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    PLAYING IN A DESTROYER or even ANY OTHER SHIP YOUR AA DEFENCE IS USELESS well hope your HAPPY WARGAMMING but you did [edited]UP the game
  2. Dutchy_destroyer

    How It Works: AA Defenses, Fighters, and Aircraft

    Well i am NOT a carrier player but i did saw those ships got now UNLIMITED numbers of Airplanes. And i find that STRANGE and not FAIR, with other type of ships (when a part of the ship get destroyed like let say, your MAIN turrets or AA defence cannons) when something get destroyed on your ship beyond repairs. IT stays BROKEN. !!!!!
  3. Dutchy_destroyer

    Collector's Club Launch

    yep got it to thx
  4. Dutchy_destroyer

    Question about clan oil

    About the oil this just ALOT of BULL now. WTF did the chanced it?? First you could win OIL afther a BATTLE won and you where 1 of the top 3/4 players . WHY!!!! ??? Wargamming chanced it to get oil only from containers JUST CRAP and a small group of player who form a clan get NO WHERE building the buildings. Again a NO GOOD RULE Wargamming
  5. Dutchy_destroyer


    Dear Wargaming, i did found out the skill "BASIC FIRING TRAINING" don't work as intended . Let me explane, it say's -10 to reload time of MAIN GUNS WITH A CALIBER UP TO AND INCLUDING 139 mm, and secondary battery guns . + 20% average damage of AA defense. WELL it DON'T WORK on all the ships i found out!!! When added on a AMERICAN DESTROYER WICKES tier 3 it DOES work and the RELOAD will go faster. BUT on ALL other ships so far i have ADD this CAPTAIN SKILL it DON'T WORK and reload of MAIN GUNS up to and including 139 mm WILL NOT reload faster like intended !!??? My question WHY is there NO FASTER reload from the MAIN GUNS when skill is added to the Captain ?????? ONLY the American "WICKES" DESTROYER tier 3 will get a FASTER reload of MAIN GUNS!!! (((sorry i don't let me upload pictures of this topic))) with my greetings , Edward Beijdorff Dutchy_destroyer
  6. Dutchy_destroyer

    Impossible to win Supercontainers !

    hI THERE I PLAY only as a PREMIUM MEMBER from almost the time WoWS started even for a time game tester. But yes its almost IMPOSSIBLE to win a SUPER CONTAINER , i keep trying but NOTHING. When first with a bit of luck 1 or 2 could be won in a week, and i play almost every day then. SO NOT HAPPY with the game UPDATE regarding the containers. And then its very strange to hear that some score 2 in a week ??? Sofar NOTHING when i try 3 time a day to get 1
  7. Dutchy_destroyer

    Reticle Design Contest

    Why is the update canceld finally some nice things would be added again