because these games are so horrendous.
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  5. I'm tired of watching four or five tier 9/10 destroyers all suiciding at the start of the game and leaving everyone else to rot. Sick to the back teeth of watching it happen. It's not just once in a blue moon ... it's game after game.
  6. Dirty_Dunc

    Rigging Matchmaking - Allowed or not?

    The matchmaking is most certainly rigged and after nearly 5,000 games my stats show it. The fact that Wargaming won't clarify exactly how it works/doesn't work speaks volumes .... but I know one thing ... it's designed to make money and sing their praises.
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    S H I T E

    The is S H I T E
  9. Dirty_Dunc

    Steps are being made - Matchmaking !!! Still needs work.

    I want a concise and complete offical explanation of how Matchmaking works ... or doesn't work. Including all variables such as reporting penalities ... not a basic run down of what Wargaming is aiming to do !!!!!!!!!!!! This is just shite
  10. Dirty_Dunc

    Lack of Transparancy

    If that's the case ... will somebody explain how the [edited]matchmaking works/doesn't work in this game then please. Because all I see are hundreds of posts containing spurious theories with no clarification or clear explanation from Wargaming or anyone else.
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    Doesn't matter what the [edited]you say ... Wargamining do what they like regardless .. this forum is just [edited]lip service.
  12. Dirty_Dunc

    Lack of Transparancy

    I dont think Wargaming is particulalry clear about how this game works PERIOD.
  13. Dirty_Dunc

    Bad Destroyer (DD) PLayers

    I'm sick to the back teeth of high tier / Tier 10 destroyers playing badly and throwing games right from the the outset by : 1. Not attempting to cap or going everywhere but the cap circle, even when the enemy is clearly at the other end of the map. 2. All DD's going to one cap and then wondering why the game was lost on points. 3. Asking why Battleshsips and Cruisers dont blindly enter caps at the start of a match to '"support" them. 4. Suiciding at the start of the game leaving the rest of the team to be blindly picked off for the next 15 minutes. This is especially excruiating when there are four or five dd's per side and yours are all dead. 5. Launching torpedoes from behind team mates and then accusing everyone else of 'camping'.
  14. Dirty_Dunc

    Bad Players

    I'm at my wits end now. I can honestly say, I've never seen the standard of play as bad it is at the moment and I've been playing on and off for 5 years. I'm tired of seeing players at tier 10 who are absolutely oblivious to the games objectives and obviously haven't a clue as to what constitues a win or when they are winning or losing. The number of games that have been needlessly lost because of players who are clearly ignorant of caps, match points or the games elapsed time is staggering. Well fought matches are rare now, games are just one 'roflstomp' after another now, with teams crumbling in minutes and only communicating when it's time to blame whoever for whatever. Something has to change.