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  1. So the entire game changes and is totally thrown out of balance by the introduction of totally over powered carriers that spot everything! Players are leaving in droves and Wargaming have the nerve to turn around and question balance issues with Giulio Cesare ? Of all the things that needed changing? Talk about getting your priorities wrong. That aside, the biggest advantages the Giulio Cesare has over her peers are her speed, maneuverability,and fast turret traverse. Her range is limited and her sides are extremely vulnerable, whilst she works well through tier 5-7, I think she will come unstuck at tier 8 purely due to her limited range. I fear she'll have neither the armour or range to function well at tier 8. Another question would be "Is she more op than the Kamikaze, or Belfast?" to which I would answer, "No, I don't think so, not by a long shot!" ... especially with the current cv rework making any Battleship a floating pinata.
  2. Carriers are just ridiculous and worse than ever. The planes spot everything and ruin the pace of the game. I used to enjoy the slow build up in matchs whilst the ships positioned themselves, now the planes are overhead and spotting evrything before ships have gotten to full speed. They don't belong in the game. I honestly don't know what Wargaming are thinking because they are driving long term players away from the game.
  3. Dirty_Dunc

    US Battleships - why so much hate ?

    I honestly dont have a clue what your talking about .. and my win rate in that particular ship (which I hate) is 56% ... which changes nothing .... it's still garbage ...
  4. Dirty_Dunc

    US Battleships - why so much hate ?

    The Montana is garbage, the only thing it's good for is deleting cruisers in clan battles because that's where you find them other than that - it's utter rubbish.
  5. Dirty_Dunc

    US Battleships - why so much hate ?

    I couldn't agree more, American shells across the board are awful and lend themselves to HE spammers, whilst Japanese guns are precise and reliably hit what you want them to. The Montana is a perfect example, what steaming pile of excrement compared to the Yamato or Repulique. The Monatana's shells are so slow that any capable cruiser player can easily avoid your fire, whilst the AP is so anemic it often does nothing to armoured targets at ranges above 15k. When I'm sailing the Montana I switch to HE now at targets above 15k .. I dont just dont trust the AP it's rubbish. Compared to other ships and on the whole, American battleships are just garbage.
  6. Dirty_Dunc


    One of the wrost potato maps in the game. It's far too frustating watching dd's avoid capping or not getting proper support if they do. Lemmings always go either to the west or the east flanks from which they can offer little or no support to the caps. It's even worse with CV's ...It's just a bad map full stop.
  7. Dirty_Dunc

    Lack of Objective Gameplay

    I'm not sure where you get 'the fourth best thing' from xp wise? ....... But Yes, I agree ........ damage is heavily rewarded in this game, too much so in my opionion and that's part of the point I'm making. What really gets my goat, is when you get a Kraken, 200,000k+ damage and still lose, just because your team mates are ignorant of the teams' points and the importance of capping ... Damage is nothing without a win behind it :) That's like saying my team scored 5 goals isn't that fantastic .. when the opposing side scored 6 :) ... it's not a win ... and that's what counts.
  8. Dirty_Dunc

    Why the Montana is perfectly fine as she is

    Like the Iowa, the Montana's AP shells are accurate, but have questionable penetration at ranges above 15k. Whilst it's quite capable of deleting cruisers at any range, shooting at Battleships is just frustating until you close the distance and this isn't always viable, especially at the start of a random match. This is why the Monatan is often used in clan battles where the games mainly consist of cruisers and destroyers.
  9. Dirty_Dunc

    Lack of Objective Gameplay

    That same group of players would likely to akin to kids playing football in the park ... someone inevitably ends up shoouting 'Goal' ;) ... everyone likes winning .. as long as they know they objectives and what constitues a win :) It's patently not clear enough because I've spoken to tier 10 players don't understand either he points system or capping ... so it's obvious to me that Wargaming need to make these things clearer ...
  10. Dirty_Dunc

    Lack of Objective Gameplay

    I wonder how many players (both new or old) actually know that you get a very generous xp boost for capping ? I'd lay money not many and for that money I bet hoalf the players (both new and old again) do not understand that holding objectives increases your team's points over time. Wargaming do not make these things obvious... it's needs to be 'put in lights' for a certain group players to understand!!!
  11. Dirty_Dunc

    Lack of Objective Gameplay

    Right across the tiers, entire teams are just ignoring domination caps and team points. This isn't the odd game, it's more or less every game. Games are needlessly being lost because new new players are oblibious of caps and team points. Can Wargaming please make objectives clearer to the new players please. Maybe some training missions or extra instruction explaining the capping process and the points system.
  12. Dirty_Dunc

    Is the tier 8 Monarch just rubbish ?

    In all all honesty ... I really don't care what you think ... this is for Wargaming's records ;)
  13. I'm grinding through the Monarch at the moment and to me she feels lacklustre to say the least. In fact in my opinion she's the worst tier 8 Battleships out there. Whilst she maneuvers well, I find her guns anaemic with lousy dispersion. For the most I part, I just end up shooting HE because the AP seems ineffective against most at anything other than cruisers or maybe a broadside battleship maybe at point blank range. Her range is awful at only 18.1k which is low when your finding yourself in tier 10 games where cruisers are outranging you. Whilst I regularly get around 100k damage in games ... it's mainly fire damage with only only the occasional deletion .. it just feels ineffective. Put it this way ... if I see a Monarch coming my way .. I rub my hands together and think 'free lunch'
  14. This game is great when the teams are equally matched in skills. But if you happen to have lousy dd, cv or both sets of players on your team ... you may as well forget winning the match. There are too many games where CV's haven't a clue or where all 4 or 5 dd's on your team suicide ... this results in one sided matches of which there are way too many. People might say well that's due to the random nature of multiplayer games ... well it isn't because it happens time and time again. Carriers are totally overpowered and there capabilities shouldn't be placed in the hands of one player ... be they good or bad. Cariiers should never have been introduced to the game. Destroyers are pivotal in capturing areas and yet every other game I see all my team's DD's sunk within 5 minutes .... regardless of tier. This is complounded when you have four or five of them all dying at the same time .. it really is pathetic to watch. People say Battleships are the worst players in the game for camping ... they really aren't that title goes to a large percentage of destroyer players as they are the ones who avoid capping, dont think objectively and die needlessly. The next time you play take the time to look at your map and watch your destroyers, see how many of theam actually venture anywhere near the cap circle. Regardless of the stage of the game or the presence of radar ... ust watch what they do and you might find yourself agreeing with me.
  15. I'm sick of playing games with idiots who haven't a clue on how this game works. Loss after Loss with teams of players who just throw games because they don't know what constitues a win. They have no idea about caps, team points .... NOTHING It's absolutely dreadful .... I've played and lost five tier 10 games this morning all filled with idiots who died within five minutes of the game stariing resulting complete and utter defeats. It's one thing to lose in a well fought game .. but to lose time and time again because the players your with can't be bothered to understand the game they are playing is another thing completely. Wargaming put some tutiion in your games .... preferably in picture form .. because these idiots can't read.